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Chapter-12 Memory

I am looking up at my mother, she and father are talking. I must have been about five years old.

"Jared" she says sadly "I don't know how long we can hide"

"I know Felona" he shakes his head "we both knew it would be a risk, and I don't regret a thing"

"They will want her to replace me" she sits down "not only that but she is a 'white one', the most powerful of all mermaids, only ever born once every hundred years, and then only one"

She looks down at me, while I play with my dolls "I don't want them to have her, if they get her and bring her there-"

"But they wont" father holds her close "we'll be ready"

"NO!" she yells "they have magic, the will take her and when she reaches the age of 'The Chasing'"

"Wait" he says rocking her gently "what is 'The Chasing'?"

"When a female mermaid reaches a certain age, the males chase her. And even if she doesn't want it he will force her!"

"You mean"




I wake up, what a dream...or is it a memory? I decide to ask Davy if has heard of a thing called the chasing. What was it my parents were talking about? I get dressed, picking a pale pink dress billowing skirts and matching shoes, and I pick a soft pink pearl necklace. I put my hair up in some pink ribbon.

I head up on deck and I head a collective gasp. I look around to see the crew with their mouths open.

I hear a strangled noise behind me. I turn to see Davy, his mouth gaping open his tentacles hanging limp. He looks like he's either gasping for breath or he's trying to say something.

"Uh, hi" I say softly

Complete silence reigned I turn in a slow circle to see Bootstrap

"You look like a tiny pink angel" bill says in a whispery voice, I turn as every head nods in agrement.

I find myself blushing deeply, I hear Davy's limping footsteps. I turn once again to face Davy, his eyes locked with mine. My heart feels like it turned all fuzzy and like it's in his possession, then I realize...it is.

"You are so gorgeous" he says holding me close

"Thank you" I say my cheeks getting hotter.

"Was there something you wanted Love?" my heart leaps Love?

"Yes" I say looking down "I need to speak to you alone"

"Ok" he says looking worried.

He leads me back to his cabin and sits me down.

"Now what is it?" he asks

"I had a dream last night" I say looking up into his eyes shyly "In it my parents were talking about me, they were saying something about 'The Chasing' do you know anything about it?"

"Well...yes-uh" his face changed color "my crew and I have seen it before, the merman chases the mermaid and forces her, when he is done he leaves her."

I shudder "I don't want that to happen"

"It wont" he says pulling me toward him in a hug "I have waited all these months to ask you something"

"Yes" I am curious

He holds my hands in his, a imploring look on his face.

"Will you marry me?"

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