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(Blue Bay Harbour, Three Days Later)

When he'd finally come to, he was back in Zanarkand, but instead of the orange sky and massive city that stretched to an ocean on one side and the mountain peaks of Gagazet on the other, the sky was a bright, clear blue and most of the city was submerged. He'd looked around for Tori, only to realize...she wasn't there.

He'd been hoping that maybe she was only needed for a few more minutes or something, but she was still stuck in Spira, while he was home.

Getting home and explaining everything to everyone had been fun. Shane had pushed him up against the wall with his hand against his throat, and Dustin had collapsed to his knees. It seemed, they had had a hard time dealing with each other and being Rangers since Blake and Tori had disappeared, but for Blake to come back alone, telling them Tori was stuck on another planet, possibly another dimension?


(Shane's POV)

When they'd disappeared, I had thrown myself into my skateboarding and training, not really talking to anyone. As a Ranger, I seemed to go back to thinking I could do better alone, and I avoided Ops and the others with every chance I got. Cam had threatened to take away my morpher if I didn't smarten up, but unfortunately for the Green Ranger, I knew better.

Then, Blake came back...alone. No sign of Tori, and I felt strangely betrayed. I knew I shouldn't blame Blake for Tori not coming back. Man, from the looks on his face, he was blaming himself enough. It made me wonder...just what the hell happened? If I hadn't known any better, I would've said it looked like his heart had been ripped out and stomped on. More than once, I heard him muttering about promising her 'always' and being forced to leave her.

I found out soon enough when Blake displayed the talent for being able to harness not only his thunder powers but ice, fire, water and a healing spell. Imagine everyone's surprise when he said that Hunter had taught him the black magic. I didn't think it was possible for anyone's mouth to drop so far open! It would've been hilarious if the situation hadn't been so damn serious!

Sensei asked Blake to explain everything, and at several points in his story, one of us would sit down heavily, or interrupt with a question or comment.

Finding out what happened at the end, I felt guilty for ever doubting him. The way he talked about Tori, even though he didn't actually say he loved her, it was obvious. I really felt bad for the poor guy, and I feared for my friend, who was much like a little sister to me.

Would we ever see her again?


(Dustin's POV)

Man it was horrible! Blake and Tori had disappeared for I think, close to two weeks. There was no sign of them anywhere and we all blamed Lothor. The next time he attacked, I remember Hunter racing at him in a blind rage, demanding his brother be brought back. Imagine our surprise, when Lothor looked totally lost! He muttered something about us being insane, and about how missing Rangers could be useful, then disappeared.

I didn't know about the others, and I thought that maybe I was being too trusting or naive or something, but that kinda sinched it for me, that he didn't know where they were.

Hunter lost it and ran off for a few days. When he came back, he was all black and blue bruises and really solemn. Apparently, he'd gone back to Zanarkand and looked by himself, only to get attacked by fiend monsters and forced back here.

Can you imagine...Blake came back one day, just popping up seemingly out of nowhere, and was talking about fiends, and Sin and Al Bhed. Cam looked totally interested in what he said, but he lost me at the whole glowing blue spheres that restored strength and allowed people to transport onto a mega airship or something.

I was so worried when I saw Blake come stumbling down the stairs. Hunter had run over to him immdiately, hugging him tightly, and that seemed to like brake a dam or something, as Blake just like broke down and started crying.

It wasn't until the next day when he told us about being taken to a whole new world. I know I'm naive and all that, but even I didn't believe him...

...Until he doused me with a ball of water.

Call me crazy, but isn't that Tor's element?

Well apparently, he was able to also use fire and ice, as well as these weird spells called Life and Cure.

Then he told us everything. I think Cam fainted at the point where he was an undead ghost in that world, and I know I was struggling to remember for a good hour, if Tori and I were cousins, which I'm pretty sur we aren't. Then Blake mentioned that Hunter was a really powerful black mage and had taught him those spells, and it was Hunter's turn to faint.

It would've been pretty funny, if Tori hadn't still been missing.


(Cam's POV)

When Blake went missing, Tori had lost it. She'd gotten angry at me for splitting our group up, even though we all knew searching as a group wasn't the best idea. I did feel guilty that I'd sent him off alone, but before I could open my mouth, she'd left too, running off in the direction Blake ws last seen in, Hunter following behind her.

Only to have Tori disappear as well.

