A Cure for Zelgadis

Kinda a random fic about Zelgadis, doesn't connect with any of my other stories.


Zelgadis stared at the green liquid inside the bottle then changed his attention toward the old man who'd given him the vial. "And you're sure this will turn me into a human?"

"Oh QUITE sure! Quite sure, my boy. Just.... I don't know what else it will change." The last was muttered by the old man but definitely not loud enough for even the sensitive ears of the Chimera to hear. No, he wasn't going to tell the Chimera about any side-effects the potion might have, considering how much money he'd just received for it.

Zelgadis pocketed the vial and nodded, pulling his hood up and leaving the old man's laboratory. He traveled quite a ways away from the old man's underground laboratory before finally stopping near a stream to sit down on a fallen tree trunk. Pulling the vial from his pocket, he smiled slightly. "Well, here goes," he murmured and uncorked the top and put it to his lips.


Zelgadis was now sitting in the same area, though now on the ground sobbing uncontrollably. Though Zelgadis was now a human, this human was not happy.

Slowly Zelgadis sat up and fingered her breasts once again just to make sure they were really there. Another shriek echoed throughout the area, delighting the ears of a certain Mazoku sitting in a tree off in the distance.

Xelloss smiled, "I wonder how Amelia will take the news?" he said softly, sipping his tea.