Malik sighed as Marik stormed in.

"Where have you been? No more killing sprees? Please tell me you didn't…"

Marik grinned. "Where do you think I've been?" Seeing Malik's face, he hastily stopped. "No, only kidding… It was a trip to the mini-mart... I wanted some chocolate."

Malik stifled a giggle.

"What's wrong with chocolate?"

"Nothing. I just imagined- well, you know, you're evil and sadistic and all of that. Chocolate is so- normal? Sweet. Wow, you like sweet foods…"

Marik glared at the hikari. "Oh, shut up! Me liking chocolate is not unusual."

"But you're a yami…"

"Bakura likes chocolate, and no-one bothers him!"

"I'm Egyptian. We don't have chocolate! Ryou is British. Most of them are addicted."

Marik licked his lips. "Well, it's not exactly a bar of chocolate… It's in the yard."

"YOU BOUGHT A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yeah. Like it? I thought I would convert you to chocolate worship."


"I cannot believe I am agreeing to this!"

Marik sighed. "What is wrong with chocolate?"

Malik looked at the chocolate fountain in a sort of vague fear. "How am I meant to eat it from that? I can't pick it up! It's all… liquid…"

Marik gave a huge, mega exasperated sigh. A cheeky twinkle lit his eye.

"Would this help…?"

He spread molten chocolate across his lips.

Malik looked nervously at the yami. "What the…"

Marik's grin was so huge, you could have used it as a boat. For 20 people. And their pets!

"C'mon… Don't tell me you don't want to."

Malik licked the chocolate of Marik's lips. "There? Happy?"

Marik grinned. "No…" He licked a mouthful of chocolate up.

Malik shuddered. "Ewww! That's gross Marik!"

Marik simply raised his eyebrows.

Malik groaned. "Fine."

A moment later, Marik had shoved Malik against the yard fence, and was kissing him excitedly. When he finally let Malik escape…


Marik brushed some imaginary dirt off his shoulder. "Didn't you like it?"

Malik paused, about to start on his Egyptian curses, when he realised something…

Marik looked concerned at the slightly dreamy look on Malik's face.

"What's wrong?"

Malik smiled, vaguely evilly. "You didn't really think you needed chocolate to make me kiss you, did you?"

Even later…

"So have you converted to chocolate worship?" "Totally"

A/N I love hikari/yami ships. They seem so cute... Anyways, this was written for a writing comp between me, Herostar and ShippyKitty, who doesn't have an account here. The theme was bronzeshipping, and I was listening to a Snow Patrol song called Chocolate... And well, this is the (heavily edited) result.