OK, so new story, and my first Dragonball venture. So this is basically a collection of one shots and drabbles that look into the relationships of the various characters. Some are romantic, some friendships, some family. Some are happy, and some are sad. Some are more like thought patterns, and some are small stories.

At the beginning of each segment, it will say which two characters are being focused on as well as the type of relationship and point of view. A + sign means a frienship or family based relationship, and the x represents romance.

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Bulma + Goku

Narrative 3rd POV

Most people didn't understand their friendship. Even those who had known them nearly as long as they had known each other didn't understand. They had started each other's lives. They were bonded in ways that no one else could touch. It was special to them, and they treasured it. They didn't care what the others thought of them.

Goku had first met Bulma when he was still young, about twelve. She had been a couple of years older. She had been the first person he'd ever met, other than his grandpa Gohan. She was certainly the first girl he'd ever seen. He'd been confused by her at first, and looking back, he knew that she had initially been scared of him. Or, at least, she was scared of his power. But they had quickly learned to accept each other. He had decided she wasn't any sort of monster or demon, and she knew he'd never hurt her.

Hurting Bulma was a thought Goku wasn't even capable of entertaining. Of course, he'd never deliberately hurt any of his friends or family, but it was simply a given that when sparing, punches and kicks would hurt. He'd even caused Chi-Chi to cry out in pain once from a too strong hug that left bruises. But he was always extra careful around Bulma. He never hugged her too hard or patted her shoulder too firmly.

When they had first begun looking for the Dragon Balls together, Bulma had lost her temper with him constantly. She had been world wise, and he hadn't known a thing of the outside world. He'd never even seen a car before. But Bulma had quickly decided that his innocence had been endearing. She wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

Neither of their mates could understand the extent of their friendship. Sure, they knew that Bulma and Goku had known each other longer than anyone else in the group. Their meeting had been what eventually led to the formation of the Z Warriors. They could understand that, but they couldn't understand the extent of their bond.

To put it simply, Vegeta hated Goku, or, at least, he had in the beginning. No one was really sure when Vegeta's all consuming hate of the low class Saiyan had turned to grudging respect and friendship. But that certainly didn't mean that Vegeta enjoyed Goku's attitude. And he certainly didn't like the hold Goku had over his mate. Bulma was always quick to defend Goku from any insult or quip Vegeta made, but she would laugh along with Goku if he said something about Vegeta being grumpy.

Chi-Chi liked Bulma well enough. The only times they really seemed to fight were when Goten and Trunks fought matches against each other in tournaments. And really, that was more of a friendly rivalry. The only time Chi-Chi might have disliked Bulma would have been before she and Goku were married. Goku hadn't understood what marriage was and had been more content to run around on adventures with his blue haired friend than planning his own wedding. But Chi-Chi knew there hadn't been anything romantic happening between them. Bulma had been with Yamcha back then, and unlike Yamcha, Bulma didn't cheat.

But knowing or lacking evidence of romantic feelings between their respective mates didn't stop Vegeta and Chi-Chi's blood from boiling when Goku and Bulma seemed too close. Maybe they were just overly suspicious and quick to form feelings of jealousy. Vegeta certainly still bared his teeth nastily when Yamcha was around. It didn't help Vegeta's feelings to know that Goku thought Bulma was prettier than Chi-Chi. And it was a good thing for Goku that Chi-Chi didn't know.

It always drove Vegeta and Chi-Chi up the walls and confused the others when Goku and Bulma cuddled up together on the couch during reunion parties. Goku never thought anything of wrapping his arms around Bulma. It was natural for Bulma to lean up against Goku. They never thought anything of the way they squished their cheeks together when they hugged. Again, it was natural.

They knew that their mates tended to get jealous, but they knew that there was nothing to be concerned about. Bulma thought of Goku as her little brother and the best and closest friend she'd ever had. He was her soul mate, but in a way different from Vegeta. Bulma loved all of her friends with more fire than she could describe. She would have gladly taken on an army to defend her children. She would step in front of a ki blast that Vegeta could swat away with a finger to keep him from harm. She would gladly die to keep them all safe and happy. If something were to irreversibly happen to them, she'd be miserable. Her heart would break, but it would eventually mend itself. She would eventually get over it. But if something happened to Goku, she'd die.

