N is for the Nakedness Naruto got to see when he yanked Sasuke's towel away from him in the changing rooms.

A is for the Anger from Sasuke when this happened.

R is for the Regret Naruto felt for stealing Sasuke's towel when Sasuke beat him up with the towel.

U is for the Unwise move Naruto made the next day, in deciding to yell at Sasuke down the corridor, 'You have a cute butt!'

T is for the Throbbing of that particular vein on Sasuke's forehead when Naruto yelled this at him.

O is for the Off-handed way Sasuke commented the day after that Naruto's butt wasn't half bad either.

I is for Naruto's Initial response to Sasuke's declaration (shock, and a bit of excitement).

S is for the downright Slutty way Sasuke brushed past Naruto that week in the corridor; hands were fleetingly involved.

G is for the Gleeful way Naruto reacted to this new Sasuke who rubbed his leg against Naruto's in lesson.

A is for the Aggravation felt by Naruto when the next week, Sasuke started ignoring him.

Y is for the Yearning Naruto experienced because Sasuke had removed himself completely from Naruto's life.

F is for the Fickle way Sasuke strode up to Naruto after ignoring him for 2 weeks and told him he'd wanted him. Now.

O is for the Obligatory way Naruto responded to Sasuke's declaration.

R is for the Response Naruto got from Sasuke when he dragged him into a secluded corner and started kissing him.

S is for how Sexy Naruto thought Sasuke was.

A is for the Agonising way Naruto drew noises from Sasuke.

S is for Sexy, again. Naruto thinks Sasuke is very sexy.

U is for the Unease Naruto felt when it was over.

K is for the Knowing look on Sasuke's face as Naruto stumbled out words of like, love, and anything that would mean Sasuke would stay.

E is for Emotion Sasuke felt too.