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Summary: She knew she should stop, that her team needed her, but she was unable to pull away. Flinx-drabble. Set before 'Titans Together'.

Word count: 513 - without the ANs and lyrics.

I wanna be bad.

I wanna be bad
You make bad look so good
I got things on my mind
I never thought I would
I, I wanna be bad (bad)
You make that feel so good
I'm losing all my cool
I'm about to break the rules
I, I wanna be bad

'I wanna be bad' - Willa Ford

"Gawd darn it!"

"Ouch! Giz, that was my foot!"

"Stuff it, crud muncher! It aint like we got much room here!"


"Hey, Billy, retract you clones eh? They're takin' up too much space."

"I cant, mate. I cant concentrate with the lil' bit o'room Ah 'ave! Same reason Kid Wykkyd cant use 'is powers."


"See, 'e gets it."

"Shut it all of you! There might be someone outside!"

"Yo, See-more! Try Jinx again!"

See-more sighed and pulled his HIVE FIVE communicator off his belt. "Jinx?! You there?"


One of the Billy's swallowed. "What… What if they already got Jinxy?"

Gizmo huffed. "Yeah, right. Jinx can get out of any situation." He reached up to snatch the communicator out of See-more's hands. "Listen to me you pink haired witch! Stop fixing your or whatever and turn off the auto-locks on the doors already! We're gonna suffocate in here!"


"Kid says there's an air-vent." See-more told the rest.

"We aint crawling though no vent!" Five Billy's yelled.

Gizmo groaned. "How big?"

Silence rang though before Kid Wykkyd made some hand signs at See-more. "He thinks that him, me and you, Giz, will fit though. But not Billy and Mammoth."

Gizmo swore colourfully under his breath. "Alright. Since Jinx is doing her nails, we'll have to get our own way out. Mammoth, give us three a boost." There was a lot of noise as everyone shifted in the small space. "Jinx is so dead after this."

Jinx squealed softly as she got pushed up against the stone wall, her noise was cut off short when a mouth was pressed hungrily to her own. The squeal dissolved into a moan as a tongue pushed passed her lips. She sighed happily as she wrapped her legs round a thin, muscular waist and tangled her fingers in red hair.

Kid Flash pulled back from her, his signature cocky grin on his face. "See," He said, a little breathlessly. "Told you, you could have more fun than doing stupid, boring HIVE business."

Jinx let out a small giggle, despite it being at the expense of her team. She pulled his maskless face towards her so that their foreheads rested together, their noses brushed against one another's intimately.

"Sometimes I think your more evil than me. Maybe you should re-think your dedication to hero-ism."

He chuckled, pressing his lips to hers briefly before trailing lower to her neck. Jinx groaned. She knew she should stop, that her team-mates needed her to turn off the security, but she was unable to pull away. Just like every other time. It had to be secret power of Kid Flash's: the ability to make her melt. They shouldn't do this, they should stop, they cant be together and yet they continued to torture themselves. Jinx stifled another groan as Kid Flash bit down on her neck, leaving yet another love bite that she would have to explain as 'a bruise'. Damn her team and damn the consequences too. For now, she wanted to be bad. And Kid Flash was very willing to show her how.

AN: I love that song, on you tube there's a Flinx video set to it .

Bit of a long drabble but whatever. Hope you enjoyed!