After you'd gone

Name : After you'd gone

Author : Lisi the slayer

Genre :Romance/Angst


Spike sacrificed himself to close the Hellmouth over Sunnydale once and for all. Year on and Buffy is still distraught and beats her self up about how she never told him how she felt. But now he's back, back from the dead, determined to get his life back he sets out in search of Buffy, but how will Buffy react when she's see him and will she accept him into her life again ?

Pairings- Buffy/Spike

Back from the dead

Dawn let a few tears trickle down her cheeks as she looked down at the patch of ground. She could hear him sometimes, in her head, in those insignificant times she would suddenly hear his voice, his cocky and devilishly sarcastic English accent and his laugh which set butterflies in her stomach. She had loved him, she had loved him dearly, she knew he had of course not loved her in return, he loved Buffy, but he still had assured her he held affection for her and he always said her nickname with caring devotion.


She could hear him now, in her head calling for her, calling her in the nickname that was used by him and him only.

Niblet !

She shuddered as the voice grew louder and clearer in her head. That time it had been different, she had felt him inside her, inside her mind. She had felt him say those words to her. It hadn't felt like her imagination or memories that time.

Niblet ? Can't you hear me ? I need you Niblet. Help me, find me, in the church Please Niblet come if you can hear me

Dawn could feel her whole body tremble, that definitely had not been her imagination, yet how could it not. He had died, he had saved the world, inadvertently become one of the heroes he heavily scorned and despiced. Even Spike through all his numerous talents couldn't defeat death ?

Or could he, Angel had come back from hell and he certainly was not of the same talent level as Spike, Spike easily surpassed Angel on every level. A thought struck her, he could communicate with her, perhaps he would read her mind and thus read a message, she knew the connection wouldn't go both ways, she did not process the power.

Spike ? Can you hear me ? I'm coming, I'll save you I promise

Dawn sat up and ran as fast as she could towards the graveyard, it was broad daylight so she would be safe. She tripped over a fallen branch and with a surprised cry landed with a bump on her face, she cut her right temple, she touched it tentatively and hissed as a sharp pain exploded over the cut. Blood trickled down her forehead, and as she looked at her reddened finger she suddenly realised.

Back from the dead or not, Spike would still be a Vampire, a Vampire who would most likely need blood. She looked down at her pale un marked wrist. A blue vein stood out from her skin mocking her. Dawn studied the vein as she lay on the ground momentarily stunned. She loved Spike, if not as a partner than as role model, as a cool brother as a father. He was her whole family in one. And she could, she decided firmly,willingly part with some of her blood in order to save his life. Her head give a nasty twitch and she cringed outwardly and groaned inwardly.

Niblet ? Are you ok ? Niblet your in pain. I'm sorry I shouldn't have called you

That made her panic.

Spike ? I'm fine, a little trip that's all, I'm glad you called I'm coming, I'll make you well.

Dawn thought she then heard a warm chuckle explode in her head, and she grinned as she felt the familiar butterflies form in her stomach. Feeling renewed with energy she sprang to her feet and let out a ferocious sprint twisting and turning in out of the gravestones till she saw the church.

Dawn threw the doors open in her excitement only to be greeted with a deep pained growl. Realising her mistake she spun around and slammed the doors shut. Darkness suddenly filled the was very light church room. Now she had made it, she suddenly felt extremely nervous. She could feel her body shake and she cursed herself for her uncertainty. This was Spike for goodness sake, why in the hell should she be nervous instead of whopping for joy.

" Niblet ? Niblet are sure your ok ?"

That voice brought tears to her eyes and she turned around. At first the blackness hid Spike from her sight. After a few moments, her eyes adjusted and she saw a pale blonde Vampire smiling coyly at her.

" Hello Niblet."

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