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Summary: Titans East grabs Slade's attention. Why chase after one apprentice when you could have a whole team?

Chapter two: The start of training.

Two large metallic doors hissed open, thick smoke clouded out of the newly made entrance as five figures stumbled out from the room to the long empty hallway. Each seemed to have taken a beating; their semi-matching uniforms were torn and ripped, cuts and bruises cascaded along their bodies and they breathed heavily as they forced themselves to walk into the clearer air. The two smaller ones fell to their knees.

Bumblebee slumped to the floor next to Mas and Menos, pulling the twins to rest on her lap. Aqualad had his arm slung over Speedy's neck, Speedy's round his waist, to help the weakened atlantian walk. Mas y Menos pulled off their newly coloured helmets, that were now cracked and broken, throwing them to the other side of the hall as orange hair fell into their freckled faces. Their leader hugged them close, one on each side of her, and looked up to the two elder boys.

"How's he doing, Speed?"

Speedy shifted Aqualad's weight slightly, pulling him more upright and letting Speedy get a better grip. "We've gotta get him into some water soon, Bee."

Aqualad's head came up, as well as his other hand. "I'm fine." He gave a weak smile and pushed himself off of Speedy. "Don't worry." He stood straight and took a step; his knees immediately giving in underneath him. Speedy grabbed him under the arms, just stopping him from crashing to the metal floor.

"Oh yeah, Fish-stick," Speedy muttered, pulling Aqualad back to his feet and resuming their former position. "You totally fine."

A cold laugh echoed down the hall and the former-Titans tensed; knowing that they were no longer alone. Looking down the hall, opposite to the now invisible door, they saw a man walking towards them. "I must say," He started as he walked. "I'm impressed. Not many people could get though those training simulations and still be standing. And yet here you are." He paused eyeing his exhausted apprentices. "For the most, anyway." He chuckled.

The five teen's shot him glares, obviously not amused.

"Very well. Seems we have bigger issues to attend too anyway." He turned to look at Aqualad. "I'm surprised you haven't collapsed yet, you've been out of the water for over a day." Aqualad paled and Slade took a step closer. Speedy tensed; there was no way he could fight and protect Aqualad in his current state. And just one shock from Slade's control and Aqualad might not have the energy to hold on. To their surprise, the doors behind them re-opened to reveal a large swimming pool, judging by the smell, it was filled with sea water.

Aqualad didn't need an invitation. He forced himself, once again, from Speedy's arms and staggered to the pool as fast as his tired body would let him. Bumblebee and the twins struggled to their feet as Aqualad literally fell from the solid ground and disappeared into the water. Once the sound of splashing water died, the hall was left in silence.

"I suppose," Slade mused. "That the rest of you will have to recuperate as well." He said it tiredly, as though it was a burden to let them rest. He turned to walk back the way he came from. None of the four teens moved, not wanting to leave Aqualad. Besides, they didn't trust him. Slade looked over his shoulder, not stopping in his walking. "Unless you'd rather sleep in the hall?"

Under his mask, Speedy sneaked a glance at Bumblebee who was hesitating and trying to think. Deciding that he wouldn't hurt them, for fear of damaging his 'apprentices', she nodded at the three boys and started after Slade. Mas y Menos picked up their forgotten helmets and went after her, catching up to her easily. Speedy sighed, throwing a final look over his shoulder at the pool, and followed.

They were shown, though rather grudgedly, to separate but completely identical rooms. Well, almost identical. Mas and Menos's room had two beds instead of one. But apart from that, they were all the same. The walls, floor and roof were metal, as was the bed and drawers. The room was small and the only colour other than silver was the plain white sheets on the bed. Although they were technically next door to each other, it wouldn't feel like it as there were huge gaps in between each room down the long metal hallway.

Slade dropped them off in their rooms with a warning not to go wandering before leaving. 'Not like we could find our way out.' Bumblebee though grimly. The whole place was like a maze of metal, twists and turns down cold dark halls and rooms filled with god only knows what. She could remember Robin telling them a bit about it, when he was informing them of Slade.

"I spent the nights wandering down the halls, when I wasn't locked into my room, trying to memorize which doors lead where. I didn't get anywhere though, I doubt even he knows where everything leads. And he definitely didn't want me finding out anything by wandering." Robin seemed to be talking himself now, lost in memories. "He had tiny cameras every where. He always knew when I snuck out and every morning after I'd be punis-" Raven had coughed loudly then, snapping Robin out of his trance. Breathing heavily and considerably paler, Robin had called an end to the meeting and walked out the room. Titans East glanced at each other as Starfire followed Robin, to comfort him, and Cyborg gave them some file sheets for background information. They all knew what the end of the sentence was but they had never spoke of it.

