After you'd gone

Name : After you'd gone

Author : Lisi the slayer

Genre :Romance/Angst


Spike sacrificed himself to close the Hellmouth over Sunnydale once and for all. Year on and Buffy is still distraught and beats her self up about how she never told him how she felt. But now he's back, back from the dead, determined to get his life back he sets out in search of Buffy, but how will Buffy react when she's see him and will she accept him into her life again ?

Pairings- Buffy/Spike

A new type of Slayer

Buffy opened her eyes, she felt incredible. She could feel this new power coursing through her. Then she saw Spike and her eyes gleamed.

She loved him still, but now she felt dark, she didn't mind. In fact she found herself embracing the change, the dark was attractive, it was delicious.

Spike slowly held her wrists and planted kisses along her neck, Buffy moaned, a dark sinister feeling of lust filling her, until she heard the words of incantation.

The feelings were disappearing, she growled at Willow and tried to get to her when Spike wrapped his strong arms around her.

" Don't worry love, We're getting you back. The real Buffy."

Buffy shook her head, her eyes flashing.

" I AM the real Buffy."

Spike growled softly and moved her arms out so her chest was exposed, Willow finished her spell and pushed her hand over Buffy's heart.

Buffy screamed as the world disappeared into bright light and then suddenly she slumped in Spike's arms.

Her eyes fluttered open and Spike smiled at her warmly, Buffy smiled back. She was back. She had her soul again, she felt Spike slide something on to her finger and she looked to see what he'd done.

" That ring Pet makes us immortal, we can get staked, we can touch crosses we can go in the sunlight and no harm shall pass as long as you wear this ring."

Buffy smiled and kissed Spike gently.

" Thank you, thank you for giving us forever."

Spike smiled darkly.

" My pleasure Pet, but I bet Giles wouldn't be quite so thrilled."


The door flung open and the pair yelled at him and pulled the bedcovers over themselves. Spike chuckled at Giles' red face.

" Honestly don't you know you should knock before entering a lady's room."

Buffy laughed quietly.

Giles narrowed his eyes at Spike.

" What is this business I've heard of you turning Buffy last night ?"

Spike rose an eyebrow.

" Exactly what you heard Rupert, girl wanted to be turned."

Giles slammed the door shut.

" She wanted no such thing !"

Buffy closed her eyes and pulled Spike back down.

" Giles he's right, I love him. There's no Hell mouth anymore and I've still got my soul thanks to Willow and with this ring I can still be the Slayer. Nothing's changed expect I'm a Vampire now and I've got an eternity with Spike."

Giles took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Dawn slammed her bedroom door shut. Hot bitter tears streamed down her face and with a pained howl she collapsed onto her bed.

Anthony had promised her he had been made to do it. Made to bring her to that house, he had promised nothing would happen to her. She had believed in him, he had asked for forgiveness and she had given it.

Their relationship had grown strong all for Willow to destroy as she staked Anthony in the back.

She felt bitter, bitter and dark. Everyone had something, everyone but her. Spike had Buffy, he had Buffy and he was a Vampire. He was special. Now her sister not only had Spike but was now a Vampiric Vampire Slayer. It was enough to make her scream.

She buried her face into the pillow. She didn't notice that her body was glowing. It was glowing green.

To be Continued...

Hey ! The end of my first Buffy fan fic ! Thanks to all of you who reviewed, there will be a squeal called Return of the Key and I hope as many of you read it as possible !

Thanks for reading !

Lisi the slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Return of The Key (Squeal to After you'd Gone)


The monks in the church were interrupted, their spell left was unfinished. Now it's breaking apart. Dawn begins to remember her former life as The Key, and as the spell dissolves Dawn taps into the Key's power. The Key's power is absolute, Buffy and Spike must find a way of keeping the Monk's spell together before Dawn get's consumed by her power and the world has yet another apocalypse, if that happens Buffy and the others will have no choice. They'll have to destroy Dawn.