Chapter Four

Feelings of the Heart

TseuTsumi; Hello! I welcome you all to the first ever… Jack pairing results show. invisible audience roars.

Chase; How can you have a results show when there is no stage?" Chase looks around at the pure white void they all stand in.

TseuTsumi; Like this! Summons up red Heylin magic and spreads it around. A massive stage appears with all of the contestants on chairs behind curtains, five in all. Jack now sits in a black throne with a crown next to him on a pedestal for the winner.

TseuTsumi; Now for the rest of the chapter I shall interrupt and we shall eliminate one of the contestants until there is only one left. So first, let me introduce to you the contestants. motions towards the curtains. Behind curtain number one is the master of all things evil, dark, and kitty like…Its Chase Young! Curtain raises to reveal Chase Young. Chase just nods. Next is the leader of the Xiaolin Monks and the sexiest Brazilian ever! Raimundo Pedrosa! Fangirls and fanboys scream and whistle. Rai just smiles and his teeth ping. Thirdly is the spirit of herself. The one and only dragon of fire…Kimiko Tohomiko. Curtain raises and again fanboys and fangirls go nuts. The next contestant is that feline loving, leather wearing beauty…Katnappe, also known as Ashley! Katnappe shreds the curtains with her claws and purrs.

TseuTsumi; What did you do that for?!

Katnappe; They were ugly.

TseuTsumi;…I'll get you for that. snaps fingers. Bucket of water appears above Katnappe and empties contains on her. She hisses and runs off stage. I win. Now the last contestant but certainly not the least. The ex-heylin witch herself, Wuya! Curtain lifts revealing Wuya and people cheer.

TseuTsumi; Now these are all the people you all voted for. If there are people you don't like up here, just remember, everyone got to vote and these are the contestants. Now on with the chapter and we will be right back after these few paragraphs.

A purple swirling vortex manifested in Jack Spicer's evil lair. Jack lumped out and it closed behind him.

"What a morning," he yawned. He put the Shen Gong Wu away in his glass cabinet and locked it up. He yawned again and took a look at his watch. It was now six thirty four. He yawned once more before he felt his eyes getting heavy.

"I could use some shut eye," he mumbled as he started to undress. He took off his ruined Jack-pack. 'Damn Raimundo. Now I have to fix it. I'll get him for that,' he thought. He took off his coat and shoes. He slipped his shirt over his head and threw it to the ground. He removed his belt and undid his pants. He let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

He walked over to the couch and sat down. He removed his socks and laid back on the couch. He looked his tired body over. He was still lean, like he had always been, but recently his body had hardened some. He took off his fingerless gloves and put one arm under his head and the other rested on his stomach. His skin was soft and smooth but he could feel the slightly hardened muscles under his pale flesh.

He had gotten a little stronger, not much but he no longer had any excess body fat and he looked good, for an albino Goth kid. Jack shut his eyes and his thought drifted. Before he even knew it he was asleep on his couch and the etchings of a dream came into his mind.

TseuTsumi; Yes and now it's time for our first elimination. Now once again the contestants are Chase, Raimundo, Kimiko, Katnappe, and Wuya.

Raimundo; I bet its Wuya.

Wuya; Why do you think its me?!

Rai; Because, you're a 1500 year old witch hag and no one really likes you.

Wuya; You impudent little snot. I should vaporize you.

Rai; Yeah, but you're powerless, remember.

TseuTsumi; Well…Rai the truth is you are the one who was voted off first.

Rai; WHAT?!

TseuTsumi; Yeah…you are the person with the least votes.

Rai; How many did I have?

TseuTsumi; Two.

Kimiko; (giggles)

Wuya; Ha! In your face!

Chase; …

Rai; What! Only two. You miss counted!

TseuTsumi; No I did not. You have been eliminated from the competition for Jack. Now please leave.

Rai: No way I got less votes that Wuya!

TseuTsumi; Rai… leave before I am forced to make you leave.

Rai; There is no way…

TseuTsumi; Release the fangirls and fanboys! (Fangirls and fanboys rush on stage and carry Rai away as he screams for help.) There, now let us go on with the story.

In Jack's dream

Jack was running. His legs were pumping with all their might and his chest burned with the lack of oxygen. He couldn't stop though; if he did he was dead. He was running down a long hallway. The hall was made of onyx bricks and torches hung on the wall, the light from them refracting off the black shiny walls.

Jack ran and ran until he felt his boot catch on something. He looked down as he felt the forces of gravity take hold of him and noticed he had tripped on a stone that had been sticking up slightly. Jack heard the footsteps of his pursuer. Jack scrambled to his feet and took off down the hallway as fast as he could. His pursuer was closing in.

