Title: In Miley's Room

Summary: This is what could have happened while Oliver and Lilly were pretending to be Jackson and Miley during "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party." It doesn't actually have anything to do with Miley.

Rating: K+

Pairing: Oliver and Lilly

Disclaimer: None of the Hannah Montana characters belong to me. I promise. I don't know who owns them but I'm guessing it's Disney. No one is giving me any money for writing this.

Author's Note: Lilly never went out with Matt. And I changed the dialogue and the episode itself, since I can't remember it very well. I think this will be a twoshot. Please let me know what you think!

Chapter 1: Truth or Dare

Lilly Truscott laughed. She and her best friend, Oliver Oken, were huddled over a bathroom sink, brushing their teeth. Lilly was pretending to be their other best friend, Miley Stewart, while Oliver was pretending to be Miley's brother Jackson. Jackson and Miley had snuck out to go to a party while they were grounded. For Mr. Stewart's benefit, Lilly and Oliver were pretending to be angry.

Oliver was trying to spit his toothpaste into animal shapes.

"Rook, um brear!"

"Ew, Oliver, gross," said Lilly as he accidentally spit on her hand.

"That's not a bear anyway. It looks more like a bird." She washed the toothpaste off of her hand and flicked her wrist at him, sending a shower of water across his nose. Now it was Oliver's turn to laugh.

They heard Mr. Stewart in the hall and bent quickly back over the sink.

As soon as he had gone, they shut the door and burst out laughing again.


A few minutes later, Oliver, who was supposed to be in Jackson's room, came into Miley's to tell Lilly he was bored.

Lilly was secretly very glad to see him, but reminded herself not to think about that. She had to stop being ridiculous. Oliver was never going to like her the way that she liked him.

Oliver flopped back onto Miley's bed and looked up at Lilly.

She almost wished he would stay there. She couldn't tell him that, of course, especially not with Mr. Stewart able to walk in any minute.

Lilly somehow neglected to notice the fact that it was Oliver who had come to see her, and immediately reminded him that he wasn't supposed to be in Miley's room. She didn't want to blow their cover.

Oliver was whining to her that he was hungry when they heard Mr. Stewart in the hallway.

Oh no! Thought Lilly.

"Hide," she whispered to Oliver, panicked. She dove under the bed covers and hoped that Mr. Stewart wouldn't come looking for Miley.

But he did. They could hear his voice coming closer, and Oliver panicked as well.

Oliver came crashing down onto the bed beside Lilly. She felt a fleeting moment of euphoria, in which her heart was in her throat and she imagined Oliver pulling the covers off of her and kissing her passionately before they were found out.

But then reality jolted her, ironically in the form of Oliver, who was still thrashing around. He accidentally hit her stomach, and she flinched, bringing her back to earth.

"Not here!" she shrieked as quietly as she could. She doubted that Mr. Stewart would be thrilled to find her in bed with Oliver. Thinking about it that way, Lilly blushed. She was glad Oliver was too busy beating Miley's bed to notice.

Lilly hauled the covers back over her head and waited for the inevitable. Mercifully, she felt Oliver's weight come off of the bed.

Not ten seconds later, she heard Mr. Stewart come in. He sat down on the edge of the bed, leaving Lilly to wonder where Oliver had gone. Thankfully, he didn't seem to be visible to Mr. Stewart.

"There'll be other parties," Miley's dad assured her. Lilly didn't know what to say. Obviously he expected her to agree with him, and she couldn't think of any way to do that without using a lot of words she was sure wouldn't sound at all like Miley's. She suddenly found inspiration.

"I'm sick, y'all!" announced Lilly in a very odd imitation of a southern accent, hoping he would leave her alone. Mr. Stewart looked faintly alarmed.

"Well okay Miles, how's about I go the store and get you some medicine, okay? It might take a while since most of the stores are closed. I'll have to find a twenty-four-hour pharmacy. Will you and Jackson be okay until I get back?"

Under the covers, Lilly nodded.

"Yes, y'all!"

