Hey, new story, I've hit a writer's block with Belief, and I've got several other stories that I've started working on . . . This story came to me after reading a couple 'Naruto turns into a fox' fics, thought it would be fun to play with it for a while.

Summary: Kakashi becomes a dog, and has to be cared for by his team.

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Running on all fours was a new experience for him, then again, so was the whole situation. If any of the other jounins heard of this he'd be a laughing stock. Of course, he had to survive first. The other dogs sent after him were the genuine article, and very fast. He made it through the fence, and into the slums of the city, before his legs gave out. The pack attacked him, and he seriously thought it was the end, his laast thought before blacking out was This is pathetic.

Uzumaki Naruto was not a heavy sleeper, when he was with his team, he could sleep better, but on his own, no luck. That's the reason he was walking at midnight, and saw the pack of dogs attack a weaker one. Several Kage bushin later, the dog pack was gone, and he was left with what he guessed was a grey wolfhound, the fur was all shaggy and matted. not to mention bloody. Sighing he picked it up, and opted to take care of it, he had a soft spot for things unable to save themselves, and the dog needed him.

Hatake Kakashi was one of the top nins in Kohona, good enough to take S class missions on his own, the one he was just on, however, was seriously the strangest he'd ever been on, and it left him with seriously strange dreams, like being turned into a dog, and being torn apart by a dog pack. Opening his eyes he fully expected himself to be at home, surrounded by his own dogs. Instead, he was in a shabby apartment, on a very poor bed with one blanket. What was worse was that he was bandaged up and in a dog's body. So much for the drem theory . . . Who's apartment is this? His answer came in the form of a gennin with blue eyes, whisker marks, and blonde hair. The smallest one in his clas, and the loudest. You've got to be kidding me, Naruto is taking care of me, that's not possible, he couldn't take care of that dog we had to watch.

"Hey boy, you up?" Kakashi blinked, he wasn't loud or cheerful. "You took a real bad beating . . . wonder what made that pack attack you? I haven't seen that pack for a year, it's not the nicest group of dogs." He was rubbing his ears. Kakashi decided he liked this side of Naruto, but he didn't like his apartment. "What should I call you?"

'Hey, it's me Kakashi! Don't you dare give me a na-!' His muzzle was held shut, to keep him from barking.

"Don't bark, you'll get hurt even more, and I'll get hurt for keeping you here-"

"Hey, Uzumaki! That better not have come from your room!"

"I'm practicing Henge!"

"Practice Quietly!"

"Fine! -bitch." he glanced at the dog. "No offense meant."

None taken. Kakashi blinked, then got up. he was stiff but he could move.

"I'll have to take ou with me . . .bet Kakashi-sensei is still on his mission, Sasuke-teme won't spar with me, and Sakura-chan won't care if I live or die, like the rest of Kohona."

Depressed much? Never mind, him being an idiot is better than depressed. Kakashi watched as Naruto began to pull out clothes. Blue shirt and black shorts, that would be covered in an orange jumpsuit. Oh no, not that thing! Kakashi didn't bark, but he jumped on the jumpsuit.

"Hey, I have to wear that, other wise people will be scared of me . . ." Naruto didn't no why he was talking to the dog, but the intelligence in it's eyes was disturbing him. "You don't know what I'll go through if they think I'm strong, I'll be hurt . . . "

Why are you scared of your own town? They won't hurt you if they think you can take care of yourself. Kakashi hated the fear and desperation in Naruto's eyes, why hadn't he seen this before? Come on, where's that cocky attitude of yours, the never say die one? Taking away the jumpsuit, he let it fall to the ground before pushing the kunai holster to him. Naruto looked at him.

"One day, dog, that's all I'm going to do, but I don't want to get hurt by my own city." Naruto grabbed a blue jacket, then paused. "I can't believe I'm doing this . . ." Kakashi was surprised when Naruto picked him up. "Unfortunately, I can't do this any other way." He exited through the window, landing, he gently set Kakashi down. " . . . Come on, . . . I still have to figure out a name for you."

How about a good name . . . like . . . Obito . . . That could work. Kakashi walked next to Naruto.

" . . . WHat should I call you . . . you're big and gray . . . Stormcloud work? or just storm?" Kakashi shook his head. "No huh?" Kakashi snarled at a man that tried to attack Naruto, Naruto dodged away. After the man decided the dog was creepy enough, and backed off, Naruto and Kakashi resumed walking. " . . .how about White fang?"

Huh? That's what my father was called . . . no, I can't be called that. Kakashi looked at Naruto, did he know anything about the name?

"I was reading about him once, and old newspaper I found, he's kinda amazing, he went back for his friends . . . Sasuke-teme would never do that, but I think I would, I don't care about missions if my precious people get hurt, they'll always be a priority for me . . . even if they really don't care about me. Wish he hadn't comitted suicide though, I'd love to meet him . . ."

Naruto . . . you're kinda like him, except he gave up, you keep moving.

"Come on Fang, let's go." He followed Naruto, wondering how his teamates would react.

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