Threads of Love

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Legs shaking, she forced herself to her feet. It had been too sudden to be a sickness. Once more, she collapsed, not even taking one step toward her hut. Her body convulsed.



Her raven hair floated gently in the soft spring breeze. Her mahogany eyes stared straight back into her memories. Those nightmarish flashes had returned. Her lips were firmly pulled back into a snarl. Naraku had caused her more trouble than any other youkai and he was only a hanyou. Her fists tightened at her sides. Suddenly, she noticed something white dancing softly at the edge of her peripheral vision. Turning her head, heart pounding, she was disappointed to see that it was only her wet clothing drying in the warm sunshine. Without realizing it, she had thought of him.

What am I? A naive child, hoping for a fairy tale life? Or a love-struck-

Her thoughts screeched to a halt. Was she in love with him? Was one night enough to make her emotionally attached?

It can be no more than lust. But...empathy never lies. He was just as lonely and affected by it as I was. He was...just as passionate for me as I was for him.

His eyes had been focused on her. He had looked at her with those gorgeous eyes of his, actually saw her instead of looking past her.

Wasn't he...?

Sighing, she realized that she would never get her work done if she continued to daydream. Right before her encounter with him, she had parted with her friends for some alone time. Kagome had instantly understood, telling her that they would be there for her when she was ready to return to them. After all, she had just lost her only remaining family in a turning point battle against their nemisis. Kirara had been told to remain with them but the young taiji-ya doubted that the neko would do so for much longer. It had been a couple of weeks already. Two weeks since her encounter with him. With a longing look towards the fields, she turned reluctantly and entered back to her village.


She trembled, sweat trickling down her face. Her heart was racing. The suddenly bout of nausea...had been too strong for her body. Legs shaking, she forced herself to her feet. It had been too sudden to be a sickness. Once more, she collapsed, not even taking one step toward her hut. Her body convulsed. Her sickness overwhelmed her once more, forcing her to empty the remaining contents of her stomach all over the dry ground. The stench made her cringe.

"Sango! Are you all right?" She turned her head quickly toward the voice. No one was there. Was she becoming delusional, as well? No, she wasn't. Consciousness was slowly slipping through her fingers, as though it were merely grains of sand. Her vision blurred and she fell over, darkness consuming her.


"Where the hell is she?" Inuyasha tucked his hands into the sleeves of his haori. "It's been what, three or four weeks?" Kagome looked worriedly over at Miroku, who was staring ahead to the end of his vision. "We should go and drag her back."

"Do you think..." She was too afraid to voice her thoughts, as though doing so would make them real. Sango had been in bad shape after their last epic battle had robbed Kohaku from the living world. After all, he had died to save her. He told her that it was to repent for being such a weakling in the beginning.

"You were no such thing, dear brother... Never say that you were weak..." He smiled as he closed his eyes for good, never feeling his sister's hot tears as they dripped onto his face. Naraku had then fled with the shard of the jewel. His cruel laughter still echoed in her nightmares and Kagome was sure that Sango's nightmares had been worse.

"Kagome, stop spacing out. If we can locate a shard of the jewel then I'm sure Naraku won't be far behind." Miroku silently agreed, his violet eyes on the miko. He seemed to know what she had been thinking of because he calmly placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"She can take care of herself. She is very capable of protecting herself from harm. Inuyasha is right. If we continue, she should be able to track us down when she's ready to return." They both knew that the hanyou was worried for her and that they wouldn't go too far from her reach. So, gripping the straps of her backpack, she sent a look at Shippou and Kirara that told them they were moving out. The kitsune seemed to handle the taiji-ya's absense the best. But Kirara was the opposite. It was like she had taken ill ever since her mistress took leave of them. She sighed. If things didn't pick up, she would have to see a psychiatrist. Then again, if she did, she doubted she'd return to the Sengoku Jidai for quite a long while.

"I say that we start out this way. That bastard's scent is completely gone. I don't know where the coward ran to after our battle." Inuyasha was pissed off. He didn't tolerate talking when he was pissed so everyone settled to drowning in their thoughts. Unfortunately, Kagome's thoughts made her want to cry. So, she looked up into the sunny sky, and tried to pretend that everything was fine.