Goku loved Bulma. He loved her more than anyone else he'd ever known, and not to brag, but he knew a lot of people. Of course, he loved all his friends. He loved his family, his granddaughter, his sons, and his wife. He loved them all, but his love for Bulma was something entirely different. Of course, he loved Chi-Chi. She had always been so good to him, cooking his food, cleaning his clothes, and taking care of him. Also, she had mothered his two wonderful sons. He couldn't forget about that. He loved her, but not quite in the way a man should love his wife. Certainly not in the way Vegeta and Bulma loved each other. Goku wasn't in love with Chi-Chi, although he held deep affections for her. But then again, he wasn't really in love with anyone.

His love for Bulma wasn't romantic, but it wasn't just platonic either. He certainly had no desire to whisk Bulma into his arms and kiss her and make love to her, even if she was the prettiest woman he knew. But he was willing to do more for her than anyone in the universe. He'd kill for her. He'd killed before, but that was a different story. He'd only ever killed someone who had the power to destroy his home. He'd only killed to save millions of lives. But despite his kind nature and desire to always give second chances, he knew he'd kill a lowly bum if it ever hurt Bulma.

Goku w as the person Bulma had always gone to when things were bothering her. She shared some things with Bra or Trunks. She had confided concerns with her mother or Chi-Chi and even Android 18 a few times. She knew she could count on Krillin for a hug or Gohan for a smile if she was down. She knew Pan would always offer to beat up anyone who was making her sad, and Goten used to make her get better cards of glitter and stickers if she went too long without smiling. Vegeta didn't like to listen to her whine, but he always came in and held her when she needed it the most.

But Goku knew everything that had ever concerned her. He knew things that were hidden too deeply for even Vegeta to find. He knew things that Mrs. Briefs's mother's intuition couldn't pick up. He was always there with his strong embrace and goofy smile. He always made everything better.

Capsule Corp. was Goku's haven when he was on the rocks with Chi-Chi. Of course, most of the time he couldn't figure out why she was angry, but when she kicked him out of the house, Goku always flew straight to Bulma's house. It was something else that drove Vegeta insane. He didn't understand why Goku couldn't go sulk on a mountain or in bar like he did when Bulma threw him out. When Goku came over, he received Bulma's undivided attention. She cooked for him. She talked with him. She even cuddled up in bed with him.

Vegeta had exploded the first time that had happened. Even though he didn't like it in the least, Vegeta soon learned that he was sleeping alone when Goku was kicked out of the Son house. They didn't do anything, he knew. They would throw on pajamas and jump under the covers. Bulma would cuddle next to him or, if she had managed to cheer Goku up enough to forget that Chi-Chi was angry with him, they would talk and giggle like teenage girls at a slumber party.

Goku always ate Bulma's cooking. He did it without having to be asked or forced. In fact, he often asked Bulma if she would cook for him. When Vegeta wanted food, he demanded Bulma have her mother prepare it. Even Trunks and Bra tended to demand food if they were in a too much of a hurry to cook their own. But when Bulma sat her family down and tried to cook them a meal, they always groaned aloud and tried to make excuses or shovel their servings into the plants. Even her future son, who had always been so considerate of her, ran into another room when she offered him a home cooked meal. Bulma knew her cooking wasn't the best. If a worldwide contest was held, she wouldn't even be in the top five billion. But Goku always ate everything she made and asked for more. He always told her it was delicious. Although most would say otherwise, Bulma knew he truly liked it, and it wasn't just his appreciation for all things edible.

So what if the hows and whys of their relationship didn't make sense to the world? So what if their mates occasionally got jealous? Bulma and Goku knew how much they meant to each other. They knew what they meant to each other. They were the oldest and best of friends. Bulma had never met anyone she trusted so completely. Goku had Bulma to thank for starting his life. He'd still be a boy in the woods if it weren't for her. Bulma knew she'd be dead a hundred times over without him. They'd been through thick and thin together. They were together in the beginning, and they'd be together in the end.

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