Raven's Gift

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After the other Titans had gone to bed Raven took Beast Boy up to the roof. The moon was full and white and the stars twinkled in the heavens, all in all it was a perfect night. Raven wrapped her arms around Beast Boy and put her head on his shoulder.

"Are you ready for your gift now?" Beast Boy nodded. "Close your eyes." Beast Boy felt cold metal touch his neck and then heard Raven's soft voice. "You can open them now."

The changeling opened his eyes and saw a silver locket hanging around his neck. It had his initials and Raven's inscribed in gold with tiny purple and green gems set in the letters.

"Do you like it?" Raven asked, her eyes locking with Beast Boy's.

"I love it Rae." The pale beauty smiled and leaped into his arms.

"Good because I got a matching one for me. Open yours." The changeling found a picture of Raven giving him the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. "I gave you that because when I'm back to normal I might not want to smile as much for you but this way some part of me will always be smiling for you and all the happiness you've given me." Beast Boy hugged Raven tightly and the two kissed each other passionately.

"I love you so much, Rae." Then the empath's eyes widened and she ran back into the Tower.

"I almost forgot I have one more thing for you, just wait right there!" Beast Boy chuckled at his girlfriend's behavior and waited. Raven returned with a huge book and shoved it into Beast Boy's hands.

"Memories of Us." Beast Boy read the title. "You made me a scrapbook?" Raven nodded. Beast Boy opened the book and found pictures dating back to when they first met straight up until the present day. "Thank you Rae."

"Anything for you, BB." The two Titan's then held each other close and watched the stars, neither wanting tomorrow to come. Raven eventually nodded off to sleep and Beast Boy carried her back to her room. He kissed her on the forehead and then went to his bedroom, happier than he had ever been before.

Merlin watched it all from his bookshop and nodded to himself in satisfaction. "I knew giving that girl those lockets was a good idea." He then undid the spell he had cast. It had been great fun but now it was time to focus his attention on his store because the final Harry Potter book was coming out soon. "I should sue J.K. Rowling for using my name without permission. And Dumbledore is such a rip of me, c'mon. But if I did that I would have to sue Disney and everyone else, dang it! The first few books were okay but then after Book 5 it turned into something out of Beverley Hills 90210 with all that angst, blech!" And so Merlin continued with his ranting, not caring that no one was around to hear him.

Raven woke up with a splitting headache. What had happened to her? She looked down and nearly had a heart attack. She was wearing a fancy and frilly white dress! There was only one person who would do this to her. She then saw a note on her dresser. She read it with trembling hands.

Dear Grumpy (Don't mind the nickname but you are very unhappy.),

If you're reading this that means you're back to normal and forgot everything that happened between you and BB. Well, here's the lowdown: You guys are going out now! Isn't that great! He took you out on a date and to the carnival and we had so much fun! And check that locket around your neck if you don't believe that this really happened. We gave him such a good birthday party but he still has to teach us to cook and you still have to beat up Cyborg, okay? Don't ask, he was asking for it. And I know it's hard for you but smile for Gar every once in awhile, okay? And if you ever hurt him I'll find a way to come back somehow and make you regret it! Even though we're the same person so that would be kinda hard! Kiss BB for me a lot!



P.S. Hope you like your new dress!

Memories then flashed through Raven's head. The empath nearly died from embarrassment from some of them but then felt such an overpowering feeling of love that it nearly burst from her skin. Calming herself with deep breaths, Raven meditated and got her emotions under control. She then got showered and changed and found that her powers were back. She then heard a knock on her door. She opened it a crack and saw Beast Boy staring down at the floor.

"Hey Raven." The changeling said, not looking into her eyes. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I did anything you regret now and I understand if you don't want to see me again." The changeling then walked away from her room, looking like he wanted to kill himself.

What am I doing just standing here? Raven thought and then ran out into the hall. "Gar, wait!" A couple of light bulbs burst but Raven didn't care, she ran up to the changeling and threw her arms around him. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Beast Boy." The changeling had a huge smile on his face.

"So, does this mean you'll call me Beastman finally?" Raven rolled her eyes.

"We're having a moment here, don't ruin it." But she kissed him lightly on the cheek and held him tighter to her.

Merlin watched through the crowds of people as the changeling and the empath walked down the sidewalk, holding each others hands. He smiled but then a little kid kept on bugging him to give him his book. This annoyed the wizard.

"I'll spare you the time and just tell you that Harry and Ron die! There you happy you little mindless drones!" The customers stood with mouths agape.

"How do you know that, Mister?"

"Trust me kid, I just do okay? I saw that ending coming before Harry Potter was even created!" Then he realized that he had just said that to a huge crowd of raving Harry Potter fans. They started to crowd around him but the crafty old wizard busted out of there and took off running, pursued by the mob of people. Raven and Beast Boy watched the group chase after him but they gave up after a while.

"What was that about?" Raven said in her monotone voice.

"Who cares, let's just enjoy the moment." Beast Boy said. Raven couldn't agree more.