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Note : This idea just hit me! It's taking a Ranger from Earth and somehow sending him to spira to see his friends, but not as he knows them.

Summary : Tori x Blake centric fic. Blake's fighting with his friends in a battle one day when he's hit by a blast and knocked out. When he comes to, he'll find that nothing's what he remembered. Just where is he, and why are his friends acting so weird? Tori's a what?

Rating : Going for 'M' for language.

Legend :



telepathic communication and any messages

dreams, visions, flashbacks, and memories

(scene, POV, time changes)


"What's that?"

Turning his head from the computer, Cam noticed the Thunder brothers behind him and had to bite his tongue to keep from smarting off at them. Turning back, he shook his head and sighed. "First of all, I'd appreciate it if you knocked once in a while. Second, I don't know." he replied with a slight hint of irritation in his voice.

Hunter raised an eyebrow, and shook his head. "Sorry to ask." he said lowly.

Smacking his brother on the chest, Blake smirked. "Relax bro. It's not his fault he's got a stick up his ass."

Before either of them could laugh at that comment, a series of beeps came from the computer and they immediately turned their attention to a strange image that came up. It looked to be a ruin of a great city, but many materials and metal creations there didn't seem to resemble anything they'd ever seen before.

"There's an obscure legend here that says it's what's left of a once great metropolis called 'Zanarkand'." Cam informed them in a breathy voice, obviously impressed by what he was seeing.

He wasn't the only one. Hunter was stunned into speechlessness, a first for him, and Blake was staring with wide eyes at the images before him. Taking a deep breath, he asked the question on both his and his brother's minds. "What happened?"

Typing a few commands into the computer, Cam shook his head. "It says a war. There's more but I can't seem to find it. Something about 'Sin' and...'Summoners'?" Spinning around, he frowned at himself as he faced the duo. "This isn't an Earth city."

"Uh...what?" Hunter finally spoke, shaking his head and looking at his asian friend in shock.

Blake frowned and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "That doesn't make sense man. If it's not an Earth city, what's it doing on Earth?"

"Again, I don't know." Cam answered gravely. Turning back to his computer, he looked over more of the supposed 'legend' and sighed. "Zanarkand. One of the biggest cities on 'Spira'. It was said to be the most advanced place the planet had ever seen. 'Machina's, and 'Blitz' stars everywhere."

"Dude, what's a...machin...a?" Blake hesitated in saying the word. "It almost sounds like machine."

"That's because that's what it is. Machina are what they called machines and all types of technology." He paused for a moment before typing up some more, and pictures of strange looking, what everyone guessed, was machines, came up. They were rusted and falling apart, laying in heaps on the ground. He typed even more, and pictures of what looked like giant balls of water in the air came up. "This is a Blitzball sphere. It's where the sport was played."

"Blitzball?" Hunter repeated with his eyebrow still raised. "A sport? It looks like a giant round swimming pool Cam." he stated dryly.

Shaking his head, Cam resisted the urge to throw Hunter in a lake and tell him to go for a swim. "It's an underwater sport, requiring that you learn to hold your breath for close to 10 minutes, and it increases stamina, as well as strength and defense." Looking at the screen a moment, he read more of the legend. "It says that it was a popular sport, and sometimes people fought with 'blitzballs', a more durable type of volleyball. It worked wonders against killing fast or flying 'fiends'."

"Ok whoa. Wait a minute." Blake said holding up his hands and furrowing his eyebrows. "Fiends?"

"Monsters." Cam clarified. "They existed outside of towns everywhere and people always armed themselves as they went to travel."

"O...k. I guess that makes sense." Blake replied, though he didn't understand squat all about it.

Cam swivelled back around and stood up. "I'm going to check it out." he announced as he made his way to the door.

"Cameron." The small guinea pig that was their Sensei, called, finally speaking up. "You should not go alone."

Pausing for a quick moment, he turned and smirked. "Good idea father. Hunter and Blake. You're with me."

Hunter groaned and tilted his head back, and Blake let his head drop and sighed in irritation.

"That's what you get for coming here and bothering me." Cam scolded as he crossed his arms and waited for the Rangers to join him.

Exchanging a look, Hunter and Blake shook their heads and took their pose. They raised their hands into the air to morph, but paused, and Blake spoke up. "Does this mean we have to morph?"

Letting his eyes narrow, Cam nodded and took his own stance. "Samouri Storm. Ranger Form. HA!" he called as he morphed into the Green Samouri Ranger.

Following his lead, the brothers morphed next. "Thunder Storm. Ranger Form. HA!" They too morphed into their standard Navy and Crimson Ranger outfits and took their final poses. "Power of Thunder!"

(Zanarkand Ruins)

They'd taken Cam's Samouri Chopper there. It was a secluded place, not even an island, but a mostly sunken city that had only just appeared. Walking around the ruins, Blake stepped on a lose stone, causing the bridge below him to collapse, and fell into the icy water with a startled yelp.

"Blake!" Hunter and Cam cried as they ran to the edge of the bridge. They watched the water for a moment, before they noticed a figure swimming to the surface and relaxed.

"You ok bro?" Hunter called as the Navy clad figure's head emerged from the water and he gasped.

Looking up, Blake groaned at just how high up they were. "Yeah man, I'm fine." he called back. Treading water to stay in place, he looked around. "Now how to I get back up there?" he questioned himself quietly. He saw a small edge of a platform that was crumbled and realized he could probably climb that. Swimming over, he reached up and grabbed a jutting piece of stone, only to have it fall lose and him to fall back in the water.

