Summary- Ash comes back from The Battle Frontier and sees Misty and Tracey kissing. He realizes that it is too late. So Ash writes his feeling to Misty in a letter.

one shot

Disclamier- I do Not OWN POKEMON!!!

Dear Misty,

Hey Misty!! Has it been that long? So I came home today did you know that? When I was walking I saw something that pained my heart. I saw that you found someone new. Misty I am very happy for you. It just I wish it did not take me that long to realize something. I just realized that I Ash Ketchum is in love with you Misty Waterflower. I wish that I had said that sooner to you .But I see that I was too late, you already fallen for somebody else. Don't get me wrong Tracey is a good guy, but I wish I was that guy. If he ever hurts you I will hurt him back. What I am trying to say I wish I told you sooner. I wish you will love me. Please Misty be happy. I love you.


Ash Ketchum

Ash folded the letter and sealed it in an envelope. As he walked to the mail box he looked up at the sky and what did he see?

A shooting star…..

" I wish" said Ash

"I wish I wasn't too late"

He put the envelope in the mailbox and tried to forget about the girl he loved.


So what do you think guys?? This is my first fan fic! Tell me what you think. It is pretty short.