Jack could see an opening up ahead on the left. Jack ran faster, the sound of his hunters footsteps gaining echoed behind him. Jack turned down the opening and ran down it. He kept running and running, his sides burning with the pain of a massive stitch. He had to get away. He was slowing down and his hunter was going faster. Jack kept going, until he hit a dead end.

TseuTsumi; And with that I am pleased to announce that it's time for another contestant elimination.

Wuya; I bet it's going to be little Kimiko next.

Kimiko; What? Why me?

Wuya; well you're short, have major anger issues, and mostly everyone likes you with Raimundo. Rai's screams of agony and pain can be heard from off stage along the sounds of the fans ripping his clothes off.

Kimiko; I say it's going to be you. After all, your over fifteen hundred years old. That's a huge age difference. And like Jack could ever love you with all the abuse you've shown him. Besides, I bet I got more votes than you.

Wuya; Yeah, in your dreams!

Kimiko; Oh, nice come back. Are you mad because all you have is like three fans. No one really likes you Wuya!

Wuya; You want to so shrimp.

Kimiko; Bring it on witch hag! (Cat fight ensues.)

TseuTsumi; Actually…both of you are eliminated. (Cat fight stops.)

Kimiko and Wuya; WHAT!?

TseuTsumi; Both of you are eliminated. If you had listened you would have heard that I was eliminating two contestants this time. Wuya you only got three votes while Kimiko got thirteen.

Kimiko; HA! I did get more votes then you.

Wuya; I don't need this! (storms of stage.)

Kimiko; I got more votes! I got more votes! (Brags as she follows Wuya off stage.)

TseuTsumi; Well everyone that leaves the two finalists. Chase Young and Katnappe. Who will be the lucky winner to get Jack's heart? The winner will appear in the dream. So which one of you do you think will win?

Chase; It will be me. It's obvious. A lot of people like ChasexJack.

Katnappe; Whatever! I an purrfect for Jack. There was some obvious chemistry between us when I came into the series. Besides, I've known him longer.

Chase; The only chemistry you had with Jack was the kind that makes toxic fumes that kills everyone in the room.

Katnappe; You dragon wannabe!

Chase; Cat-lover!

TseuTsumi; Lets get back to the chapter before a fight breaks out and I end up in the middle!

Jack turned around and pressed his back against the wall. He was trapped. He had nowhere to go and his hunter now stood before him. A wicked smile greeted him along with hungry eyes.

"What do you want with me?" Jack asked, his voice cracking over almost every word.

"You know what I want Jack," his hunter said as they walked towards him. They walked up until Jack's and their faces were only a few centimeters apart.

"I-I l-love you," Jack stuttered.

"I know you do," his love said with a grin.

"I loved you since I first saw you. I…I just couldn't admit it."

"And now it's too late Jack." His love was angry now. Their eyes held nothing but hate as they started into his frightened ruby orbs.

"Please don't do this…" Jack begged, his voice nothing more than a whisper.

"Too Late." Those two words were all his love said before shoving their hand into his chest. Jack screamed in agony as he felt their slender fingers wrap around his heart.

"I love you, Ashley," Jack choked out just before the blond girl in the black leather cat suit ripped his heart out.

TseuTsumi; And there you have it. The winner is Katnappe! (Confetti rains down from above as the crowd cheers.)

Katnappe; Thank you! Thank you! Thank all of you who voted for me and Jack!

Chase; How could I lose to that cat?

TseuTsumi; Well Chase you got a total of fifteen votes while Katnappe got eighteen. So she wins. Send in the fangirls and fanboys! (Again fangirls and fanboys swarm and carry off Chase before he could get away.) And that's it for the contest. However, all suggestions are still welcome, and I haven't decided yet if the pairing is a one sided pairing, doomed from the start, or if they both will love each other. So review, comment, suggest, and have a wonderful day.

Jack screamed and rolled off the bed. He hit the cement floor of his evil lair with a loud smack. He slowly pushed himself off of the floor and got to his knees.

"What a nightmare," he said out loud to himself.

"Oh, did Jackie have a bad dream? Does he need someone to hold him as he cries about it?" someone asked, the sarcasm plain in the tone of their voice. Jack's head snapped up. He'd know that voice anywhere. At the top of the stairs stood the girl who had just killed him in his dream. The girl he had confessed his secret love to in his mind not two minutes ago.

"What do you want Katnappe?" he asked as he quickly got up and put on his pants.

"I came to see you Jack," she said and his heart stopped. She had come to see him? Jack shook any hopes of her coming to confess she loved him from his mind. So she had come to see him. The real question was why.