"Tou-san where are we going?" asked Naraku.

"We are headed to the Kaguya clan, which is located in the Land of Water," replied Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, you never did say why we are headed to the Land of Water," said Kagome as she carried her son in her arms.

"Well, I know how much you love taking care of orphans and those less fortunate so I thought you might want to help a boy that is being held captive by his own clan," said Naruto.

"That's horrible, why would they do such a thing," said Kagome disgusted.

"There is no good reason for why they are doing it, but I will try and explain the situation to you. You see the Mizukage fears though with bloodlines so he has ordered all people with a bloodline to be executed on sight. The Kaguya clan has a bloodline that allows them to use their bones as weapons and because of the Mizukage's order they have been revolting, but not with much success. There secret weapon is a young boy that seems to be the prodigy of the clan, but they fear his power so they lock him up after every battle," said Naruto explaining the happenings in the Land of Water.

"That's horrible, we are going to help that boy right?" said Kagome giving Naruto a look that he knew too well.

"Yes love, that is why we are headed their so that you can free the boy," said Naruto smiling at his wife.

"Good," said Kagome before going back to rocking her son.

"You want me to hold Arashi now?" asked Naruto offering to hold his first-born son.

"Thank you, but I don't trust you not to give him any sake," said Kagome.

"He's only six-month olds, I would wait until he is at least two before offering him some sake," said Naruto causing Kagome to glare at him while Naraku laughed at the two.

"Tou-san is going to get beat up by Kaa-san," said Naraku laughing.

"Traitor," mumbled Naruto before Kagome hit him over the head and knocked him to the ground.

"If you get Arashi or any future children of mine adopted or not addicted to your sake drinking habits, you will never be able to walk properly again," growled Kagome before stomping off.

"Why did I have to marry such a powerful woman?" wondered Naruto as he nursed the bruise on his head.

"You ok Tou-san," asked Naraku jumping off Entei to check on his father.

"Not yet, but I will be after I beat you up," said Naruto before he tackled Naraku to the ground and started to tickle him. Naraku was laughing so hard tears were running down his face as he begged his father to stop.

"Come on you, let's hurry and catch up to your mother before she beats me up again," said Naruto picking up Naraku on his shoulders.

"Naruto-kun, hurry up please," yelled Kagome. Naruto just smiled before he started to leap through the tree to give Naraku a fun ride as he raced to caught up to his beautiful wife.

Few Days Later

"So this is the Land of Water, too much mist," said Kagome.

"Let me fix that for you," said Naruto before using his chakra to dispel the mist ten feet around his family.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, now which way do we go now," asked Kagome.

"Tell the truth we are only a few miles away from the mist village, but we don't want to head there. If I remember what that old pervert taught me, then the Kaguya's are located west of the village in their clan house," said Naruto.

"Tou-san, why would they stay in one place if they are being hunted?" asked Naraku.

"You're really too smart for an eight-year-old, but you make a good point. The reason they are staying in one place because it is the safest place for them to be. If they try to leave the cover of the clan house they will be easily picked off one by one, but by staying in the clan house they are able to least have some type of defense," replied Naruto.

"Eventually, they will all be killed off because they are cut off from outside resources," said Naruto.

"Is there anything we can do to safe them all?" asked Naraku hopefully.

"You are starting to pick up your mother's kind heart, but I'm afraid that the Kaguya clan like many other clans is a very prideful clan and will refuse any help we can offer them. That is why we are just there to free the boy and that is all," answered Naruto ruffling Naraku's silver hair.

"Are all clans stupid like that?" asked Naraku as he swatted his father's hand away.

"You will soon learn that in the ninja world that those whom tend to have power usually end up full of themselves," said Naruto smiling down at his son.

"Like you are when you are teaching me taijutsu?" asked Naraku innocently.

"Hey, I can't help it that when it comes to taijutsu I am king," said Naruto arrogantly.

"Oh yeah, you're definitely not full of yourself," said Kagome laughing at Naruto.

"If you are so great at taijutsu why does Kaa-san always beat you up," said Naraku.

"That's because when it comes down to who is boss, I always win," said Kagome with a smirk.

"Really, could you teach me how to beat Tou-san then?" asked Naraku hopefully.

"I don't know, you promise to do exactly as I say?" asked Kagome with a smile. She had to hold back her laughs as Naraku started to beg her to teach him.

