AN: While I was walking home from my grandmother's, I came up with this little revision of Pushed too Far. Enjoy!

Chibi-Naru Go!

Alchohol, it all started with alchohol. It was the 17th annual celebration of the Kyuubi's defeat at the hands of the man who was considered the greatest hero of Kohona, the 4th Hokage, and a sizeable crowd had gathered in the town's square to celebrate. Seeing a chance to make a sizeable sum of money, a few of the bar owners got together and started to hand out free drinks before charging triple their normal rates. As the celebration really got underway, a drunken man happened to look over to see a certain blond-haired shinobi making his way to the Hokage's tower. "Ey! It'sh tha demon brat!" He yelled, pointing in Naruto's direction.

So that's how Naruto found himself, his back to a wall, surrounded by a drunken, angry crowd of civilians and shinobi of both sexes.

"You sombitch! How dare you show yer face! Ain't you got no shame?" A random person in the crowd yelled out, with quite a few people agreeing with him and more than a few calls of "Monster!" and "Demon!"

"I'm sorry ero-sannin, but I must use the forbidden technique!" Naruto thought to himself in a panic, flashing through several handseals and disappearing in a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there sitting on the ground was a chibi-fied Naruto, complete with big, watery eyes and fox ears that seemed way too big for his head, along with a fluffy tail.

"WHAT THE HELL?! YOU DAMNED DEMON!" One man roared, lunging forward with his sake bottle as chibi Naurto squeaked in fright. The next thing the man knew, he was flying through the air, being knocked aside by the women in the crowd who had crowded around chibi Naruto with hearts in their eyes as they picked him up and cuddled him, cooing the entire time.

"Isn't he just so cuuute?!" One of the women squealed, showing the chibi to the men.

"HE'S A MONSTER AND HE NEEDS TO DIE!" One of the men yelled as they lunged at Naruto, who cringed back into the woman's bust. Suddenly the men found themselves confronted with what some of the drunker ones thought to be a vision of hell itself as several angry and suddenly armed women glared at them, radiating enough killer intent that Jiraiya, who was all the way on the other side of Kohona started to shake with terror.

"YOU'LL LEAVE OUR LIL' NARU-KUN ALONE!" Several of the women snarled as they started in on the men, beating them senseless as one of the greatest brawls that Kohona had ever seen broke out, Naruto crawling out of it a few seconds later and taking off as fast as he could, running for dear life on his chibi-fied legs.

"Whew, safe!" Chibi Naruto thought, stopping long enough to wink and pop a thumb's up, not realizing that he had stopped in front of the women's bath house.

OOOHHH!!! SOOO CUUUTE!!!" Naruto's blood ran cold as he looked up to see several toweled women standing at the doorway. Before he could run, he was glomped and taken into the bath house, squeaking the entire way, watching as the door to the outside world slowly closed.


AN: I hope ya like it!!!