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Sesshoumaru is going to marry Sango when the village is finished. Sango is ready to accept him as the man in her life. So, will Sesshue have a family for the rest of his life? And what about the others?

The end is soon to come!



Sango wiped the sweat from her brow as she set down her tools. Her mahogany eyes squinted in the bright sunlight. The village was almost done and she was so excited that she couldn't wait. Kuranosuke had been very busy with the work that had been given to him and his men. The taiji-ya had to admit that she liked seeing less of him.

"Sango-chan, that looks great!" Kagome grinned as she rushed over with a bottle of water for the flushed taiji-ya. "You've done more work by yourself than the others got done put together. It's a good thing Sesshoumaru went over there. He's really letting them have it. He threatened them with his poison whip."

"As long as it gets the work done." She sat down and finally felt the effects of her hard work. Sesshue crawled over to her and pulled at her kimono. He wanted attention. The young mother picked him up and cooed at him, making funny noises to force laughter from his tiny body.

"You know, the more I see you two together, the more I realize that your pregnancy was a blessing. Sesshoumaru really needed someone like you to help him out of that hole he had trapped himself in." The miko sighed as she thought of all those romance books she had read the one summer break from school. They were nothing compared to her friend's story. "Sango-chan, I'm jealous. Inuyasha doesn't even realize he's being stubborn. He's such an idiot sometimes..."

"Kagome-chan, give him some time. He's just not open to emotions after what happened with Kikyou." Sesshue grabbed at her kimono in curiosity and stared at her in wonder. He was such a curious boy, something he undoubtedly got from his father. The ring on her finger glinted and caught the little hanyou's attention.

"Sango-chan..." Kagome leaned over to get a glimpse of it better. "Is that..."

"Yes, it is." Sango's voice was calm but an excited smile graced her lips. "He told me that Houshi-sama is going to marry us when the village is finished." Sesshue lost interest and attempted to wiggle his way out of his mother's arms. She wouldn't let him.

"I'm so happy for you." A big grin rested on the miko's lips as she leaned back and relaxed. She couldn't wait to start decorating for them. "Can I help you out? I could make a trip to the future and..."

"Kagome-chan, that isn't necessary. I doubt if Sesshoumaru wants anything big."


Kagome was inside one of the new homes, stocking it with things that Kuranosuke had sent for. It was nice of the young lord to be so helpful. Unfortunately, the miko assumed that he wasn't invited to the wedding. He would probably have to leave. Sesshoumaru didn't like him very much. It was completely obvious, too. Rin and Jaken had been quiet and out of sight for a little while. So was Shippou, so it wasn't much of a surprise. The children tended to get bored without games to play.

"Looks good." Startled, Kagome whirled around. She was armed with a cup and ready to throw it at the intruder. She sighed in relief when she noticed that it was only Inuyasha. "Settle down. I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's fine." She turned back around and continued with her work. "What did you want?"

"Well... Sango made dinner and asked me to come find you." He chuckled at something before continuing. "She almost beat the shit out of the cooks Kuranosuke brought with him. Really wanted to cook, I guess."

"I'll be out in a bit." There was tension and forced conversation. The hanyou wondered what she was thinking about. Then again, there could only be a couple of things that would make her angry with him. Either he'd said the wrong thing last time they talked or it was about Kikyou. He hesitated to leave. He didn't want her mad at him.

"Is there something wrong?" He plopped down by the table, his amber eyes questioning. "Did I upset you?" If she was angry, she would likely want to go home. Something that he couldn't let happen. The fewer trips she made the better.

"No, it's nothing you did." Sango's words were inside Kagome's head ever since they had been said. "I'm fine." Even Sesshoumaru had 'grown up,' so to speak. She was still stuck in high school land with Inuyasha. Why was that? She thought that they could trust each other. Was it that she was too much like Kikyou? Personality wise, they weren't even close. If he took her at face value however... She knew he was in pain. If seeing her and being with her brought him pain, she didn't want that. "Are you okay?" Her voice was quiet and sad. Inuyasha avoided a woman's sadness like the plague.