"This is getting old." he muttered to himself as he tried again. This time, his hand caught purchase and he managed to climb out. What really surprised him, was that he was facing what looked like a treasure chest from a fairytale in front of him, and his friends approaching slowly from a small path to his left. "What the..." Getting up, he approached the chest, and reached out to open it.

He didn't expect the chest lid to fly open and fell back in surprise when it did, but nothing jumped out and it didn't explode, so he leaned forward again. Ok, this is kinda freaky, but also kinda cool too. He thought a he looked inside.

"A huge ass treasure chest for a pouch?" he questioned incredulously as he took the small bag. It was surpringly heavy and he opened it and reached in, eyes widening in shock when it went up to his shoulder. "What the hell?" he cried as he looked at how far in his arm went.

"Bro?" came Hunter's shocked and confused voice. "Uhh...mind telling us why your arm's in a bag?"

Looking at his brother, he took hold of something at the bottom of the pouch and pulled his arm out, barely managing to keep hold of both the item and the bag in his shock as the pouch returned to it's tiny size.

"O...k." Hunter stated. "I think I'm seeing things."

Cam shook his head and approached with a scanner. Hitting a few buttons, he tilted his head slightly. "I think there's some kind of enchantment on the bag." he stated. "I'm not getting much information, but I think it's supposed to do that."

Opening his hand, Blake frowned at the two tiny vials in his hand and looked at the Green Ranger.

Taking the hint, he ran scans on them too, and shook his head again. "I'm not getting anything on them. Just that they're made up of unheard herbs or something." Looking at the other two, he shrugged. "I think they're some kind of medicine." he guessed.

Hearing a roar behind them, Blake looked up as the others spun around and gasped as his eyes widened. Quickly putting the vials back in the pouch, he tied it to his waist and quickly stood up.

"The hell is that thing?" Hunter cried, looking at the strange monster behind them.

It looked like a bunch of monsters combined into one. It had a large blue body with a snake as a tail and two heads. One looked like a goat, another like a lion. Seeing them just looking at it, it let out another roar and rushed at them, breathings fire as it ran.

Barely dodging out of the way, the Rangers armed themselves and took up positions around the creature. "Whatever it is, it's obviously looking for a fight!" Cam called, swinging at the monster, and knocking it back.

Joining in on the fight, Blake jabbed out and caught the creature in the stomache, ripping a hole across it. Pulling back, he'd expected the wound to bleed or something, but he didn't expect the colored light to float out of it as the monster staggered back. "Ok. Now I think I'm seeing things!" he cried, rubbing his hand over his visor and blinking for a moment.

Shaking his head, Hunter jumped up and stabbed the creature in the back, pulling away and letting his defence down as the monster fell to the ground and dissipated in a flury of balls of colored lights. "Not unless we're hallucinating together." he said lowly, tilted his head and putting his staff away.

Taking the scanner out quickly, Cam scanned the fading remains of the monster. "It looks like some kind of fiend. It's listed in the legend as a 'Chimera'. Those lights we saw are apparently called 'pyreflies'. There isn't much about that, except it says they're the souls of the dead. Something about not being 'Sent', and anger and sorrow that corrupts the soul and turns it into a fiend."

"Hey! It left something behind!" Blake called as he approached. Looking at the ground, there looked to be a golden feather and a couple of gold coins.

"Hmmm..." Cam scanned the items as Blake picked them up. "The feather is listed as having restoritive powers, and I think the coins are probably local money from Spira." He nodded to the pouch. "I think the pouches were used to carry the items. They'd only get so heavy, but could hold a lot."

Nodding, Blake put the items in the pouch and looked around. "Well I have to agree with you Cam. This isn't an Earth city." he said grimly.

Hunter nodded. "We might wanna call the others in case there's more of these...fiends."

Raising his morpher to his mouth, Cam called the others, telling them to either take Shane's hawk zord or Tori's Dolphin zord to get here. Then he changed his mind and told them to bring the Dolphin zord. "It can travel underwater and we can use it to check out the parts of the ruins we can't get to." he explained to the others.

They resumed their search of the place, splitting up to cover more ground. As they parted ways, Blake was left to himself as he wandered the ruins of the once great city. "What could've caused this kind of damage?" he wondered quietly. It didn't seem like something a war could do. Sure, wars were used to get ride of cities, but it was the people, not the place they were after. So exactly what destroyed this city beyond any hopes of repair?

Growling behind him made him spin around, and he cried out in surprise to see a giant creature behind him, growling menacingly. Ok, so the Chimera thing was kinda scarey, but this? HOLY SHIT! he thought in terror.

As he stood shaking, he took a good look at the thing that seemed to want to eat him for lunch. It had an almost wolf-like face, with long blue horns and a fiery mane that went down the back of it's neck. It literally had flames coming out from behind it's elbows and hips, spikes on it's back, and claws longer and thicker than his Thunder Staff. The strange thing, is it also had a necklace of beads around it's neck, and what looked like bangles on it's wrists as it dug it's front legs into the ground.

"Umm...nice, uhh...doggie?" he panted as he slowly backed away. "S-s-stay!"

The creature opened it's mouth, and before he had a chance to dodge it, shot a ball of fire out. As he cried out in terror and shock, the ball hit him dead in the center of the chest and he was thrown painfully into a nearby ruined building. Collapsing in a heap on the ground, he was vaguely aware of a voice speaking in his head as darkness over took him.

I am sorry. It was the only way to take you to the Summoner. Please help her.


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