Hello, All! Well, after several pleas (and a marathon of Naruto AMV's, all set pre-time skip) I finally got around to outlining and writing the sequel to Dog's Life. This is the opening Chapter (which will also be post separately under the title 'Tomorrow'). Please keep in mind, though, that I am currently in college and will not be able to post very often, depending on classes and papers and the ever evil exams. I can promise that I will get at least one or two chapters up in a month, until summer rolls around and I can actually write without worrying about my grades slipping.

As stated previously, this will cover the Naruto timeline of events just before, during, and after the Chunin-exams, and will end before the time skip. Events WILL BE ALTERED, so do not expect cannon to be followed one hundred percent. In fact, do not read this expecting to see much cannon after the first few chapters. Things will change, though I will keep some key events the same(ish). There will be a couple of Original Characters, but they won't steal the show- only one might bacome a semi-long running character, but only in the same way Tenten is a character.

Please Enjoy, and Remember, not only do I not own Naruto or anything attributed to it, but I would like some feedback in the form of a review! (Either here or on the actual story, I'm not picky ).

Thoughts of Tomorrow

The ninja activated his sharigan as he moved closer to his target. Any route the mark chose would lead to capture at this point, but it had slipped past them before.

The mark shot to the left. "Heading your way, Orange, Red, get over to him!"

"Hai, White, I got- Kuso!" The swear came out in pain, and White was aware of his other teammate moving only from their burst of chakra.

"Kami-forsaken cat!" 'Orange' growled, holding the vicious little creature as it sank its teeth in his arm through the black with orange striped sleeve. His messy blonde hair was filled with leaves. "Why do we always have to catch you?" 'White' smirked as he landed, the only white on him was a mask that he'd left down around his neck instead of covering the lower half of his face.

"It's not that bad- we've gotten better at it since Red's learned to summon nin-dogs for tracking." At that moment, 'Red' and a bloodhound with the kohona hiate-ate for a collar landed in the clearing. She wiped some strands of her pink hair out of her mouth (They had come loose from her braid) and absently adjusted her own forehead protector.

"Red to Scarecrow, we got the target- can we hurry up and return it so we can get barbecue?"

"Then you three better get to the meeting point." 'Scarecrow' laughed over the shortwave radio. "Naruto, I'll have the first aid kit ready, I know your arm's getting mauled again."

"Laugh it up, Sensei." Naruto growled as he and the other two genin of team 7 headed over to where their sensei waited with a cat carrier and the first aid supplies. "I hate cats!" He wasted no time in shoving the cat into the cat carrier.

"No, cats are fine, it's this particular cat you hate." Sasuke corrected, glaring at the cat in question. "I hate this particular cat, and I like cats." He then got hit in the face by some pink hair as Sakura unbraided her hair. Sakura then quickly re-braided her hair as Kakashi cleaned the bites and scratches that Naruto had gained. "How do you do that without a mirror?" All the girls he had watched growing up had used a mirror to braid their hair. Like Naruto and himself, Sakura had changed clothes: from the dress and shorts she used to wear to something a bit more serious looking, usually a combination of capris and shirts that had three-quarter length sleeves. Right now she was wearing a baseball style shirt with black sleeves and collar while the torso was red, along with black capris with a red swirl pattern on the right leg, and red ninja sandals.

"Practice." She flipped the finished braid over her shoulder. "Ready to go?"

Once they had passed over the demon cat from hell (Sakura hit Naruto for muttering that while the Damiyo's wife was still in ear shot, though how Sakura thought the woman could hear over her high pitched squeals was beyond Naruto) they made for the nearest barbeque place to relax.

"Remind again what's wrong with Ramen for lunch?"

"Nothing, you just need a balanced diet, Naruto. Speaking of, we need to get you to drink more milk." Sakura smiled, somewhat sweetly. Naruto made a face. Sakura had decided she was going to make Naruto eat healthier, an undertaking that was not only sanctioned by Kakashi, but fully supported by him as well.

Sasuke chose to ignore the following argument in favor of eating his food. It always ended with Sakura winning, anyway. He smirked, remembering the brief, but dangerous time when they'd discovered Sakura's inner personality. They'd been sparring with Team Ten, and Ino tried her family's technique on Sakura. Somehow, it messed up, and Sakura's inner (and infinetly more violent) personality switched places with her usual one. It had been a chaotic wait for either Ino's dad or Kurenai-sensei to get back from whatever missions they had to help straighten her out- and Sasuke still had the scar where Inner Sakura had sliced at him with a kunai during a spar when he had made the mistake of telling her to fight harder. Inner Sakura had also almost strangled Naruto when he tried to have their usual food argument.

Seeing Kakashi-sensei torn between rescuing Naruto and pretending her didn't exist so he vould avoid her wrath had been amusing, to say the least.

"Okay you two, stop arguing and start eating." Kakashi intervened, smiling as the two chose to pretend to ignore each other. The warm sensation in his chest that came from being with his team and seeing them happy was well worth almost getting stuck as a wolfhound, though he had to ignore the realization that if they passed (or at least, if one of them passed) the upcoming chunin exams he was going to lose them- after Rin and him had become chunin, he couldn't recall any times where the three remaining had met up, and the times spent with the yondaime had mostly been official, the two rarely were able to sit and talk.

But that worry could wait, right now, Sakura was being sadistic in trying to get Naruto to drink the glass of milk she had ordered for him.

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