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Summary: Titans East grabs Slade's attention. Why chase after one apprentice when you could have a whole team?

Chapter one: New uniforms.

For once, complete silence was in the Titans West's tower. All was dark, it was almost midnight after all, and the tower was empty. Or rather, it should have been since the five teens that lived their were in Tokyo, but hidden in the shadows was an unexpected visitor. Heavy footsteps made their way to main control room and a metal glove moved forwards to type in codes for the computer. The machine came to life and allowed the intruder access to the privet files.

Slade smirked beneath his mask and brought out a slim round disk. Pushing it into the computer, Slade looked though the organised files selecting the useful ones and transferring them onto the disk. In went the Titans privet files, the large selection of villains files, blue-prints for the tower and various codes that Slade didn't have. He moved to remove the disk when he spotted another file labelled 'Honorary Titans'. Deciding it would be useful, these were copied as well.

Opening said file, Slade found another file inside it. 'Titans East.' Curious, he opened it and scanned its contents. A light chuckle echoed though the empty halls.

"Oh, Robin," Slade murmured. "How did you manage to keep this from me for so long?"

Speedy's vision was blurred when he cracked his eyes open. Groaning at the pain in his head, he pushed himself up from the cold metal floor. He sat up before looking around. The room was large, made completely of silver metal, even the roof which had a few dim lights. In each corner was a blinking red light, signalling that they were being watched. His breath hitched as he remembered the moments before he had blacked out last night.

The five members of Titans East had just come in, later than usual due to a robbery. None saw the camera, hidden in the shadows of the dark tower. Bumblebee sighed, glad to be home after such a long day, and flicked the light switch on. The knockout gas, triggered by the light switch, came out so fast that not even the super-speed twins had time to run from it before they, like their team-mates fell heavily to the ground.

Speedy's masked eyes searched the dimly lit room franticly till he spotted two small body-like shapes. Still unsteady on his feet, Speedy stumbled over to the two twins who were alive but unconscious.

"Mas?" Speedy whispered, not wanting to let their kidnappers know he was awake but wanting to wake his team-mates. "Menos?" He reached to his shoulder to get an arrow, planning to poke the twins awake. But he reached only a bare shoulder. Snapping his head to the side to look at his shoulder Speedy swore quietly when he saw that his quiver, arrows and bow had been taken. His belt was gone too. Looking back down, the twins mumbled, their black eyes blinking as they woke.

Speedy's vision was almost fully adjusted to the dim light and he scanned the room again, relief flooding him when he saw a feminine body squatting next to a sitting up male. "Bee! Aqualad!" He called out, raising a hand to them when they looked over at him. Bumblebee helped Aqualad up and they both ran over to Speedy and the twins who had now stat up fully and were looking round.

"Thank god." Bumblebee breathed stopping next to them. Speedy frowned a her.

"Bee… do you have your buzzers?"

She paled and reached down to her hips only to find her weapons gone. She groaned. "Damn!"

Aqualad had his eyes squeezed shut tightly, after a few moments he sighed and re-opened them. "I cant feel any water near by." He forced his voice to be calm but his eyes showed fear and the rest of the team felt it; they had never tested how long the Atlantian could survive out of water and now was not the time.

Mas y Menos, now standing, moved closer and raised they're hands to touch, to use their super-speed. To their horror, when they connected they received a small shock, forcing them apart.

A laugh filled the hollow room. Speedy jumped up, joining his team-mates in standing and all of them took defensive stances; ready to fight despite having a huge disadvantage. No-one else was in the room though, but on one side of the square confinement, four doors appeared as well as a large television on the wall above the doors. The five turned to face the screen as it flickered and Slade appeared on it.

"I trust you had a nice sleep?" He said, his voice full of humour.

Titans East remained silent, staring stone-faced at him. They had, of course, heard of Slade and the things he had done from Robin. But no Titan, Robin included, had seen or heard from him since the 'end of the world' incident. And yet, here he was, taunting them.