"Why wouldn't I be?" His sharp tone almost made her wince. So defensive...

"Inuyasha, do you trust me?" She couldn't even face him. Her back was to him and her eyes were focused on the cups in her hands. Tears were waiting to escape from her eyes.

"What the hell brought this on?" She didn't answer his naturally defensive question. He took it that she was waiting. "What do you think? Of course I do." Willing the tears to keep back for a few more minutes, she took a deep breath.

"Is it because I look like her?" She was lucky he had such good hearing. "Are you in pain whenever we're alone together? Is that why we're not going anywhere?" The tears began to fall and her body was trembling. "I promised that I wouldn't push you. I promised that I could be there for you when you needed me. How can I when you don't tell me anything?" She rounded on him then and he took in her expression steadily.

"Kagome..." He bit back his scathing reply and looked at the floor. "You of all people should know what's going on inside my head. I'm not ready for this. I can't make myself see you any other way than I do right now. All I can ask is that you wait for me. As soon as I settle things with Kikyou, I promise that I'll be able to give you an answer."

"Inuyasha... I'm not asking you for a relationship right now! I want you to tell me what to do! I want you to be able to look me in the eye and see me. I know that that is too much to ask but it is all I want from you." She turned back around. "I can't see any of this getting any easier until you can see the difference. We don't have the same face. We're similar but not the same." Her small frame was finally still of the tremors. "Her love was true. Yours was true. But that was fifty years ago, Inuyasha. This is now."


Sango had come to terms with Sesshoumaru's plan. However, Kuranosuke was beginning to pester her. The man obviously believed that she was marrying him on the day that the village was finished. He must not have felt the need to look at her hands. She knew beyond a doubt that he was getting on her mate's nerves.

"Sango-chan!" He stopped when he noticed that she was with the hanyou child. He had never bothered to ask who the parents of the child were. Was it an orphan child? It looked like the hanyou in their group... "Hello." He held out his finger to the little boy and watched as the child looked up with intelligent eyes and grasped the finger in greeting. "What's his name?"

"Sesshue." Kuranosuke grinned and ruffled the boy's hair as he sat down next to them.

"He is a beautiful child. He loves you." She bit her lip and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Well... I am his mother." The baby managed to catch her attention again and she smiled brilliantly at him. "I want to start a new era. I want peace for him. I want him to be able to trust and love without fear." She was surprised when the lord next to her smiled sadly as he stared out over the half-finished village.

"I always knew you would accomplish something great. When I saw you that first time, beautiful and fierce at such a young age... I just knew that you wouldn't settle for an average life or an average goal. Such a dreamer you were! I was envious of your courage. I always tried to be like you. Fearless and kind." His eyes went to her son. "His father is a great youkai. If there was anyone that could begin a new era, it would be Sesshoumaru-sama." Her eyes began to sting from the tears she held back.

"Will you help us?" Her eyes met his. "We need all the help we can get. This is finally your time to make your family proud." He closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

"Ah, to hear those words. Whatever you need, Sango-chan, I will provide to the best of my abilities. May we stay for your ceremony?" The taiji-ya smiled.

"Of course you can. You did help to rebuild the village. I am more than grateful to you for that." His smile brightened. It was the first time she had actually had a sensible conversation with the man. It made her happy to have solved the problem before Sesshoumaru had to deal with it.


Sango growled in frustration as she changed her baby's diaper. If only the mighty Daiyoukai knew how to change diapers. The thought made her laugh.

"Are you not going to sleep?" Sesshoumaru entered the room to see her finishing up the cleaning process of a diaper change. The cloth diaper stunk and he wrinkled his nose. She put it in the special basket then set it outside, considering how full it had become. The taiji-ya wanted to make him wash them.

"I have things to do, Sesshoumaru. I can't go to bed right now." She finished tucking Sesshue in and kissed his forehead. He was such a darling baby. "Oh, I have something to speak with you about." The taiji-ya continued to clean up and put things away before getting ready to change for bed.

