Twilight Bonds

Chapter two: We're doing what?!

He'd shucked off his boots, not with a casuallyness the turn of phraise elicts, but with a care given to one made weary of the shadows. Unlace then excise foot so that it stood upon lether, repeat with the right foot, than hop. An odd way to take off one's shoes, but a nessescary one if you didn't want a certian Twi to shadow jump. Confident he had her confined, he pulled his sword from his sheath and proded the right boot. Nothing, it fell over with a soft "whump" and there was no grumble to advertize that the Imp had been under that boot.

Face twisting into a grim line, he -or rather his sword point- dipped, and comenced poking at the shadow under his shoe.

Silence met the first prod, silence and resistance. Not ground steady resistance, there was a certain... sponginess that recalled to him soem of the monsters of the water temple.

Smirking despite himself, he poked harder, and was rewarded with a "Ow!" for his efforts.

Wakey, wakey...

Poke, poke went the sword, "Ow, ouch that stings!" went the patch of shade.

"I need your help."

"I helped earlier."

"You made it worse, and you know it."

Silence, indignant, but truth revealing. He waited, letting the sword slide out of that pach of dark under the sole of his shoe. Quietly he sheathed the master sword and waited. Midna wasn't one to disapoint, having had some time to think and a few helpful pokes of steel had made her properly contreat.

"He'll come out eventually." When that assurance was only greeted with a grunt the Twi hastened to explain. "He has to get hungry eventually, right?"

"There's food inside the shed, some cheese and bread." Link explained in a flat tone.


"There's a well in the barn for filling the goat trough."

Midna thought about that, shithered out of the shade offered by Link's shoe and solidified silently. Levitating until she was level with Link's face she tried a winsome smile.

"You can't possibly be blaming this all on me?"

His unfriendly expression told her that yes, as a matter of fact, he did.

"Well I can't think of anything to fix this." Midna noted brightly. "We'll just have to leave and let the villagers handle it!"

Link's, flat, uncompamising glare told her without words that leaving was not an option.

Finally, caught and flustered, the Twi Imp's scant patience snapped. "Alright, Sir. Righteous, how should I fix this?" She snapped nasily, gnashing her little fangs in frusteration.

To that Link smiled, a bright sunny smile that made Midna wince and cringe from it's illumination... and from the glint secreted in those blue eyes. For there was malice -a concept that wouldn't have made the Twi squirm, for she was intamently familiar with malicious grins- and something else, something... subtle. Jusification, contenment, language failed to suply her with the word so she did without.

But whatever it was, it was enthusiastic, and she didn't like that enthusiasm in the least.

"Hey, where are you going?"

Again she was speaking to Link's back as the ranchhand padded down the dusty path towards the village.

"I need your help here!" Midna hollared. "You get back here wolf-boy!"

To that he stopped, and as he stopped Midna smiled, a wide fang filled grin. With a spin she faded from sight. materializing from Link's shadow to confront the hero. Still baring her grin and all it's friendly malice, the Twi Imp smirked, and looked into his blue eyes with her one red.

"I just got an idea, and your pivitol, so don't think you're going anywhere."

To emphasis her point she pulled out the orange and red stone Zant had used to curse the Hylian some months back.

"Come on Fido, let's go."

Before he could protest she leveled the stone, flicked a clawed finger and the dark descended. When he stood on all fours she took her favorite seat on his furred back and with an imperial tug on his scruff to point him in the right direction lead him up the hill. With a pathetic whine he padded back towards the ranch, Midna's cackle offering no comfort. Rolling one blue eye up to better consider his passanger the wolf let out an inqusitive bark. He wasn't comforted when a small clawed hand patted his sholder.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt me at all." Midna assured him.

It wasn't much of an assurance, but it was all she'd give on the short loupe to the goat's pen.