Under the bed, Oliver wanted to strangle her. She really needed to work on her southern accent. Just then Mr. Stewart stepped on his foot, and Oliver yelped.

Lilly tried to cover it with coughing.

Mr. Stewart gave the bed a funny look, but got up just the same.

"Well I think Jackson's sleeping; I heard snoring coming from his room."

Lilly thought of the snoring tape she and Oliver had placed in Jackson's room and tried not to laugh.

"You just tell him where I am when he wakes up, okay Bud?"

"Okay, y'all!"

"Gee, Miles, you sure are acting odder than a moose on a goose hunt. Feel better, Bud."

Lilly was too confused to laugh. Oliver wasn't. He had to stifle his mirth in the hand that wasn't being stomped on by Mr. Stewart. He was relieved when he heard Miley's dad leave the room and close the front door.


"Whew, that was close!" said Lilly, as Oliver crawled out from under the bed and got up to shut the door.

"Ya think, y'all?" Oliver mocked, walking back over to the bed. He flopped down on it and laughed. "Miley's right, you'd never make it in Tennessee."

Lilly gave him a pseudo-glare and swatted half-heartedly at his knee. "Like you would."

"Well, what do you want to do now?" he asked her.

Lilly shrugged her shoulders, a bit surprised that he wasn't going back to Jackson's room. She supposed he didn't have to, since Mr. Stewart wouldn't be back for a little while, and she always enjoyed spending alone time with Oliver. Not that she would ever tell him that. But it was kind of nice.

She cast her eyes around for something to do, and spotted a deck of cards on Miley's dresser.

"Wanna play cards?"


Twenty minutes and nine games of Speed later, they were both bored.

Oliver flopped over the bed and sighed.

Lilly didn't want to give him a reason to think he should leave, so she asked him what else he wanted to do.

Oliver looked around Miley's room and sighed again. It was so girly. Before Lilly could ask him if he wanted to see the Hannah closet, which he didn't, he picked up the cards again and opened his mouth to suggest a game of War.

But Lilly beat him to the asking.

"Oooh, let's play Truth or Dare," she said excitedly. "Remember last time when you had to eat bugs? I laughed so hard I almost-" But she stopped there. Suddenly it didn't seem like such a great idea to say that she'd almost peed in her pants in front of Oliver. She tried to think of something else to say, but Oliver wasn't paying attention.

Lilly, you're a genius, he thought. He didn't even care about food anymore. He had just thought of something, something he had wanted to do for a long time, and he'd thought of the perfect way to do it. He definitely wanted to play Truth or Dare with Lilly.

But Oliver had something much different in mind than making her eat bugs. He hoped Mr. Stewart wouldn't be back for a while.

He flipped over onto his back to see Lilly better. But she wasn't looking at him; she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling off of it.

"Sure." Oliver was suddenly feeling very generous. "You want to go first?"

"Nah, I thought of it; you go first."

Here we go, thought Oliver. Please let this work!

"Truth or dare, Lilly?"


Yes! Thought Oliver. What he said was,

"You are so boring sometimes. I had a great dare."

Lilly rolled her eyes.

"All right," said Oliver with a longsuffering sigh. "Hmm… let's see… Okay, how many guys have you gone out with?"

Lilly blushed.

"Uh, none," she said, feeling subdued. She curled her toes in mild anxiety. What if he thought she was a baby? She was glad he couldn't see her toes. He would know he'd made her nervous, and he loved to tease her.

"Truth or dare?" she asked quickly, hoping to get him back. She had an excellent dare planned. She turned toward him and bounced on the bed, waiting.

"Truth," said Oliver, kicking at a stuffed animal. He yawned. Apparently he didn't care who Lilly went out with. He looked incredibly bored.

"Ha!" yelled Lilly. "And you said I was boring. Look who's boring now, Boring Boy."

"We'll see," said Oliver, smiling. "What's the question?"

"Uh…" Lilly hadn't really thought of a good question for him yet. "What color underwear are you wearing?"

Oliver gave her a disgusted look, and she blushed again. She hadn't really thought that through before asking.