"Yes?" He had seated himself on their bed and was watching her with bored eyes.

"Kuranosuke-sama is no longer a problem. We spoke today and he knows about me being your mate." She pulled on her thin purple yukata for bed as she spoke. "He said that he will step down and behave. Also, he will help us start a new era of peace and acceptance. I know that it is a long way off but I am not giving up that dream. I want my baby to grow up without fear. I don't want him to know pain such as Inuyasha's."

"Right now your goal should be going to sleep."

"What are you so worried about?" She got under the covers and settled in. There was no answer as she curled up next to him. "Good night, Sesshoumaru." Her eyes went to his face before she gingerly placed a kiss on his throat. "We'll talk more in the morning, okay? After I train."


Sango grinned at Kagome, her mahogany eyes sparkling with excitement. The miko smiled in return. Sesshoumaru had allowed them to go and get all they needed in preparation for the ceremony. They all got formal clothes and Kagome had picked out the most beautiful kimono for the taiji-ya.

"It is lovely, Sango-chan! You look amazing in that!" Kuranosuke offered his input and he even helped to pay for some of it as a wedding gift. He also bought her the veil.

"You guys are the best..." The taiji-ya had never looked so radiant. Kuranosuke even said so to the other men as the girls gushed over the plans.

"Though, I never thought that she would wind up with the Lord of the West." Inuyasha snorted at the young lord's statement.

"No one thought so either. In fact, we were more than certain that my ass of a brother would up and leave her once the brat was born." The hanyou couldn't deny the attachment he had for the said brat. Sesshue meant a lot to his uncle.

"I never would have thought Sesshoumaru would back all of those threats and claims that she was his." Miroku's violet eyes went to the parchment he had made that would bind his friend to Inuyasha's elder brother. "I would have fought him for her, even if I died in the process."

"You loved her as well, hm?" Inuyasha tuned the two out when they started describing the attributes of the woman they both had fallen for. The hanyou was pleased that she was related to him. They had always been close, with the exception of his irrational behavior when she was pregnant. Sango was all his brother needed. She would change him. She would change the world and its views. The taiji-ya was a woman of word and goals. They weren't dreams. She would achieve them.

"Ready to go back, guys? We've got a lot of setting up to do if it's going to be in the next couple of days." Kagome turned around after she finished up her sentence to the woman they were talking to.


Kagome went through the supplies with a grin on her face. Sango had refused to be in the room when she was going through them.

"Inuyasha, this is so exciting, isn't it? I absolutely can't wait!" She had sent Kirara and Shippou out with a few invitations to the wolf clan, Kaede, and Jinenji and his mother. There were others she was going to force Inuyasha to deliver. Mushin and Hachi were two of them. Rin was playing with a couple of favors that the miko was planning to hand out.

"You can't tell? I'm just brimming with excitement." The hanyou moodily took the invitations when she finished with the ones he had to deliver.

"Be back for dinner, okay? You can go with Kirara, if you want."

"Feh, I'll be fine on my own." He took off quickly. In all actuality, before the ceremony took place, he wanted to have a chat with his brother. "Damn idiot." The hanyou had developed a close relationship with the taiji-ya and, though his brother and Sango both knew him well, he wanted to express his thoughts on the marriage. Sango was important to him. She had given birth and loved a hanyou like him. She had befriended him even with the knowledge that he had wanted the Shikon no Tama to turn himself into a youkai. She had seen through his cold facade and hard attitude. She had even accepted Sesshoumaru when even he could not.


"Kagome-chan?" Sango approached the miko quietly and shyly, her mahogany eyes downcast. Kagome had come to know that expression.

"Sango-chan, what is it?" The taiji-ya frowned and bit her lip.

"I wanted to ask you a question. It's about... Inuyasha." There was silence throughout the room as the miko tried to consider what her friend wanted to know about the hanyou that she already didn't. "I was wondering what you think he would say if I asked him to...give me away at my wedding." Kagome was speechless. That was considered such an honor.

