Rukia's POV

"…When I first lay my eyes upon you

You were special in some way

Your looked hurt, innocent and yet still strong willed

Like a child masking your own disappointment

You pout and bark insults to protect yourself from jerks

Holding back your tears

Being strong

Having the will to save lives

Defending your heart's stilts to be motivated

Risking your life

Relentlessly fighting your way through

For me…..a girl you almost barely known until today

I notice those scowls you give are slowly disappearing

Those smiles you rarely give are showing

Seems like the rain final stopped some way…"

"Oi, midget why are you staring at me like that?" Rukia finally snapped out of her train of thought "Nothing strawberries now let's go home...baka…"

….In a great distance you could see a bright orange hair boy and raven hair girl holding hands…

First time writing for fanfiction…Just a little sweet poem and ending scene

I'm bad. I know. Just want to try to make a story for my favorite couple in bleach.