"You ready to lose," said Naruto pointing at Arashi. Arashi just shook his head at the delusional boy before getting into a defensive stance.

"Don't take it personally when I beat you, but it is for your own good," said Arashi.

"Begin," said Genma.

"Kage Bunshin," yelled Naruto before performing twenty clones.

"Make as many clones as you want, but it still won't beat me," said Arashi as Naruto charged at him with his clones. He easily started to bob and weave through Naruto's punches and kicks. A minute later Naruto found that he only had 5 clones left including him and Arashi didn't look winded at all.

"You need to work on your taijutsu skill as well," said Arashi before blurring out of existence and before Naruto knew it all his clones were destroyed. He was about to create more, but was kicked up into the air by Arashi.

"I'm going to use your own combo against you, but without any clones. Prepare yourself," said Arashi before appearing in front of Naruto and delivering a kick to his stomach.

"Hi," said Arashi after delivering the first kick.

"Gur," said Arashi before appearing behind Naruto and kicking Naruto in his back knocking him higher into the air.

"Ash," said Arashi before punching Naruto in the face.

"Hi," said Arashi delivering a hard uppercut into Naruto's chin.

"Higurashi Arashi Rendan," yelled Arashi appearing above Naruto and delivering a hard axe kick to Naruto's ribs that shot him straight down into the ground. Naruto wasn't able to block any of the attacks and crashed into the ground creating a large crater in the ground and a huge dust cloud. Arashi just landed on the ground softly ten feet away from where Naruto crashed into the ground.

"I hope you aren't out cold because you won't be able to beat me up lying face down in the ground," said Arashi bored.

In the stands

"Naruto-kun," said Hinata softly.

"How was he able to beat Neji, if he can't even land a hit on that boy?" asked Hanabi.

"Arashi-nii-chan is almost as good as Gaara-nii-chan," said Aiko happily.

"Don't let Arashi-kun hear you say that or he will never leave Gaara-kun alone until he proves he is better," said Kagome with a smile.

"It isn't over yet, he is going to use the chakra he used against Neji," said Hana grimly.

"I'm not too worried about that," said Kagome.

Kage's Box

"You're son seems to have made a full recovery in such a short time too," said the Raikage.

"You'll soon learn that my family and I never stay down long," said Naruto with a smirk at his double meaning.

'We shall see about that,' thought the Raikage.

Down in the arena

"It isn't over yet bastard," said Naruto as he stood up slowly holding his ribs.

"Your ribs are broken, what do you plan on doing?" asked Arashi with a raised eyebrow.

"Just like I told Neji," started Naruto, but was interrupted by Arashi.

"Yeah, yeah don't underestimate me, believe it. The only problem is that I am not the one underestimating you, but you are underestimating me. A real ninja doesn't shout out and threaten an opponent he knows nothing about, that is what a fool does. You are not worth my time, but I'll humor you by letting you draw on that red chakra that you used against Neji," said Arashi with a smirk.

"I am going to beat you and make you eat your words," said Naruto as red chakra started to swirl around him. His ribs soon mended together and soon he was perfectly healed, but what he didn't know was that this was all apart of Arashi's plan.

"You ready bastard," said Naruto as he radiated with power.

"Show me what you got Uzumaki," said Arashi with a smirk. Naruto just growled before he disappeared and appeared on Arashi's right side about to deliver a hard punch to his face, but Arashi just lifted up his right arm and blocked the attack. He then tried to deliver a knee to Arashi's chest, but Arashi grabbed his fist and threw him over his shoulder. Naruto instantly turn in the air and landed on his feet, but he wasn't prepared for the knee to his head from Arashi and took a direct hit to the face. Arashi as Uzumaki collided with the arena wall and looked up at his father with a smirk. His tou-san just winked at him before he returned to drinking his sake with a large smile on his face.

"Come on Uzumaki, that can't be all you have," said Arashi with a smirk.

"I am going to make you pay for that," said Naruto as a tail emerged from his back and he got down on all fours.

"Do not let yourself be controlled Uzumaki or I will finish you now," said Arashi no long joking around. He knew the boy was desperate to win, but now he was potentially losing control over his body because of his desperation. Arashi soon found himself on the defense as Naruto started to move at speeds that would give jounin a hard time to dodge.

"Uzumaki gain back control or I will put you down," yelled Arashi before a huge red claw of chakra slammed him into the wall.

Kage's Box

"It seems your son is in trouble now," said the Raikage with a smirk.

"So it seems," said Naruto no longer joking around.

'Naraku-kun, hurry up and attack already or Arashi will be forced to reveal more then he is supposed to,' thought Naruto with a frown.

In the Stands

"This is most unexpected, it seems there will be a change of plans Kaa-san," said Gaara.

"If he loses control and interrupts your tou-san's plans then I want you to deal with the Uzumaki boy," said Kagome seriously.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Aiko innocently.

"I would like to know that as well," said Hana and Hiashi.

"The boy has lost control, Arashi finish this," yelled Gaara.

Down in the arena

Arashi had several bruise, cuts on him, and if he didn't end this soon the boy would lose complete control. Naruto was about to grow a second tail and that is when he heard his nii-chan yell for him to finish it.

"Sorry, but this match ends now, maybe next time you'll learn to keep your temper in check," said Arashi as he was about to perform some hand seals, but some large explosions coming from out side the stadium stopped him. He then looked up to see his tou-san and the Sandaime being attacked by the Raikage and Kazekage.

"Damn it, Orochimaru used Naruto's lack of control to start the invasion prematurely," said Arashi as he looked back at Uzumaki whom was now sporting two tails.

'Looks like I'll be catching up with you later Gaara-nii-chan,' thought Arashi as he dropped his weights and turned to face the Uzumaki boy with a serious face.

In the stands

"Gaara-kun lead the way back to the Hyuuga compound so that Aiko stay inside during the fighting," said Kagome as she sensed multiple hostile presences heading straight for them.

"It seems your husband wasn't lying when he said their would an invasion during the final part of the Chuunin exam," said Hiashi before he stood up and activated his Byakugan along with his wife.

"Prepare yourselves, here they come," said Gaara before releasing a tidal wave of sand to swallow the first wave of opponents.