Alright. Since most of you don't care to read my profile for updates, I shall tell you this here: For those of you who liked CH, there is a sequel coming. It is currently in the works as we speak. However, issues have arisen on how to release it. There is a poll on my profile listing the choices; I ask to you to vote there. Then again, I know it's probably too much work for some of you, hehe! And so, please leave a review or send me a note with your opinion. It's greatly appreciated.

How do you want CH 2 to be released?

The entire story uploaded when finished, as a whole.

The entire story uploaded when finished, one chapter a week.

Each chapter uploaded when finished.

There are pro's and con's about each option. I'm sure you can figure them out. Please, PLEASE leave me/Elizabeth feedback, 'cause we kinda really want to get it out as soon as possible, but we are far from doneā€¦-sigh-.

Best wishes,