Bumblebee swallowed hard at the memory. Did Slade have camera's watching them? Robin searched but he never found a way out, could they? …Would they be punished for trying? She shivered and shook her head to rid such thoughts.

A week later in Star City the Titans were just arriving home from Tokyo. Jumping out as soon as it was possible, Beastboy ran awkwardly to the Tower's door holding his crouch. Raven floated out after him and then Cyborg came out. They heard Beastboy whimper, most probably in the shape of a dog.

Cyborg sighed. "Told him to go before we left." He mumbled. "I'll go type in the code for him." He told Raven as he started after Beastboy.

Behind them, Robin had just stood out of the T-ship. He turned back to it and held his hand out to help Starfire out. They held on a little longer than necessary and both blushed, still not accustomed to showing their affections. Raven cleared her throat and pointed when they looked at her.

On their little island, next to their tower was Kid Flash and Jinx. Kid Flash was standing, hopping from foot to foot in a nervous manner while Jinx was sitting on the grass, leaning against the tower and seemed to be half asleep. Robin and Starfire smiled and waved; Kid Flash waved back but didn't smile. Instead he turned to poke Jinx awake and then dragged her to the three Titans.

Starfire immediately hugged them both hard and they let out similar groans. While Robin greeted them, Raven eyed them.

"Don't you two have your own city to protect?"

Jinx yawned widely before answering. "Don't worry, Kid Flash get us there in, well, a flash if we're needed." Her voice was heavy and slow. "What took you all so long, we've been waiting all night."

Robin raised half a mask. "We took a wrong turn. Why have you been waiting for us?"

Kid Flash resumed his hopping. "Us and Titans' East we meant to be taking turns in checking up on your city." He explained, the Titans were barely able to keep up with his fast talking, Jinx wasn't even trying. "But they didn't call in after their second turn! So we went over to they're place but it was empty. We've been trying to reach them all week but they're not answering their badges and none of the other Titans have seen or heard from them! I've looked everywhere I can think of but found nothing and-"

Robin held up a green gloved hand to stop the ranting. "So… Titans East have gone missing?"

Kid Flash opened his mouth, to start another rant but saw Raven's eyes glow. His mouth snapped shut and he nodded silently. Robin's brow furrowed and he stayed quiet in thinking.

"Right -"

"Yo!" The five turned to see Beastboy, Silkie in his arms, beckoning them. "Cy says you should see something." His eyes went to Kid Flash and Jinx. "Hey, dudes."

Starfire's squeal drowned out their replies. She flew over their heads and straight of Silkie. Plucking him out of Beastboy's arms, he made a similar noise, happy to see her. Jinx stared at the couple as they entered the tower.

"What is that?"

Beastboy grinned. "Silkie is Starfire's pet. He's a larva."

Kid Flash was sure her eye twitched and slipped his arm round her shoulder's comfortingly. "A maggot?!"

Beastboy just scowled as they got to the main security room. Cyborg was checking what looked like recordings.

"You guys should see this." He said half turning. His human eye fell on Kid Flash - who gave him a wave - ,Jinx - who avoided his gaze - and the arm connecting them. He quickly turned back round to pay attention to the screen. "Look." He said, his voice a little gruffer than before.

On screen it was mostly dark. The date in the corner showed just over a week ago, at midnight. A few moments went by and then there was a flash of something from the shadows. They all lent forwards, to see the screen when it went bright in one part as someone switched the main computer on.

"Holy shit!" Beastboy cried, something that, in other circumstances, would have made him put a dollar in the jar. But right now, no-one cared. Robin gripped the arm of the chair that Cyborg was sitting on.

"Slade." He snarled, watching the man access their computer. Suddenly, on screen, Slade chuckled.

"Oh, Robin." He said, reading a file. "How have you managed to keep this from me for so long?"

"Pause it!" Cyborg did as Robin instructed. "What file is he looking at?" They all lent forwards, trying to read the small blurred print.

"Titans East." Beastboy told them. Raven raised an eyebrow, looking impressed and Beastboy blushed though his green skin. "Enhanced vision." He mumbled.

Kid Flash gasped suddenly and his eyes flew to Robin who had obviously come to the same assumption. Robin swallowed hard and then sighed. "Crap."

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