"Traitor," exclaimed Naruto shaking his fist at his son. Entei just watched the whole thing with an impassive look as it walked beside its master.

"Well, at least I got you buddy," said Naruto petting Entei.


"Ok so what is your plan for getting the boy out?" asked Kagome as Naruto hid them with a genjutsu.

"I will cause a distraction that will have the whole clan focused on me while you use your miko powers to find the boy and get out of the compound. Naraku you will be responsible for protecting Arashi while your mother and I are gone," said Naruto.

"Yes Tou-san," replied Naraku taking Arashi from his mother.

"Wait for my signal," said Naruto kissing Kagome before he snuck into the compound. Kagome didn't have to wait long before a huge explosion came from the compound.

"It figures your father would make as much noise as possible for a distraction," sighed Kagome before hopping on Entei and taking off into the compound at speeds that no human eye could follow.

With Naruto

"Who are you?" demanded a man before launching a barrage of bone bullets at Naruto whom easily dodged the attack.

"Me, I'm just a wandered," said Naruto as he did a few hand seals.

"Kill him, he was sent by the Mizukage," yelled the man before five Kaguya clan members charged at Naruto with weapons made of their own bones. Naruto just waited until they were extremely close to him before calling out his jutsu.

"FÅ«ton: Daitoppa," said Naruto before a powerful gust of wind blew away all of Naruto's opponents.

"I'm kind of disappointed, I expected so much more from the Kaguya clan," said Naruto, but soon he was surround by twenty members off the clan.

"I spoke too soon," said Naruto sheepishly before he was forced on the defensive.

With Kagome

"Over that way Entei, I can sense someone," said Kagome to Entei. Entei just nodded before taking off in that direction. Kagome was glad they hadn't run into any members of the Kaguya clan because she didn't like to fight, but she was also worried what that meant for Naruto.

"You better be ok Naruto-kun or I'll kill you myself," said Kagome. It didn't take Entei long before they reached the boy they were looking for and Kagome was horrified by the condition he was in. The boy was malnourished and looked half-dead while he lay against the cold bars of the steel cage.

"Oh my gosh, this is horrible," said Kagome as she fire an arrow at the cell that broke through the bars. Kagome then hopped off Entei and ran over to the small boy. He looked no older then Naraku and Kagome was just disgusted that someone would do this to a child especially family.

"Who are you?" asked the boy with a lifeless look in his eyes. The woman that had entered his cell wasn't of his clan, but he was too tired to get a good look at her.

"My name is Higurashi Kagome and I am here to take you away from this hell," said Kagome picking the boy up and carrying him over to Entei.

"I am Kaguya Kimimaro," said the boy as he got a good look at Kagome. When he was able to take in the full sight in Kagome, he immediately thought she was an angel. The woman was around 5'7" with a beautiful heart shaped face and kind eyes.

"Are you an angel?" asked Kimimaro before he passed out in her arms. Kagome had used her miko powers to put the boy in a deep sleep as she got onto Entei.

"Don't worry, I will not let any more harm befall you Kimimaro," said Kagome before telling Entei to get them out of the place.

With Naruto

"Well you all it is time for me to go, but we should do this again sometime," said Naruto as he left the compound. The Kaguya clan members didn't even hear Naruto because they were all laying facing down in the ground nursing their injuries. Naruto just smirked before he disappeared in a yellow flash.


"How is he doing?" asked Naruto as he appeared next to Kagome.

"He'll live, I used my miko powers to cure him of the illness that he had so with proper nourishment and care he'll be able to be in good condition for a boy his age," said Kagome with a smile as she put a warm wash cloth on his forehead.

"That is good, I'll go check on Naraku and Arashi while you tend to him," said Naruto before kissing Kagome on the forehead and leaving her alone with the boy. Not to long after Naruto left, the boy started to wake up to Kagome's surprise.

"Where am I?" asked Kimimaro sitting up slowly.

"You're with my family and I, we rescued you from the prison you were in," said Kagome as she smiled down at the boy.

"Why?" asked Kimimaro not understanding why someone would help him.

"Because you didn't serve to be used like that so we decided to help you out and offer you a home with us, but you don't have to stay with us if you don't want to," said Kagome.

"What's the catch?" asked Kimimaro trying to find the true reason to why they helped him.

"There is no catch; you are free to choose what you want to do from now on. I cured you of your illness so it is now up to you decided what you want to do with your life," said Kagome before getting up to check on Naruto.

