Chapter Nine:

Sirius sat down in a seat in the Transfiguration room, where the students would be having their mathematics class. The others still were not talking to him, Alexandra included. It was kind of depressing, not having anyone to talk to or hang around with.

"All right, class, let's get started." Sirius looked up to see the red-headed professor. "Officially, I am Professor Fred Weasley. However, you all may call me Fred, or if you insist on being formal, Professor Fred, unless another professor insists that this is disrespectful, in which case you may refer to me as Professor Weasley around said Professor. Understand?"

Sirius wondered how many Weasleys there were in this school. And how this one was related to Anna and Adrian. Professor Fred was certainly different from them, and the other Professor Weasley.

"Now," Professor Fred continued, "for those of you who are wondering how all these Weasleys here at Hogwarts are related, I will give a brief and confusing explanation.

"I am Fred Weasley. I have a daughter named Elisabeth. Professor Hermione Weasley, who teaches Transfiguration, is married to my younger brother Ronald. They have four children, Jacob, Erin, Anna, and Vanessa. Bill Weasley, my older brother who does not work here, and his wife Fleur have two children, Mahayla and Christopher. George Weasley, another brother of mine who does not work here either, and his wife Melissa, have eleven children, Jonah, Micah, Elimilech, Melody, Harmony, Adrian, Victor, Vanessa, Faith, Grace, and Hope.

"If you have any other questions about this, or this explanation has only served to confuse you more, you may ask me or any other Weasley to explain later after class. Not that any other Weasleys are required to explain any of this to anyone simply because I said you may ask them.

"Now, I was told to inform you of any rules right off the bat. I asked if I had to have rules, and the Headmistress said yes, so, class rules are as follows:

"Rule #1. No killing allowed in this class." A few students started to giggle at that.

"Rule #2. No knives, spears, bows, arrows, axes, or the like are allowed in this classroom."

Anna rolled her eyes. Adrian smirked.

"Rule #3. Do not leave this room a mess, or Professor Weasley will kill me and you won't have a math teacher any more."

"Moving on to mathematics, or math, as we shall call it for short. Math is very important. You need to be able to count, to be able to pay for the things you buy, and to be able to complete more complex potions assignments involving double batches or even half-size batches. Thus, we have this class. Now, not all of you will find numbers and all that exciting. For those of you who do, good for you. For the rest of you, we will try to keep this class fun.

"When I asked where to start for this class, they told me to start at the beginning, but hopefully you can all count to ten. If you cannot count to ten, please say so."

No one spoke.

"Congratulations, then." Said Professor Fred. "You already have tonight's homework finished. Now, I do have a test, but no fear, it is only to find out what you do not know, so it is expected for you to miss at least several questions. Whenever you have finished and turned in your test, you may go."

Professor Fred handed out the test papers, and everyone got to work. Sirius found most of the questions easy, since he had actually gone to a muggle school up to last year and had had math classes before. In fact, he found that he only had trouble with a few questions.

Sirius finished his test and left the class.

Professor Fred's attempted explanation of the Weasley family had only left him even more confused. How many brothers did Professor Fred have? Did he have any sisters? How many Weasleys were there anyway?

Sirius was pondering that question as he turned the corner and bumped into a person. A big person. Crabbe. And Goyle was with him. Great.

"Watch it!" Snarled Crabbe.

"You again?" Asked Goyle.

"It's the Potter boy." Crabbe sneered.

"Well, we'll have to teach him a lesson about messing with people, won't we?"

For the second time that week, wands were raised. Sirius pulled his out, bracing himself. Remembering the spell from DADA, Sirius aimed his wand at Crabbe. "Expelliarmus!"

He shouted.

Crabbe's wand flew from his hand, but that still left Sirius Goyle to deal with.

"Expelliarmus!" Sirius' wand went flying. Crabbe and Goyle advanced menacingly.

"Excuse me, is there a problem here?" It was Remus, from the bookshop. He looked a little healthier than he had last time Sirius had seen him, but still looked a bit sick.

Crabbe and Goyle turned and stared at Remus. "No." Crabbe said.

Remus nodded. "Glad to hear it. Especially since fighting in the halls is forbidden." He noticed Sirius. "Ah, Sirius. Perhaps you could help me. I'm looking for Professor Snape."

Sirius didn't want to go see Snape, but on second thought, he didn't want to stick around Crabbe and Goyle. "Right. This way." He said, leading Remus down the hall.

"So, how are you enjoying school?" Remus asked.

"I like it so far. Except my friends and I are having a fight." Sirius didn't know why he had told Remus that, it had just kind of slipped out.

"A fight? What about?"

"Well, there's this girl in our house, and Anna and the others don't like her, mainly because she likes Snape, and she wanted to sit with us, but Anna said she couldn't, then after she had left I wanted to know why she couldn't and Anna got mad at me and Adrian was on her side, of course, and Alexandra didn't want to get involved so she's avoiding all of us."

"What about the girl?" Remus asked.

"She left with her older brother."

"Oh." Remus was silent for a moment. "I wouldn't worry too much. In a few days you guys will realize you still like each other, make amends, and be friends again."

"You think so?" Sirius asked.

"Of course." Remus grinned. "That's the way school is."

"Oh." The two walked along in silence.

"I think I can find my way from here, Sirius, thank you." Remus said after a few minutes. "And anyway, you wouldn't want to be late for dinner."

"You're welcome." Said Sirius. "Nice seeing you again, Remus."

"Nice seeing you too." With that Remus headed of in the direction of the dungeons.

It wasn't until he was in bed that night that he wondered why Remus had wanted to see Snape. And why had he come at dinner? Snape usually ate with the rest of the staff in the Great Hall, but he hadn't tonight. Had they arranged to meet tonight? If so, why? Why would anyone want to meet with Snape?