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The bookkeeper watched the green superhero try and get his bookish teammate to smile or laugh. The pale beauty only put him down and the man watched the changeling's shoulders slump. The bookkeeper had had enough. He was a romantic at heart and wanted these two to get together, but they couldn't with the empath's powers in the way. The bookkeeper found the spell he was looking for in his old spell book. It wasn't a body switching spell as the old man had been annoyed at all the times that had backfired, rather it switched the personalities of whoever it was cast on and as a bonus, it negated any problems that could arise from someone acting unlike their normal selves. You see he used to be Merlin but he got so tired of warning people not to do this or that and no one ever listened to him, so he retired and made up a story that some woman had trapped him in a tower or was it a cave, his memory was so fuzzy. He muttered the spell under his breath, smiling warmly at the two superheroes. It wouldn't take effect until the next morning but he already knew what was going to happen, he used to be Merlin after all. He was just glad he didn't have to tell anyone.

Raven was walking home with the green changeling who had apparently been created just to give her a headache.

"Beast Boy! For the last time, I don't care why the chicken crossed the road." Raven said, aggravated beyond belief.

"C'mon, Rae, I'm just trying to get you a sense of humor, is that so wrong?"

"It is when I can blow something up just by laughing! And besides I already have a great sense of humor."

"Tell me a joke then." Beast Boy said, his eyebrows wiggling like a pair of fuzzy caterpillars.

"Why should I have to do that?" Raven said, lamenting the fact that she had continued the conversation. Beast Boy's shoulders drooped. The pair walked up to the Tower and went in.

"You're no fun; honestly I don't know why I haven't given up on you Raven."

"I wish you had." The empath replied in her monotone.

"Friends don't give up on friends, Raven."

"So you can say something nice once in a while." Raven remarked, heading to her room, leaving Beast Boy to do his victory dance.

"Go Beast Boy, it's your birthday, alright!" The changeling then decided to blast his brain with a 12 hour videogame marathon. Night was approaching and the two Titans went their separate ways.

The light of early morning shone down and woke Raven up. She felt different, not in a physical sense, but mentally. I've been bugged by Beast Boy so much, it's affecting my DNA. The empath giggled at that thought and then started laughing, long peals of laughter. She covered her mouth and quickly checked to see if anything had broken. Nothing had even moved an inch. Running up to her mirror, she tried to summon all of her emotions. No one answered her calls, not even Happy. Had they escaped? Raven then got the urge to go back to sleep and she followed that command, soon her calm breathing turned into loud snores and the empath's body was twisted around as if she couldn't find a good spot to sleep in.

Beast Boy's eyes fluttered open, his pupils sore after his videogame binge. I'm never doing that again for as long as I live. Strangely he actually agreed with that thought, as if he just realized too much videogames were bad for you. Shaking his head of the odd thought he checked the clock. "6:00 in the morning!? Who am I, Raven?" Beast Boy then went down into the kitchen and made some tofu breakfast. "Might as well start my day."