Sango had no idea how long she was lying there with her face pressed into the dirt. All she knew was that it was no longer daylight. Her dull mahogany eyes tried to focus but she couldn't even see a rock sitting right next to her face, one in which gave her a jagged cut when she fell after attempting to push herself up with her arms. The pain felt oddly bearable. Since she couldn't lift her weight with her arms, she opted to sit up. So, she rolled over and sat up, feeling a dizzy spell hit her full-on. It faded rather quickly and she was able to get to her knees. Breathing deeply, she pushed herself to her feet and walked to her hut, where she grabbed her sword and used it as a walking stick.

"Ughhh..." Her insides were in turmoil. Something was wrong. She didn't know what it was, though. Either that or she did and didn't want to admit or think about it. But it was by no means the time to debate her situation. The only solution to her problem was to find the closest village. Getting there was the hardest part, especially with the way her body was shaking and convulsing.

Still, I've got no choice. If I am to survive, I have to do this...

Sango walked until she could feel the beads of perspiration roll down her face. Her vision blurred nastily as she stumbled on, determined not to fall until she'd reached a village. Luckily, she knew the way to that village like she knew the backs of her own hands.

Almost...there... Just...a little...further...

Her breathing was labored and her strength was fading even faster than it had been before. Suddenly, another wave of nausea overtook her body. She fell to her knees and dry-heaved. Her eyes widened in horror when she spit up blood after the spell had ended.

"What...the..." Her voice was hoarse and choked, like she'd been deprived of air for far too long. Looking off to the side, where she'd dropped her sword, she muttered a choice word and reached for it desperately.

"Sango-san? What are you doing out here?" A group of village women stood before her, each holding buckets of water. The one leading the group instantly set her buckets down when she noticed the condition of the kneeling taiji-ya.

"H-Help..." Her mahogany eyes pleaded as she stared up at them. The woman instructed the others to return and inform the priestess while she helped Sango to stand and walk to the village. Of course, she didn't leave until Sango had her weapon, which was a reason for a small protest from the sick taiji-ya.

"What is it, Sango-san? How can you be so sick?" The unnatural balance within the young woman in her arms was outstanding and, frankly, very confusing. She had never seen any of the taiji-ya in such terrible condition before. There was no response from the unconscious woman as she half-dragged her into the village. As soon as they arrived, one of the men rushed to gather Sango into his arms, carrying her into the home of the priestess.

"This is...Sango-san, is it not?" The concern in the elderly woman's voice did not escape notice. "What has happened to her?"

No one could provide an the suffering young taiji-ya.


Opening her eyes, Sango found that she was not stricken with dizzy spells. The clarity in her vision had been restored and her breathing was pretty much unhindered. Sitting up slowly, as to not ignite possible nausea, she looked around. A cloth fell from her forehead onto her lap.

"Ah, you are awake." A woman stepped in from outside, her expression relieved yet quite serious. The young taiji-ya found herself targeted with a fierce stare. "I have a question for you, dear one." The priestess kneeled down next to her and settled her back into her bed. "Have you had any intimate relations in the last month?" Mahogany eyes widened, stunned, as the woman replaced the newly cooled cloth to her forehead. Her throat was dry and constricted, restraining her from answering. So, she simply nodded her head in shame, her face burning red from embarrassment. "Then I believe we have an answer to your problem. Some women have hard pregnancies and I deeply regret to tell you but most of the time, neither survive such a severe case." Tears pricked at Sango's eyes but she forced them back. She had already shown enough weakness to last herself ten lifetimes. "May I ask where the father is?" Slowly, the taiji-ya shook her head.

"He...will not come." The haunted look in her eyes made the priestess shudder. Then, the only thing she could do was provide assistance and comfort. There was no doubt in her mind that the child was not fully human. She had seen many pregnancies of hanyou children fail, ending in a double tragedy.

"Rest now, Sango-san. Be at ease, if only for now." So, Sango simply closed her eyes, hoping to see her friends at least one last time...

