Twilight bonds

Two Twilights

A/N: Spoilers aplenty for Twilight Princess fans. Twilight game needed so much more Medna/Link fluff it's not funny. This is a collection of oneshots detailing their friendship. Some connected, some not.

She whimpered, draped over his back, she quaked as she stared up into the blue sky. He whined in response to her muffled cry. His curse was such he couldn't even ask if she was alright, if there was anything that he could do... Gnashing his fangs in frustration he craned his neck up, and had to suppress a shudder at how bad she looked.

She was bone white, the black markings that coursed over her body were little more than pale grey. The once vibrant tattoos of glowing green were the sickly hue of withered grass, and the glow was erratic. Fluttering, fading, the motion was reminiscent of the wings of a bird trapped in a cage.

Seeing his sky blue eyes on her, she opened her mouth, her lips curled into a half smile that collapsed upon itself and twisted into a grimace of pain.

So much for her offering hollow comfort

He couldn't even smile, to offer her the illusion that he was buying her brave act. The inability to comfort, to even say that he knew she was going to be fine... it hurt. He whimpered, as if struck with an arrow, and almost wished that he was. That pain, was nothing compared to this helpless agony.

Sun will be down shortly, you've never seen a sunset have you? The only times you've been... "there" were when I was in the Twilight world. You'll get to see our twilight now.

And despite her gaustly hue, and horrid state he felt a glimmer of hope. Stubborn, proud, Medna would never admit to the light world being as beautiful as her Twilight world...

When you're better, you'll have to tell me what you thought of my Light world.

And she wouldn't let something as simple as death stop her from rubbing in his face how much better her Twilight relm was compared to the boring Hyrule.