"I-I don't know. I doubt if he would oppose. You two have been closer as of late..." Her expression grew weary. "Why did you want him to be the one...?"

"Well, my family is dead and you guys are all I have. Houshi-sama is binding me and Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's always been there for me. He treated me like an equal, like a warrior. He made me stronger at my times of weakness. He helped me during my pregnancy. I don't know where I would be without him." Sango looked pale as she considered him telling her no.

"Sango..." Kagome felt tears sting her eyes at the words her friend confided with her. "You can talk to him when he gets back. I would suggest waiting until after dinner, though. He's a little moody as it is."

"Thank you, Kagome-chan."


Sango approached Inuyasha just as Kagome had told her to. After the hanyou was well-fed. She had asked him to remain apart from the others and told him that she wanted to speak with him privately. He nodded.

"What is it?" She kicked at the dirt with her sandal and bit her lip. "I ain't got all night."

"I-I wanted to ask you if you would give me away at the wedding." The taiji-ya didn't want to look at him but she knew that she wanted to gauge his reaction to be ready for the words he would hit her with. He looked absolutely dumbfounded.

"What?" She repeated herself with a dark flush staining her cheeks. "Why me? Why not someone that's been better to you-"

"There is no one else that means more to me, Inuyasha. You pushed me to get over my losses, you made me stronger, and you were there for me. I pushed you and I'm sorry.'re the closest thing to family that I had after they were all killed." She stared at him, waiting for him to say something.

"Well...if it means so much to you..." He scratched the back of his head. "I'll give you away, Sango." She smiled and hugged him happily. The hanyou gave her a couple pats on the back awkwardly then put his hands on her shoulders. "Have you seen my brother?"

"He's with Sesshue and Rin. They were going to our home together after dinner." He nodded and walked off in that direction. She decided to stay away from them for a while. She knew that he needed some alone time with his brother. So, the taiji-ya decided to go to the bathhouse for a while.

Inuyasha approached the house and knew which room he would be in. Sesshue was tucked in and Rin was asleep on her feet. The Daiyoukai put her to bed and walked back into his room. Inuyasha was sitting on the bed, watching his nephew sleep.

"I wanted to talk to you." Sesshoumaru suppressed the urge to make a face as he slid the door closed and joined his brother at the edge of the bed.

"I assume it is about the taiji-ya." His smooth voice made the hanyou wince. He remembered many times wanting to rip the throat from the very same brother. Especially after having heard that smooth voice.

"It is." He turned and stared into the amber eyes of his sibling. "She wants me to give her away at the wedding. I wanted to talk to you before that but now even more so. I want to make sure I'm handing her over to someone who is definitely going to make good on his promises."

"She is already mine in the youkai sense, brother. I am marrying her because of her human status. I also believed that she wanted such a ceremony." Sesshoumaru's gaze never strayed from his brother's face. "It is irrelevant whether or not you are the one giving her away. I planned on marrying her to prove that I am willing to keep promises. She believes I will still leave her. I knew something had to be done to prove that I would not."

"Hmph." Inuyasha grimaced at the words his brother said. They were true. Sango was scared about him. She didn't want to see his back as he walked away from her. "As much as I hate to say it, I wouldn't give her away to anyone else. It seems fitting that you two are together. I wouldn't give her to that 'lord' or even to Miroku. The houshi broke her heart more times than I could count and that 'lord' didn't really know her for who she was. He knew her as a strong, independent woman. But that was it." The hanyou smiled slightly. "You two are a strange pair but I give you my blessing." Sesshoumaru stared at him for a long moment before smirking slightly.

"That will mean a lot to her." Inuyasha frowned and stuck out his hand.

"If you're going to be tied to her no matter what, then I suppose we should call a truce. We can't kill each other. It would hurt her too much." The Daiyoukai surprising didn't hesitate. They shook then let go. "I'll leave you alone now. I have something else to deal with." When he was about to open the door and leave, he heard his brother's voice behind him.

