Blind Panic

"03, watch your back!" Heero called from inside the gundam known as Wing. Swinging his Gundam around, the powerful green light sabre in it's right hand moved in a wide arc cutting through a nearby Leo's suit.

He watched his team, his friends fight along side him across the wide battle zone. He could make out the others fighting their own battles spreaded across as far as his scanners could make out, while wondering where all the battle suits had come from.

Damn OZ! He cursed and spun around, bringing his shield up to deflect a beam from a overhead Aries which he quickly shot down.

"I got it 01, 05 are you OK?" Trowa replied, biting back a small grunt feeling his gundam shake after being hit from a beam gun belonging to a Aries, watching as Deathscythe launch a return attack and destroyed the mobile suit.

"Fine here 03, almost done with this! Then we can get out of here." Wufei half yelled across the sounds of the explosions that were going off around him. He realized that one of his bombs on the east side of the factory had been set off during their battle, seeing smoke rising.

"Can we safe the talk for later and blow this factory already?" Duo interrupted their battle checks, feeling the tension as he continued to try and cut through the growing number of enemies.

"04 here, there are more suits coming!" Quatre reported as he continued to fight at the north end of the mobile suit manufacturing facility that they had sent to destroy.

Only two days ago, the five Gundam pilots received orders that they were to attack a state of the art mobile suit manufacturing plant where word has it that a new weapon was being developed there. The young men were to go in and destroy everything they could find and steal the plans for the weapon before leaving no trace behind.

Now the Gundam pilots had done half of their mission but found it difficult to get away before the bomb they had set would explode, each time they thought they had got the battle in their own way then more mobile suits arrived making escape impossible.

Their radars flashed up causing all of them to look towards the factory, "What is that?" Duo called over before his radio went dead.

"02 report! What did you see?" Heero called keeping his calm with his training and experience, worrying about the braided young man.

"01, I can't see 02! It's disappeared," Wufei reported as he used Shenlong's dragons to burn the remaining suits around him.

"He was battling the Leo suits at the north end of the factory but I can't see him now." Quatre said looking at his scanners from where he battled on the outer edges of the factory, keeping their escape route secure.

"03, 05 get over there and check it out! 04 join me to finish off these suits" Heero ordered wanting to get out of here now with only ten minutes before the bomb would go off destroying everything in the immediate area.

"Roger 01" The others replied and snapped into action with Heavyarms destroying everything that came into its path to join Shenlong in the hunt for their missing team member.

"Keep us informed" Trowa requested as he helped Heero to keep the mobile suits down using all his techniques that he knew he could do with his Gundam, Heavyarms to defeat the remaining Leos while Heero used Wing to defeat the Aries.

"Roger that 04" Trowa responded as they battled through and kept a eye out for the Gundam Deathscythe.

Large dark clouds of smoke rising up from burning remains of the destroyed mobile suits making it difficult for the pilots to see through to find the possible downed Gundam.

As they walked closer, using their defence to defeat the remainer suits that were charging towards them. Both pilots gasped in seeing Deathscythe emerge from the smoke, the head had been badly damaged with the armour sliced away but was hard to tell from the massive trama the tough alloy went through.

"02 is down! I repeat, 02 is down! W-what is that?" Wufei reported as he found the missing Gundam and its pilot before making Shenlong jump aside as a huge blast of energy shot by it, destroying its left arm.

"G-g-gundam pilots, g-get out of h-here" Duo's voice crackled along the communications channel, "I-it's the w-weapon!" He croaked earning gasps from the gundams.

"That's impossible! It's not suppose to be ready yet!" Trowa said from where he pushed off a Leo from his wrist knife and let it explode away from him.

"Set up the blinders, we need to retrieve 02 and retreat back to the carriers" Heero ordered, his voice cold and steady though felt butterflies trying to form in his stomach.

"Blinders will go off in five seconds, bomb is due to go off in seven minutes" Trowa reported back with a update on the timers set.

A bright white light filled the area giving time for Sandrock and Shenlong to pick up Deathscythe between them while Wing and Heavyarms escaped and got into the mobile suit carriers waiting for the others to join them.

Landing down at the safe house and hiding the gundams inside the hangers, Heero rushed off to help Wufei get Duo out of the Deathscythe and they all gasped when the saw Duo was covering his face with his arm after freeing himself from the harness.

"Duo" Heero spoke gently as Wufei moved aside and took in the damage done to the cockpit of the Gundam.

The screens were all smashed up and broken including the ones on the hatch, there were cuts all along Duo along with what looked like his blood on the keyboard and controls. Wufei winced and jumped back to get a good look at the damage to the Gundam as a whole.

"H-Heero, I-I can't see..." Duo whispered to his lover.

Heero gently pulled Duo's arm away and saw that the glass had got into Duo's eyes. "It'll be OK koi, let's get you out of here then we'll call Sally" He said sliding along Duo's side and helped him get up out of the chair slowly.

"I-it hurts Hee-chan" Duo whispered.

"Just don't rub Duo and things will be fine, I'll be here for you" Heero said softly holding onto his braided lover and hoped that he was right.

To be continued...