Luke force pushed his dad enough for Han to get by.

"Run" Leia yelled and Han didn't hesitate.

His inner smuggler must have taken over because Luke had never seen someone run that fast down a hall.

Before Luke could observe any more he was knocked over as his father chased in pursuit.

"I think it's time for Han to become one with the force" said Luke as he thought of what would happen if his father caught poor Solo.

Anakin leapt over padawans and knocked down any poor Jedi who was dumb enough to get in his way. Luckily for Anakin he grew up in this temple and knew all the shortcuts. However this was very, very bad for Han Solo.

Anakin made a sharp turn left following Han's movement, unfortunately for Han, he was gaining.

"He's mine" Anakin said threw gritted teeth as he quickened his step.

"Shit, of all the girls to mess with I choose the Jedi Masters daughter" said Han hardly able to breathe. "After this they'll kick me out and I'll really have to become a smuggler."

Han looked behind him and saw no Jedi Master.

"Ha, I knew that old geezer couldn't catch me-umpf" Han looked up at a robed Jedi.

Han started sweating so much he looked like a Naboo waterfall.

Anakin summoned the force to hold Han down.

"Listen to me, boy, you're gonna tell me exactly what your intentions are with my daughter" demanded Anakin with a mean face.

Han gulped hard.

"Um-Well Mr. Skywalker we were just, you know, messing around" said Han nervously.

"So you were gonna get what you wanted and leave!" snapped Anakin and han realized it was a bad choice of words.

"No, sir, I mean that was nothing compared to what she was doing last-last time she was at the senate. I mean she gave a great presentation" said Han quickly as he caught himself about to say something that would get him killed.

"Listen, if I ever catch you with her like that again, you better pray to the force that I don't actually use this lightsaber" he threatened.

"Anakin, let him go" said Padme as her and the others finally caught up.

As soon as Anakin let go Han bolted to his room, making sure to lock the door.

"Dad, you could've been nicer" said Leia.

"You're grounded" said Anakin ignoring her earlier comment.

"What you can't do that" she insisted. But Anakin ignored her.

"Leia you heard your father take the speeder back to the house" ordered Padme.

"Wow, dad, I haven't seen you that made since those guys were insulting you and calling you things like, Highwalker," said Luke as Leia pouted away from the group.

Anakin let a smile appear on his face as he remembered the incident, in which he chased the morons form a bar to the senate building half way across the city.

"I think this is enough excitement for one day" said Anakin, the other reason Anakin smiled was because earlier Luke had a lot of anger and Anakin was happy to see him crack a joke without any hard feelings.

"You know you could've been a little more reasonable" said Padme as they entered the house.

"Well, you're the politician not me" said Anakin bitterly.

"I see your view on politicians hasn't changed" she replied with a chuckle.

"No it hasn't, especially on this one from Naboo" he joked as he pulled her in for a kiss.

Luke saw the moment and took his opportunity, "Mom, I'm going out to the city with my friends, alright, bye" and he rushed out the door.

"Alright son," replied Padme not even realizing what Luke had said.

"Hey Mara you want to hang out for a little while" asked Luke over his holo-phone.


"Alright I'll meet you at the Temple entrance" replied Luke as the call ended.

Luke finally reached the Jedi Temple and saw a familiar red haired girl.

"Hey Luke its about time you got here" said Mara.

"Well I had to wait for the perfect moment to get away from my parents" Luke replied.

"So I saw your spare with your dad" said Mara as they began to walk.

"Oh…you saw my defeat' said Luke lowering his head.

"Well considering you were fighting one of the greatest Jedi ever" said Mara.

"Yea, but he wasn't even being serious he was playing around" Luke said as he clenched his fist in anger.

"Luke. He's your dad that's what they do" said Mara trying to lighten the mood. "Look let's go to that diner over there" she said pointing to a diner.

"Hey little Skywalker" said a four armed creature known as Dex as they walked in. "I admit your not so little anymore."

"Hey Dex" Luke said as he greeted the friend with a hug.

"And who's your lady friend?" asked Dex.

"This is Mara Jade from the Jedi Academy. We're friends, and just friends Dex" said Luke giving him a look.

"Right then, let me get you a table" said Dex.

"So do you think you'll be ready for the trials soon?" asked Mara after they ordered.

"I think I might be but you know how Master Kenobi is" said Luke.

"Yea" giggled the red haired Jedi.

"So what's Ban-Ti's problem?" asked Luke as their food came in.

"Honestly I don't know. He obviously has a bug up his –" Mara stopped mid sentence as the two Jedi in-training looked up from their plates.

"You feel that right?" questioned Luke.

"How can you not" replied Mara Jade as she moved a hand towards her lightsaber in caution.

"Can you tell where it's at?" asked Luke as he himself searched the force for the source of the disturbance.

"No, but it's close. I don't think it's in here though" she replied as she glanced around the diner.

The two jedi hurriedly but inconspicuously exited the diner. Suddenly Luke spotted a man in a black hooded cloak with red markings.

"There!" he shouted pointing at the man and taking off. Mara quickly followed after him.

"Stop" shouted Luke but the man or woman or thing continued to run. Luke decided to force jump to get an advantage.

AS Luke came down to tackle the man he suddenly spun around with an ignited lightsaber in his hand.

Using the force Luke hastily pulled his lightsaber into his hands to block the attack. By now the civilians had fled when seeing a lightsaber.

The mysterious fighter kicked Luke back and Luke somersaulted and landed on his feet as Mara Jade charged past.

Their blades connected and they continued to battle. Tired of watching from the sidelines Luke went into battle again. Amazingly the fighter was holding both of them off with seemingly no effort.

With a spin of his blade he pierced Mara's right shoulder than force pushed her out of the way. He flipped backwards as Luke swiped at him, The man charged again and connected with Luke's blade in a struggle.

"Just like that fight with your father, eh?" said the man. Luke was taken aback at how he knew this and the mysterious fighter took advantage by kicking Luke to the ground.

Luke now filled with rage charged back at the man but was hit with force lightning.

As Luke struggled to recover the man ran off but as Luke was about to peruse he remembered Mara.

"Master Kenobi" spoke Luke as he helped Mara up and held his comlink. "We're gonna need some assistance"