Oliver liked making her blush. He decided he wasn't quite so disgusted after all. He gave her a moment to be properly embarrassed before answering.

"Blue… and they're boxers, in case you were wondering," he added cheekily.

"Oh, shut up." Lilly threw a pillow at him.

Oliver crossed his eyes.

"Truth or dare?" he asked her.

"Truth." Lilly sighed. She wanted him to take the first dare.

Oliver had been counting on that. "How many guys have you kissed?"

Oliver could feel her shift on the bed and knew she didn't want to answer. He wanted to watch her reaction terribly, but he forced himself to appear uninterested. He threw the stuffed tiger at the ceiling and watched it come down. It landed on his stomach.

"Lilly." He said after a minute.

"None," mumbled Lilly.

"What?" he asked, trying to sound indifferent, wanting to hear her say it again. His stomach was turning flips.

He threw the tiger up again. It landed on his nose.

"I said, none."

Oliver thought she sounded angry. He hid his grin behind the tiger. This might actually work.

"Truth or dare?" asked Lilly crossly. She didn't like telling him her secrets, but she wanted him to take a dare first. It was almost like a competition to her, to see who could hold out the longest.

She huffed. It was too bad Oliver didn't care.

"Truth," he said carefully.

He hoped she wouldn't lose interest and stop playing. He only needed to get one more answer out of her. After that he would perform as many dares as she wanted him to, no matter what they were.

"Fine, how many girls have you kissed?"

Oliver forced himself not to react. She was getting spiteful. And unoriginal. Apparently she really hadn't wanted to give him her last answer. He threw the tiger again and caught it before it hit his head.


It may have been his imagination, but Lilly seemed to calm down. Good. She'd be in for one more round. Of course, after that she might kill him. But Oliver knew that Lilly held Truth or Dare in high regard. At least she would answer him before she killed him.

"Truth or dare," said Oliver. It was more of a lazy statement than a question, and Lilly figured he was going to quit after his next turn.

She sighed. This had been a waste of time. He hadn't even cared that he'd had to tell her he'd never kissed anybody.

"Truth. And will you stop throwing that thing?" The tiger missed Oliver's hand and hit her foot.

"Sorry, didn't know you had anything against tigers." Lilly felt a strange little shiver go through her foot as he reached over her for the toy. He grinned at her and dropped it against one of Miley's pillows before lying back down.

Had he felt it, too?

But Oliver was far too busy worrying about Lilly's possible reactions to his next question to notice minor electric shocks.

Relax, he thought to himself. You know she isn't going to say what you want her to. There was a slight pause, and then he asked,

"Who do you have a crush on?"

It was a simple question, and while Lilly firmly believed in honesty when it came to Oliver, for this particular question she was willing to make an exception. He would never have to know.

She opened her mouth and prepared to tell him she liked Orlando Bloom, but to her horror, he sat up and looked directly at her.

Lilly knew she was beaten. She could feel her face burning. She wanted to lie, but she knew he would know if she did.

Oliver looked at her cautiously. Perhaps this had been a bad idea. She looked ready to explode. Whatever the answer was, she obviously didn't want him to know it. He didn't say anything for over a minute.

Finally his desire to know the answer overcame his fear of her oncoming tirade, and he tried again.

"You have to answer, Lilly."


Lilly, meanwhile, was sure she was having a heart attack. Why couldn't he just lie back down and let her make something up? She couldn't tell him; she just couldn't. What would he say? What would he think?

Oliver was enjoying this way too much. Lilly closed her eyes. Oliver watched her, enthralled. She looked so beautiful, sitting there with her eyes closed. She looked like she was waiting for him to kiss her.

… Oliver almost could have believed it, except, of course, for the tortured look which played across the rest of her face.

"Can I have a dare?" Lilly asked meekly. She knew he wouldn't let her off that easy. Even if he hadn't cared before, he was sure to care now.

"No," said Oliver softly, feeling a strange sort of power that he'd never felt before. He was inexplicably glad to have it over Lilly. "Answer me."