Her eyes opened, her head aching and her vision once more distorted and blurry. She heard voices around her. Familiar voices. Remaining still so that she could hear what they were talking about so seriously, she closed her eyes once more.

"So, what exactly are you saying, Lady?" It sounded like the houshi. His voice wasn't cheerful but serious and concerned.

"She isn't...going to make it. The pregnancy is becoming too much for her body to handle." The priestess answered gravely. Sango wanted to start crying her eyes out. All because she had been in his territory. All because she had let herself go, allowed herself to be taken by him. She was going to die before she had the chance to gain revenge on Naraku. It was all her fault. She had sinned and greatly dishonored her people by carrying the child of a youkai. And not just any youkai...but a Daiyoukai at that.

"This's familiar." She heard the rustling of clothing after his soft words. "It's...Sesshoumaru!" Anger laced his voice then. She knew that he had figured that she betrayed them once again.

"Wait a minute... You're saying that she's pregnant...with Sesshoumaru's child?" Kagome asked in disbelief. The rest, she didn't bother to listen to. She just accepted that she would die with her child, embrace it and suffer no more...

With a jolt, she woke up, finding tears cascading down her face. Their acceptance mattered more to her than anything. How would she ever tell them? Would it be as she had just dreamed? Would she accept death so easily? There really were no answers. All she could do was stare at the ceiling, determining each question by her current position. She knew that she would never accept death so easily. Even though all she did was suffer, she had to regain her honor and put her little brother to peace.

"Are you hungry, Sango-san?" The woman that had found her entered the hut and walked over with a bowl of soup in her hands. She frowned at seeing the young woman's tears. "Are you feeling better?" Sango sat up and wiped her face. There was no way that she would continue to cry like a spoiled child. She would only have her way if she earned it, if she fought for it.

"I am well, thank you." She accepted the soup with a quiet thanks before wondering what the villagers thought of her. The priestess had to have noticed the child's already strong youki. After all, that was what was causing her such trouble. Her body couldn't handle the distressed baby's youki levels. She had to find Sesshoumaru and get him to calm the child down. He wasn't stressing too much just yet but she only imagined what later would bring. She suddenly dropped the bowl, not even feeling the sting of the hot soup. Pain shot through her entire body and before long, she fell forward.


"Did you sense that?" Inuyasha turned around and looked in the direction. He had purposely went that way to see if she was at her village. What he sensed was a faint trace of youki but it reminded Inuyasha strongly of his brother. Kagome and Miroku shook their heads but Kirara seemed eager, as she recognized the area. "Let's go check it out." The hanyou took off, leaving the others to catch up however they wanted. Miroku ran while Kagome was assisted by Kirara.

"A village?" Miroku looked over at the hanyou. "It's intact. I think you're losing your touch." The sarcasm only seemed to piss Inuyasha off. But it wasn't the time for that. He sensed youki. Familiar youki. It was very faint but he could feel it.

"Lady, come quickly! Sango-san has collapsed again!" Inuyasha's ears twitched and his eyes widened. Sango? Was this where the taiji-ya had been? No... He looked back and nodded, alerted the others to follow him. The priestess walked toward the house that she had placed Sango in.

"Hold it!" Inuyasha jumped in front of her. "Sango is in there, isn't she?" The hanyou sensed the youki inside. Perhaps it was a lesser youkai that had poisoned her. But it...seemed so unstable. It was like a distress call. It pulled at his heart.

"You know Sango-san?" For some reason, the priestess wanted nothing to do with their group. Kagome nodded, her eyes filled with concern.

"Is she well?" Suddenly, their topic of conversation fell down the steps of the house as she attempted to leave on her own. "Sango!" Kagome ran forward, kneeling down next to her friend. "Sango, are you okay?" Inuyasha scrutinized the taiji-ya for a moment before his eyes gazed inside the open doors of the house. The pulsing youki...

"Kagome?" Sango choked roughly before wrenching herself from her friend's arms. She hid herself behind the house but they all heard what she was doing. But all Inuyasha could smell was blood. He gave the others a look, forcing them to stay behind as he followed her.