"You gave Sango a second chance. Perhaps there is someone that deserves their first chance." The hanyou turned around but Sesshoumaru wasn't looking at him. Without a doubt, he was talking about Kagome. He left the room and closed the door before running from the house. He didn't think about his brother's words. If he thought too much, his instincts not to trust would kick in. His desperate need to hold on to Kikyou would push the words away. He went right to Kagome's room to see her sitting on the floor, making little party favor bags for the wedding.

"Kagome..." She jumped and looked back at him with a startled expression. "You're right. I don't know why I keep pushing you away. You're not her and you never will be. I need to move on." He looked at the floor. "I'm giving you a chance." He didn't meet her gaze when he heard her stand. The next thing he knew, she was there with her arms around him, the scent of tears in the room.



Sango cringed as Kagome squealed happily. The miko looked absolutely lovely, dressed in a pale purple kimono. Her hair was done in a braid that twisted elegantly into a bun. She was currently working on the taiji-ya's hair while a couple of maidens that Kuranosuke sent for a couple days prior worked on the kimono. One tied the obi while the other made certain everything was placed right. She got the lacquered sandals and placed them in front of Sango's socked feet.

"Almost there..." The baby was with Shippou and Kaede but of course it had been passed around the day before when the guests had all arrived. "Got it." Kagome stood back and admired her work. Sango's hair was twisted up in a bun and with decorated chop sticks stuck through. White ribbons were weaved into her strands of hair. Her make-up was natural and light, only white eyeshadow that Kagome had bugged her to let her use instead of her usual. The taiji-ya had a faint blush to her cheeks as everyone gave her a critical eye. "Perfect. Sango, you look absolutely beautiful!"

"K-Kagome..." Sango was forced into her sandals and Kagome had rushed from the room as soon as she heard Miroku outside the door. Inuyasha was shoved inside with her. Their miko friend had gotten to him, too. He was no longer in his usual red haori. It was black and red, looking like Sesshoumaru's usual garb. "Inuyasha..." He looked back at her. His hair was straight and knot-free. She could only guess at the torture that the miko had bestowed upon him.

"Hey. You look good." His cocky grin spread across his face. "Let's get this show on the road, huh?" He held out his arm and she took it with little hesitation.

"Thank you for doing this for me." He nodded and began leading her outside. Rin had a pretty lavender kimono on and was holding a small white pillow with rings sitting on top of it. Sango's eyes went to all of their guests before landing on Miroku and Sesshoumaru. The houshi was in black robes similar to his usual ones. Sesshoumaru was dressed like Inuyasha only he looked so much more elegant than usual. His armor was gone, as were his swords. They made it to where the small platform was set up. Miroku stood above them and was reading from an old book. The both said 'I do' and placed the rings on each others hands.

"You may kiss your bride." Sesshoumaru had no problem leaning down and kissing her. However, Sango felt heat consume her face as she returned it. The feeling of everyone staring... "Congratulations, you two." Suddenly, they were surrounded by their friends and allies. Everyone wanted to hug the bride... Sesshoumaru was edgy and kept his hand on her shoulder the entire time. They had a lot of food and games. The favors were passed out by the bride and the bridesmaid. Sango grinned as the party wound down. She went and sat at her mate's side, holding Sesshue in her arms.

"Thank you for doing this for me." He remained silent and wrapped his arm around her waist when she scooted closer. She had gotten away and fed the baby a couple times, leaving him by himself for a while. "You know... I couldn't ask for anything else. This is one of the best days of my life." They sat there until nightfall, Sango resting her head against his shoulder and Sesshue napping in his mother's embrace. Rin had joined them, sitting on Sesshoumaru's other side and leaning against him with a smile on her face. It was an oddly fitting picture. The family of four held together by threads of love. Miroku smiled as he spotted them, finally closing that chapter in his life. He would help them all he could. Kuranosuke also smiled at them from his spot not too far away. He was going to do his best to help them. He would make his family proud.

Together, everyone would work toward a new era. An era of peace. One that accepted hanyou. One in which a hanyou would take over the lands of his fathers. The lands of the West.


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