Blind Panic

Chapter Two

A/N: I am so sorry this has taken so long, just been so busy with other stories - the next chapter will be longer I promise!

Quatre watched as Heero paced along the corridor, his arms crossed tightly against his chest. "Heero, please! You have to sit down" He said in another attempt to calm the perfect soldier down.

"I can't Quatre, seeing Duo like that..." Heero muttered deeply, as he continued to pace. Each time he closed his eyes, he saw Duo's face cut up and slightly burnt from the explosion that had happened inside the cockpit of his gundam.

Quatre sighed, "I saw the damage too that happened to Duo and Deathscythe, Sally will do her best... we all trust her" He replied as Trowa came up and sat down next to the blonde pilot.

Heero sighed and sat down against the wall, feeling tired but pushed it down until he knew Duo would be fine.

"We're lucky, if the blast was any closer to the centre then it would have set off the self destruct... it will be at least two months before he's ready to fight again" Trowa said as he brought Quatre into a one armed hug.

Quatre looked up, his blue eyes going wide in realisation to how close Duo was almost killed, with the risk of them going with him.

"Oz" Heero muttered and hid his face in his legs.

A hour passed by slowly to the three gundam pilots, who all were on edge waiting to hear from their ally in how badly injured their friend truly was. It was hard for them to see from the blood that covered his heart shaped face.

Footsteps and the door handle turning made them all jump up and wait.

Sally Po was the first to emerge and sighed, "Duo is in a bad condition, I have done all that I can for him.. thankfully none of the glass got into his eyes" She said, looking at the three gundam pilots feeling Wufei join behind her.

"Why couldn't he see?" Quatre asked, remembering as Heero held him close, carrying him inside to their room. Hearing Duo's cries about how he was unable to see.

"The glass got into his eyelids, which made it hard for him to move his eyes without them hurting... I was able to get the glass out" Sally replied, stepping aside to let Heero go by into the bedroom.

Quatre sighed with a small sigh with relief, "Is there anything else?" He asked, feeling Trowa close to him.

Heero slowly stepped into the room and took the view that was in front of him, led out on the large bed he sighed softly and moved over to his partner's side.

Bandages had been wrapt around Duo's eyes, to help them heal as his eyes would be light sensitive for a long while yet. He looked so pale as Heero took his hand, seeing the bandages on them as he suspected that Duo had received burns on them.

"Hm... Heero?" Duo's voice sounded so small.

"Hey koi, everything will be OK" Heero replied softly, moving his other hand to tuck a piece of Duo's long chestnut hair behind his ear.

"I-I'm sorry Hee-chan, I should have seen that suit sooner" Duo muttered, moving to sit up but felt something on his hands.

"They're bandages Duo, you got burnt when the console blew up" Heero replied softly. "There are bandages over your eyes too, Sally says that the glass didn't get in your eyes but they will be covered until she's sure the eyelids have healed" He explained, kicking his shoes off and climbed up beside him in the bed.

Duo slowly moved to rest his head on Heero's shoulder, "How is she?" He asked softly, thinking of his gundam.

"With a few months work, we will have her fighting fit" Heero replied, "But at the moment, it's you who I will be with... I'll make the report to J later, and talk to the others once you start getting some rest" He added, trailing his hand down Duo's side.

Duo sighed softly, moving one bandaged hand up Heero's chest. "Thank you Heero, I love you so much" He replied softly.

"Get some rest, you'll feel better soon koi I promise" Heero replied, stroking his back until he was sure that Duo was fast asleep.