Chapter 2: err…we don't know…honest!

Todd looked around as he was lead into a posh looking study that Xavier was in, he was reading a book as Todd came in. he looked up and smiled politely and then looked to Kurt.

"Thank you Kurt can you close the door on your way out" he said and Kurt left, Todd hopped onto a chair and watched Xavier move to the desk.

"Now Todd what can I help you with?"

"I want you to get rid of this dream I keep having Yo, you're a telepath right you can you know…reach in and delete it?" Todd declared and Xavier looked at him befuddled.

"I cannot delete it but I can help you overcome this dream, now tell me what is it about?" he asked softly.

"I dream I'm in my house and the suddenly Harold comes and rips the wall away and when I try to get help Lance, Pietro and Fred are all murdered on the front lawn and when I try to escape Harold grabs me and rips me to pieces!" Todd cried out in a hurried way and he stopped to see Xavier stare at him.

"Who is this Harold fellow?" he asked.

"Well Harold is a guy I used to work for yo, and then when he tried to get me to work for him again he…err…caught in an accident?" Todd muttered.

"So you think he is blaming you?"

"Dude I know he's blaming me but I think he's dead cos the accident made the floor cave in and…" he shuffled his shoes and looked down. "Well you get the idea"

"Look this is obviously a serious issue Todd so maybe we could arrange…" just then the phone rang and Xavier picked it up. "Hello Evan" he said but stopped and the longer he listened the faster the smile faded from his face and a frown of worry grew.

"I see well I'll see into it" he declared and put the phone down "I'm sorry Todd but something has come up"


"Something attacked the Morlocks, Evan said it was almost as big as Fred but it was red and muscled. Strange Cyrbro hasn't picked up anything like that…" Xavier muttered but he glanced up to see Todd looking freaked.

"It was big and red and ugly?" he asked and then gave a fake smile "Well I see your busy so I'll go bye bye!" he yelped and hopped out of the window.

Kurt was lounging on his balcony when he saw Todd hopping across the green very quickly, Kurt gave a sigh.

"I knew he was up to no good" he growled.

Kurt followed Todd all the way through town, it wasn't until Todd made a turn into an alleyway did he confront him face to face. He landed in front of him and Todd shrieked in fright.

"You have got to stop doing that yo!" Todd cried out.

"What did you steal from Xaviar?"

"Nothing!" Todd said, he stopped and looked around when he felt the floor beneath him shudder, he couldn't see anything but walked past Kurt to look around the corner.

If he had looked down he would have seen someone glaring at him from the drain.

"What is your problem?"

"Was anyone following me?" Todd asked suddenly.

"Besides me no one" Kurt said bluntly "Now what the heck is going on…" he froze when the floor beneath shuddered again, this time strongly enough to knock them off balance. "What was that?"

"Please let it be an earthquake!" Todd pleaded. "Or at least Lance"

The floor began to tremble and quake as if a ten tonne block was being dropped onto the floor again and again in the same spot, soon the floor cracked and then…

A massive fist the size of a tyre erupted from the ground! Followed by a muscled grotesque arm it slid back into the floor and in the hole the monster howled.

"There you are!"

Kurt and Todd screamed and dashed down the road, the shuddering seem to follow them as the monster chased them underneath the ground, every now and again a man hole cover would pop into the sky and hit the floor with a loud clang. People shrieked and fled from the run away earthquake.

They dived into another alleyway hoping to loose the monster only to come to a dead end with no where to go, for a moment the shuddering faded away as the monster ran on. Kurt and Todd sighed and collapsed against the wall, they looked at each and giggled with relief only to stifle a scream of terror as the shuddering return and the floor beneath them ripped open.

"Fuzz Ball DO SOMETHIN'!!!" Todd screamed and hugged Kurt, in a puff of smoke and brimstone they teleported away from the monster and on the top of a building. Todd collapsed onto the floor panting and Kurt sat down heavily too.

"And I can't help but return to my previous question of WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???" Kurt shrieked

"Bad news I gotta warn Lance and the others" Todd declared and grabbed Kurt's arm "Take me home"

"Walk home yourself!" Kurt snapped.

"And run into that thing again? It travels underground and it can pop up anywhere, I bet it's still there waiting for us to get down" Todd muttered as he peered over the roof wall and Kurt sighed.

"Fine but when we get there I'm calling Scott and we find out what the thing is!"

"As long as it gets me away from that thing fast you can call the queen of England for all I care!" Todd cried.

Pietro and Fred watched the TV grimly as the news reporter retold what happened.

"There are no explainations for the strange earthquakes that shook this part of Bayville, we shall report back when we have more details back to you…"

Pietro turned it off and slumped back into his chair.

"Maybe Toad's right and Harold is back?" Fred asked.

"As talented as Toad is" Pietro declared sarcastically "seeing the future isn't one of his powers, maybe it was Lance joking around?"

"Lance wouldn't do that without a decent reason, and he ain't the sort to do it for a joke" Fred exclaimed. Just then Todd and Kurt appeared and Todd leapt onto the sofa near Fred.

"Where's Lance Yo?" He demanded "We've got some serious problems here I was…"

"Just chased down the street by a run away earthquake? Yeah we know it was on the news" Pietro declared and pointed at the TV and glanced at Kurt "do you mind? This is Brotherhood member only conversation" he snapped and waved his hand. Kurt looked at him and walked off.

"Where's your phone?"

"Kitchen" Fred said and pointed at the door.

When they were sure that Kurt was out of hearing they huddled together and looked at Toad.

"so what was it?" Fred demanded.

"It was him, I knew that freak would come back I knew it and now he's after me!"