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Chapter One

The Nightmare

It was a cold night, a chilly wind blowing through the forest. Jack didn't know why he was out here. He ventured into the forest, a feeling telling him this was where he was meant to be. He kept going, never stopping even though his legs were burning and he had been walking for hours now.

He eventually entered a clearing in the middle of the forest. He slowly entered the clearing, his heart beating rapidly. Jack reached the middle of the clearing and stopped. A cold chill ran down his spine as he saw a pair of yellow eyes watching him from in the trees. Dark chuckling echoed throughout the night and he realized he was surrounded. Chase stepped out in front of him, Wuya not too far from him. Next was Raimundo, then Clay, who were at his left, then Omi and Kimiko behind him. To his right was Hannibal Bean and Katnappe. He looked around as they started walking towards them, nothing but dark intentions in their eyes.

"What do you want?' Jack asked, his voice cracking with each word.

"We want you gone Jack," they all said in unison. Jack shivered as they closed in on him. He was trapped. He tried to activate his copter-pack but Omi and Kimiko ripped it off of his back. He spun around, knowing this was it.

"Don't hurt me!" he begged.

"Lets rip him limb from limb," Chase suggested.

"Lets chop him up," Rai said as he drew his blade of the nebula out of his leader robes.

"Why don't we eat him? I bet he tastes like chicken," Bean said. Jack whimpered and fell to his knees. All of the people were around him now, no way for him to escape. Suddenly the moon turned from pale white to blood red. A massive roar shook the forest. Suddenly a gigantic black dragon came out of the sky and with one swish of its tail sent all but Jack flying back into the tree line. The dragon wrapped around Jack and brought it's head up to Jack's and looked him in the eyes.

"You are weak," it said it's voice deep and scary.

"I…" Jack was about to retaliate and argue but somehow he knew he shouldn't.

"You're right," he sighed, as he hung his head, "I am weak…I always have been," he said.

"You can be strong. You must be strong. They will turn on you Jack Spicer. One day they will come for you to get rid of you. They will want to kill you. You must beat them to it. You must kill them first," the dragon said with a chuckle.

"Kill!? I-I couldn't kill anyone!" he stammered.

"No you cant…yet. Soon, when the blood moon raises and you stand before it, you shall obtain power young one. You shall get my power. For I am you," The dragon's form shimmered and he transformed into Jack. Jack stared into the same red eyes he saw every morning in the mirror, but something was different about this other Jack. This Jack's eyes were filled with pride, confidence, and power.


"I am you. I am inside of you Jack. You are a dragon. And soon your powers will awaken and you will become the strongest on both sides. Just embrace your power and you will win. You will be able to accomplish your goals. You will even be able to win over the one you love," Jack blushed when the other him said that.


"Yes," the other Jack put his hand on Jack's shoulder and leaned in close. He put his lips to Jack's ear.

"Just wake you and you are one day closer. In three days the power of darkness will be yours." the other him whispered.

Jack suddenly sat up in his bed and looked around. He was in his room, no longer in the cold forest. His black blankets were wrapped around him like a cocoon. Nothing was out of place and he was all around.

"Three days? What is it with these dreams?' Jack asked himself.

Outside of his window sat a crow, its beady black eyes looking in the window. It squawked once and flew off into the night, back to it's master.

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