"Sango, what the hell is going on?" The hanyou looked down at her, narrowing his eyes. She remembered her dream and started shaking. He would hate her. But he would find out sooner or later, when her baby got stronger...

"Inuyasha..." She held her hand up and he took it, pulling her to her feet. "I don't know how to tell you this..." Taking various deep breaths, she tried her hardest to force her baby to calm down. "I'm...pregnant..." It seemed to take a minute for the news to actually register. Then he grabbed the front of her kimono and pulled her closer.

"Who is the father? Who the fuck is the father, Sango?" Something was telling the hanyou that it wasn't anyone he liked. Especially since she seemed awfully hesitant to tell him. "Sango!" She flinched before pulling away from him and facing him defiantly.

"It was a one-time thing. I think..." She tried to stall the name that was going to pass her lips. He grew ever more impatient.

"Fuck, Sango, that isn't what I asked you!" At that point, all of the others were eavesdropping on the 'private' conversation. But the entire village seemed to hear Inuyasha's loud voice. The priestess had thought at first that the hanyou's signal was similar and it was but it wasn't the same. "The name. Spit it out!" They all wanted to beat on Inuyasha because of the way he was screaming at the sick taiji-ya but they were curious as to what was going on. She looked away from him before allowing the name to drip from her lips.

"Sesshoumaru." Inuyasha's body went rigid. His amber eyes burned with fury, his lips pulling back into a snarl. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her rather violently.

"Tell me the truth! You're lying!" He could detect no hint of deception in her eyes, her scent, or her body. He let her drop onto the ground with a furious glare. "What the hell were you thinking, you idiot? How could you be so stupid?" Inuyasha was pissed. He felt so betrayed. The taiji-ya had left them, left him, to go prance off and sleep with his asshole of a brother! "What were you thinking?" He repeated in a softer tone. However, his voice was threatening, not comforting. "That he would revive your little brother if you slept with him? That he would use the Tenseiga on Kohaku for you?" Sango was shaking. But not because of sadness.

"Shut up!" She looked up, fire dancing in her mahogany eyes. "Don't you ever say anything like that again!" She stood up and slapped him with all of the strength she had. "I would never do such a thing! Kohaku can never be revived again, I know that well enough!" Inuyasha glared back at her. She was pissed off. "I would never do that."

"Then why did you do it?" He was mocking her. The way he was staring at her. "Did you like the way he attacked us, attacked me? Or is the brother thing-" She slapped him again.

"Does it matter how it happened? Is that what's important? Or is the fact that I'm going to die carrying your family more important? Do you want both of us to die? Would that satisfy you, since I practically betrayed you?" Her words sunk in and suddenly he felt guilty. But she was right. She wasn't in good shape.

"All right, bitch. Settle down. You've got to stay calm or else the brat will only stress even more." He walked closer to her and pulled her to him with one arm while he set one hand on her stomach. She felt Inuyasha's youki flare. Looking at the hanyou with wide eyes, she felt a sudden rush of emotion for her friend. His profane language meant nothing. His actions always proved how he felt.

"Would you like to tell us what's going on?" They turned to look at the group while Inuyasha continued to calm her child. Miroku had been the one to ask. He looked a little confused. The hanyou looked down at her, giving her a glare that told her that she had to tell them.

"Well, Houshi-sama..." She began, starting to tremble. Miroku was a forgiving man, right? After all, he was a houshi. They lived to forgive sins... But what she had done...was it a sin? "I-I'm going to have a baby." She hid her face beneath her bangs. He looked happy for only a moment before his expression turned to one of confusion.

"Who is the father, Sango?" Kagome asked quietly, her eyes going to Inuyasha's angry expression.

"S-Sesshoumaru." Miroku's expression, or sudden lack thereof, changed rather quickly. "Would you all let me explain later, when I've recovered? I feel as though I owe you all an explanation, especially you, Inuyasha." He held her only a moment longer before he pulled away.

"I've calmed the brat somewhat for now. The only one that can do it completely is it's asshole of a father." Sango glared at him before wrapping her arms around her stomach.


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