"Where are you going?" asked Kimimaro confused.

"I am going to check on my husband and going to make sure he doesn't try to give our son any sake. Would you like to come with me?" said Kagome smiling at Kimimaro. Kimimaro just nodded before following Kagome. It didn't take long for Kagome to find Naruto and she smiled at how he was tickling Arashi's chin.

"Kaa-san you're back," yelled Naraku before hugging Kagome around the waist.

"I'm glad to see you again to Naraku-chan, I want you to meet somebody. Naraku-kun this is Kimimaro-kun, Kimimaro-kun meet Naraku-kun my other son," said Kagome introducing the two.

"Hello Kimimaro-nii-chan," said Naraku smiling at the other boy.

"Nii-chan?" asked Kimimaro in surprise.

"Come on Nii-chan, I'll introduce you to father and Entei," said Naraku running off to go get his father and Entei. Kimimaro just looked up at Kagome as if asking for permission.

"Come on, I'll introduce to the rest of your family," said Kagome offering her hand.

"Family?" asked Kimimaro not understanding.

"Yes, from now on whether you wish to stay with us or not, you are part of this family and will always have a place among us," said Kagome with a kind smile as she looked down at Kimimaro. Kimimaro slowly, but surely place his hand in Kagome's causing her to give him a wide smile before leading him over to where Naraku was bugging Naruto. Kagome didn't realize it, but in that moment Kimimaro had made his decision to stay with Kagome and protect her until the day he died.


"You sure you don't want to play with Naraku-kun?" asked Kagome as they made their way back home.

"No thank you," said Kimimaro softly. Kagome was happy the boy had decided to come with them, but she was a little worried how he didn't want to play like other kids his age. The boy only seemed to want to be by her side or train with Naruto to become stronger to protect her. She found it cute that he wanted to protect her, but still wished he would enjoy life a little more.

"Kagome-sama, what is your village like?" asked Kimimaro. That is another thing that Kagome didn't like was how he always addressed her as if she was better then him.

"It's just Kagome, if I have to keep remind you of that I am going to have to punish you," said Kagome sternly.

"Yes ma'am," said Kimimaro not really sorry at all.

"You're lucky I like you so much or I would bop you over the head like I do with Naruto-kun," said Kagome ruffling his long white hair. This action caused Kimimaro to give Kagome a small smile.

"Well if I had to describe our home, I guess I would describe it by saying it is a very friendly place. You see we have only been there for about two years, but already we have many people who stay there. Of course, all the people that live there now were people without homes or lost there homes to bandits, but still we all help each other out. Naruto-kun, even found some missing-ninjas, whom got tired of being on the run, to start up a ninja academy and teach any kids who wish to learn how to be a ninja. We have farmers, merchants who come by to trade, and many other things that you would expect in a small developing village. I'm sure you will love it there," said Kagome smiling. It always warmed her heart to remember all the things Naruto did to help those less fortunate then him. He really was a great guy and she was so lucky to have him.

"I would very much like to see this village and help with it's building," said Kimimaro.

"I'm sure I can find something for you to do," said Kagome smiling at the boy.

"I do not wish to be a burden," said Kimimaro seriously.

"You most definitely will not be a burden," said Kagome giving Kimimaro a quick hug.

"Kaa-san are we there yet?" whined Naraku from behind.

"Yeah, are we there yet?" whined Naruto mocking his son.

"Naruto-kun, Naraku-kun don't make me punish you both," said Kagome turning to glare at the boys.

"Yes ma'am," they both replied as they tried to hide from her glare. Kimimaro just watched the group with an amused look as he continued to walk besides Kagome.


"Ah, home sweet home," said Naruto as they walked through the gates into the village.

"This is very impressive for a developing village," said Kimimaro as he looked around and saw all the buildings and people walking around doing various things. He also noticed a few ninjas appearing every now and then running on the roofs and through the streets.

"This will be your new home from now on, I hope one day you will become strong enough to protect our home against any enemies," said Naruto placing a hand on Kimimaro's shoulder.

"I will protect Kagome-sama and her home with my life," replied Kimimaro giving Naruto a serious look.

"I'll hold you to that," said Naruto smirking down at the boy.

"Come on you two, Naraku-kun is getting impatient," yelled Kagome to Naruto and Kimimaro. Naruto and Kimimaro just smiled before they continued walking to catch back up with Kagome.