"Very well." He said, almost sounding insulted at their silence. "Through the doors please." He looked at Mas and Menos. "You two together."

"'Through the doors'." Bumblebee glared at the screen. "Who do you take us for?!"

"My new apprentices." The Titans mouth's fell open. "That's who."

Speedy was the first to recover. "Your nuts!" Slade turned his head slightly to look down at him. "What makes you think we'd work for you?"

"Hmm." Slade held up a small remote, with five buttons on it. Red, blue, yellow and two orange ones. He paused for a second before pressing the blue one briefly.

Aqualad let out a yell, falling to his knees. As soon as Slade released the button, the pain stopped.

"One for each of you." Slade said as Aqualad got his breath back and stood up. "You disobey me and your team will suffer."

"¡Como lo que estuvo en Titanes al oeste!" Mas exclaimed.

Slade shook his head. "No, not like the other Titans. While you were out I put a small electronic device in you. When I press your button…" His finger hovered over the blue button again and Aqualad flinched. Slade gave a chuckle. "He gets it."

The Titans stared at him in horror.

"¿Qué quiere usted de nosotros?" Menos asked, dreading the answer.

"I already told you: for you to be my apprentices."

"I thought you wanted Robin." Aqualad muttered, still shaken from the zap.

"Why would I want one when I could have a whole team?" He said smugly.

Bumblebee gritted her teeth. "Why us, why not Titans West?"

Slade let out another laugh. "They'd be expecting that. … besides, you interest me. You'll prove useful." The humour went from his voice and his tone took a business-like attitude. "Now, though the doors. Your new uniforms will be waiting for you."

Twenty minutes later, Bumblebee came out from her 'changing room' to find the others already changed and waiting for her. Like hers, their new uniforms resembled their old ones but with the colours changed to be amber, black and silver in some parts.

Aqualad's was basically the same but his gloves and boots had fin-like edges to them. The top half was now sleeveless and he had a 'S' symbol on his belt. Where it was once blue on his old one, it was amber and where it was white was now silver. The outfit seemed to be made of the same material as his old one.

Speedy's was exactly the same design as his normal uniform; the red shirt now amber, the trousers now black, the yellow was now silver. His red archer gloves had been replaced, one black and one amber. His symbol had been replaced by Slade's. His quiver was now silver and his bow, while his arrows where black with amber feathers and tips.

Mas's and Menos's had probably taken the biggest hit, the whole of their uniform seemed to be in halves down the middle. Half of their helmet was black, the other amber; half of their top was amber, the other back; half their bottoms were black, the other amber. They had black boots and gloves, silver bracers and belts (with Slade's symbol on them). Mas had a silver plus on his chest while Menos had a silver minus.

As for her, her top was slightly different than her old one, with no neck or sleeves and amber instead of yellow. Her bracers were no longer yellow either, one black the other amber. A silver belt with an 'S' and amber and black boots. Her buzzers had been colour coded as well, one black, one amber.

Each Titans grimaced at one other, showing their disgust at wearing such clothes. There was a whooshing noise and the Titans turned to see Slade walking out of a door that had appeared out on no-where. Bee grabbed her buzzers, charging them up, while Speedy pulled out an arrow, fixing it onto his newly coloured bow and aiming it at Slade. The man laughed.

"No point." He taunted, showing them the remote. "You try anything and your friends will suffer." Speedy moved his aim, to point at the remote. But this didn't faze Slade. "If this breaks, then all five buttons go off and there will be no way to stop the pain." Bumblebee hesitated, before putting her weapons away. Speedy made a growling sound but did the same. "That's better." Slade took a step towards the team. "Now that your dressed, the training can begin."


'¡Como lo que estuvo en Titanes al oeste!' - Like what was in Titans West!

'¿Qué quiere usted de nosotros?' - What do you want with us?

AN: The title sucks. Big time. Any suggestions?

Short but it's only the first chapter. I wasn't very good at describing the outfits, I'm very sorry about that; but you get the idea.

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