The Death of the Dragon Lord Lykouleon

This is my first story and I hope you like it. I really worked hard to revise this so please post and let me know where I need to make my corrections at. thanks.

Chapter1: The Letter from Kharl and Nadil's Past

Late at night, the demon lord Nadil was leaving the meeting room. He was on his way towards his throne room and come up with a plan to destroy the dragon clan for good. He continues to walk down the halls passing Shydeman and Shyrendora, they just bow and continue with what they were doing. Lord Nadil was a cruel man in his mysterious ways, He hated the fact that the dragon clan is still trying to kill his clan. Once he reaches his throne room, He opens the door and walks towards his throne. He notices that there was a letter from someone, but he didn't know who. So he picks it up and slices the envenlope open pulls out the letter, He then notices who it was from by the handwriting. It was from Kharl, but then Nadil starts to get curious at the letter.

Lord Nadil: " What does he want this time. He knows that I don't have time to handle with his business, He should know that I have my own problems to deal with" he says angerly as he unfolds the letter.

( The dragon castle has let their guards down, Of course Rath is still driving them crazy as hell, but he is only a shell that holds your soul or should I say to protect you from harm. hehehehe, If you really want to get rid of the Dragon Lord Lykouleon, then steal Rath and have him distract the other while you kill Lykouleon yourself, or you could send one of your fighters, but that is litterly up to you. Anyways, I would like some of the credit since I sorta help you with the Dragon Clan. Hehehehehe I really need to get a better catch phrase.


Kharl )

Once he finishes reading the letter, He decides to use Kharls plans, but of course put them to action. He also feels that some one is watching him. He sighs and then stands up and walks towards the persons hiding place.

Lord Nadil: " Well, Fedlta I guess you will be getting some entertainment"

Fedlta: " I am guessing this is about getting rid of the Dragon Clan for good"

Nadil walks over to his throne and sits down and summons Shydeman and Shyrendora into his throne room. Shydeman then summons Saabel and Bierrez to go into the Lords throne room. Nadil sits at his throne thinkng about his past and when he was part of the dragon tribe.

(This was 6 years ago: Nadil was laying on the grass outside of the Dragon Castle. He then hears Lykouleons voice coming frm the distant that he was laying. Lykouleon reached Nadil and looked at him. He says to himself ' He looks so peaceful when he is asleep'. After that thought, Lykouleon had a bucket of cold water and poured it on Nadil and he jumped looked at Lykouleon.

Nadil: "Why did you do that, Lykouleon?"

Lykouleon: " Cause I felt like you had enough sleep and it is time for our training."

They both look at each other and started to chase one another. They finally reached the training grounds and started to warmup, before the actual training. It started to get late and they both finish with their training. About 2 years ago, Nadil recieved the light dragon and Lykouleon was to marry someone and take over Draqueen. Nadil was furious and he walked outside and bit the dragon and Lykouleon saw this and was shocked

Nadil: " What are you going to do now that I have betrayed you and your percious tribe, I really don't care on what you have to say, but just remember that I am now going against you and we will be enemies until we, or should I say you die. and once you die I will take over Draqueen"

Lykouleon: " Why are you doing this to me I was goign to have you as one of my..."

Nadil: "Officers... How sweet but I will decline the offer."

Nadil left draqueen period, His soul started to turn youki and he made his way towards the demon territory and he started to become the Demon lord their. He has trustful secretary Shydeman and Shyrendora. He this captured Gil and made his pet. and a year ago, Nadil captured Raseleane and put a curse on her to make sure she can't use her powers and she also lost her Dragon eyes. Raseleane can't see hear or give birth to Lykouleons child. Lykouleon reached Nadils castle.

Lykouleon: " Why ar eyou doign this to me Nadil, We were friends but now we are enemies. I want you to realese Raseleane NOW!!!"

Nadil just tosses her towards him and says before he disappears: " We will meet again in the future Lykouleon")

Once everyone get to the throne room, Nadil looks at the doors and then he sees everyone walking in. he then rests his head on his fist and just grins for a minute. Shydeman then realize that Gil is not with them, so he disappear from the room and reappear in front of Gil's cage. He unlockes the cage and grads him brutally, but really don't care, he want to hear the information that Lord Nadil has and help him successfully put it to action. He disappear from the cage and reappear in fron ton Lord Nail, who is now standing at this point. Nadil looks at all of his servants and sits back down.

Nadil: " We are going to kidnap my percious shell to keep the others distracted while I kill that ungrateful Lykouleon" He smiles at the end of his sentence. The others agree and start coming up with a plan to kidnap Rath.

Chapters soon to come and also find out what is the plan in the next chapter.