A/N: Just a little something I have stored in my external. It's a collection of one-shots journeying up on how two best friends fall for each other. FMOR and POM are still under works, but finals are around the corner so I can't promise much. Thank you for all the support and reviews, I promise I'll get back to you once my finals are over. And JazzJackRabbit, I'll reply to you soon, sweetie! Don't give up on me, kay:D

Falling Is Like This

Tell-tale signs that you're falling in love with your best friend.

He/she was the first thing that crosses your mind the moment you wake up.

Kuchiki Rukia groaned before smashing her alarm snooze button. She peeked at the red digital numbers and realized that it wasn't even a legal time to wake up. Who the heck in their right mind wake up at 4 am on a Sunday?? She groaned again when she realized it was none other than her so-called best friend pulling a funny bone.

And suddenly her phone gave off to the PCD doing their thang on 'Beep'.

"Rise and shine!"

"Do you really crave death that much, Kurosaki?" she murmured sleepily into the phone.

"Now, Rukia, you shouldn't start your day with such an appalling word!"

"I'll give you an appalling word. How about 'whiplash'? Fancy that one?" she replied sarcastically, forcing open an eye. She turned on her pillow and buried her face in it to avoid emanating a scream that was forming in her throat.

"Aww, come on, Rukia. I need a ride."

She groaned again. "I knew it. No wonder my alarm mysteriously beeped at 4 freaking am today." She stresses on each syllable.

"Err, must be Chappy messing with it, I guess?" And Chappy was her 4-year-old golden retriever.

"Right. And what happened to your car?"

"Workshop. The break busted."

"Then get acquainted with the bus. I heard it's air-conditioned with comfortable seats," she replied again, not even bothering to suppress a yawn.

"Eww, I think your oral microbes just jumped through the phone. And man, did you brush your teeth last night? I smell rotten pizza hereā€¦"

Automatically, both indigo eyes shot open. She fumed. "My breath doesn't stink!" she yelled into the phone. After a second thought, she paused, and gave herself a test sniff.

She was such a dork. Of course he couldn't smell her through the phone. She rolled her eyes.


"Alright, hanging up now," she threatened, but nowhere to punching the red button on her cell pad.

"Wait, wait! How about my ride??"

"Well, I don't want to scare you with my morning breath and scary hair and eyebooger -."

"No, morning breath is fine!"

"Not the right answer."

"Shit. Rukiaaaaa."

"Have a good day, pal."

"Wait, you're the coolest, funkiest best friend who has a ride, morning breath and all!"

"Still not the right one, Einstein."

"Wait, wait!" She heard him snapping his fingers repeatedly, probably trying to come up with something worth a 20-km drive downtown to pick him up. At 4 in the freaking morning.

"I got it! Cause you're the sexiest, most beautiful, extremely funny girl who loves to give her best friend a ride?"

She laughed. That was a tough one to let go.

"So, it worked, huh?"

"An ego trip always works, you doof."

"Hurry up, kay? Breakfast is on me."

"No. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on you."

As she stepped out of bed and stumble into the bathroom, she questioned her mental health to be waking up at such odd hours to drive across town. She brushed her teeth, peeking at the window. The birds were not even out of their nests and even the bats were still having the time of their life hanging off the telephone cable.

The things she does for a Kurosaki Ichigo.