THIS STORY IS AN AU. What if things had turned out differently and Anakin wasn't burned and he turned away from the darkside? Well this is my version of what might have happened…

"You underestimate my power" said Anakin as he stood on the platform and stared at his former Master Obi-Wan. Anakin launched himself off the platform towards Obi-Wan. In one swift move Obi-Wan sliced off…half of Anakin's lightsaber.

Anakin stood weaponless, and a little shocked. But before he could react Obi-Wan's elbow knocked him across the head sending him into unconsciousness.

Obi-Wan was somewhat relieved when Padme survived childbirth simply from hearing Anakin was 'asleep' in the next room. She named their kids Luke and Leia, they were fraternal twins. Now came the hard part, confronting Anakin.

Obi-Wan had taken Anakin's body with him when he felt the Emperor's presence arriving.

"Anakin?" asked the Jedi Master as he opened the door to a cell they had Anakin in.

He had his hands in his face, as he looked up at Obi-Wan, he seemed to be crying uncontrollably.

"What have I done?" last time he spoke those words was when he assisted in murdering Mace Windu. "I killed them all. I didn't want to but I was so blinded with power…" he trailed off putting his head back in his hands.

Obi-Wan wasn't even sure if Anakin knew he was here.

"Padme just had the babies" Anakin looked up immediately at this announcement, "She's alive" finished Obi-Wan, knowing that the fear of death was part of Anakin's betrayal. Maybe now that she survived he could help them.

Obi-Wan lead Anakin to Padme's room which had to baby crib's next to it.

"Padme, I'm so sorry" he said embracing her in a hug as the both let the tears flow freely.

"What will we do with him, Master?" Obi-Wan asked the little green master.

"If returned to the Light of the force he has, help us destroy Palpatine, he will" said Yoda. "If continue his dark ways he does, then eliminated he must be."

"Anakin, are you back" said Padme still in shock about what happen on that hell planet.

Anakin pulled back, and just seeing his old blue sparkling eyes she knew it was her old Ani.

"Yes Padme, I'm back for you and our children" he said placing a kiss on each of his children's foreheads.

"Anakin, if we could, me and Master Yoda need to talk to you in private" said Obi-Wan interrupting the moment.

"Unforgettable damage, you have done, but unforgivable it is not" said Yoda to Anakin.

"We know you wish to be with your family, but with the Emperor still about Padme, and your children are still in trouble" said Obi-Wan. "I suggested that Senator Bail take them back to Alderaan for the time being, them you, Master Yoda, and myself will take care or Sidious."

"Afterwards, reunited with your family you will be" added Yoda.

"After all I have done, helping destroy the Sith, is the first step to recovery" said Anakin looking down as he remembered executing Order 66.

"And then we can rebuild the Jedi Order, with a few changes to that attachment rule." Anakin looked up at his former Master not sure of he heard him correctly. Obi-Wan nodded, and Anakin grinned and then hugged his lifelong friend.

"I thought I lost you, brother" said Obi-Wan as a tear fell down his cheek.

"I thought Padme did all the crying" said Anakin laughing.

After Bail's ship had made route for Alderaan, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda, boarded Padme's Naboo cruiser and headed for Coruscant.

"Ah, Lord Vader" said Sidious as Anakin entered his office, which still contained shattered glass from the earlier duel. "I feared the worse when I could not find you on Mustufar. Are you okay, Lord Vader? There is something different about you."

"My name is Anakin Skywalker, you sith scum" said Anakin.

"Tisk, Tisk, it seems you are not the boy I thought you were. You had the power to save Padme and you threw it away." Said Palpatine.

"I now see through the lies of the Sith, or should I say A Sith," said Anakin.

"You will fall, you were foolish, to take me alone, boy" said Sidious his voice becoming dark.

"Alone he is not" said Yoda as he and Obi-Wan entered lightsabers at the ready.

"It is most unpleasant to see you alive, Master Yoda" Sidious said.

"Let's end this shall we?" said Obi-Wan igniting his lightsaber.

From the moment the battle began it was obvious to the Emperor that he couldn't win and had to find a way to escape. If he wasn't countering Anakin's blows he was avoiding Kenobi's, and them there was that blasted green freak that kept jumping in every direction.

It was only a matter of time until Sidious was forced to use cowardly moves against the Jedi. He used anything and everything as a distraction. As the Sith lord launched his table at Obi-Wan, Anakin went around the side and came up next to an unsuspecting Sidious.

"Where's your unlimited power now" said Anakin and in one shift, and merciless strike he severed the head of Emperor Palpatine.

Anakin moved the table from on top of Obi-Wan and collapsed on the floor.

"It's over Anakin, you have brought balance to the force" said Obi-Wan putting a hand on Anakin's shoulder. "Now we can rebuild…"

"How will we explain this to the senate?" asked Anakin.

"I'm sure, Padme, Bail, and our other allies in the senate will give us their support" said Obi-Wan confidently.