Apparently, Hunter had been attacked from behind. The blast was enough to almost knock him right out, but before he passed out, he'd seen a giant fiend blasting Tori, making her disappear. I didn't think much of it, thinking it was a hallucination, until the day Blake came back.

For the entire time they were gone, I was all too aware of how badly our team was falling apart. Shane wanted nothing to do with anyone anymore, and I think that was a residual effect from losing Skyla, then having Tori and Blake disappear. I think it was fear of the others disappearing as well.

Dustin spent all of his time at the track, when he wasn't zoning out at work. Kelly had asked a bunch of questions, but I managed to stem off her curiosity by saying that a family member of Tori's was gravely ill, and Blake had gone with her for emotional support.

Well I couldn't actually say they were M.I.A., now could I? She'd ask all kinds of questions, and if they returned soon, she'd begin asking them all kinds of questions.

Hunter... Hunter had gone into a deep depression. He pushed everyone away, mumbling about how he lost his only remaining family, and life wasn't worth living, but he kept going anyways.

Then when Blake returned, everyone was happy but confused too. If he came back, where was Tori?

Needless to say, we found out when he began casting 'spells' of elements he'd never been trained in. He explained his journey to us. Everything from our counterparts, to Lothor and other people being there. As he explained a lot of the people, I researched them, finding out they were all former Rangers at some point.

Then of course, the last thing I remembered was him telling everyone I was an undead ghost who had travelled with them and helped them fight evil. I think I was in shock, because everything went black afterwards.


(Hunter's POV)

When my bro went missing, I felt like my world had just collapsed on me. I remembered all the times we'd hang out and chill, or the times we fought bside each other. I spent the better part of a week, locked up in my room, crying. Of course, I wouldn't admit it to anyone.

I went back to those damned ruins daily, alone, trying to find some hint of my brother. Sure I looked for Tori. As long as I've known her, she's become like a little sister to me, but Blake was number one in my heart, the only family I had left.

I think...part of me was hoping Lothor had my little bro. At least then, we'd know where he was, and we could always reverse whatever mind control Lothor used on him. So, when that evil space freak was obviously lost, I began to lose hope.

Two weeks...two freaking weeks they were gone, and one day, Blake just showed up out of the blue. I don't think I'd ever been so relieved to see my baby bro as he stumbled down the steps to Ops, but...a part of me worried about Tor. I knew Blake's feelings for her, and she was still missing, but he didn't seem to be too confused about it.

In fact, he cried himself to sleep, muttering about how he promised her 'always' and was forced to leave her. The next day, he explained everything to all of us, hesitating in parts or getting real angry or sad in others. I smirked when Cam passed out about hearing about his undead counterpart, and Dustin seemed totally lost when he heard that the other versions of him and Tor were cousins.

Then of course, it was my turn to have my jaw drop when he displayed the magic he'd learned, and then my jaw dropped even further, making me wonder if it fell right off, after he mentioned that I'D taught him those spells. I mean, come on! Me...ME a black mage???

Still, I was pretty worried about my bro. For a good week after he returned, he was totally depressed. There were times when he'd relax and smile, but they were few and far between. He slowly picked himself up, but was never as happy a he used to be.

In fact, he became even broodier than me, from what Dustin says. Remind me to smack him later. I'm not broody!


(Blake's POV)

It hurt so much. Sure, I wasn't alone. I had my friends and my bro, but I still felt lost and alone. I wanted my Tori back, but was that really going to happen?

When I first came back, Shane had come after me, demanding to know where Tori was. Of course, that was after my breakdown in the arms of my brother. You can't imagine how good it was to walk down those steps and hear the words "Bro?" and "Dude! It's Blake!"

For a moment, I was afraid it was another dream, but when I collapsed as my bro held me, I finally let it sink in that I was home. And then, I let it sink in that Tori wasn't.

I wasn't able to tell them anything until the next day, then I sat them all down and took my time, explaining my entire journey, and giving Cam the pouch of items that I surprisingly still had. It was a good thing he put them down though, cause when I asked him if he was still alive, and then explained why, he passed out cold.

I think I was the only one who caught Hunter's snicker, and wondered if my brother had something against Cam or something.

It was kind of funny watching their reactions as I explained everything to them. Shane got all smug about winning a trophy at blitzball...until I mentioned it was their first win in 23 years.

Dustin looked confused when I mentioned he was an Al Bhed, and he and Tor were cousins. He got this look of deep concentration on his face as he muttered about them not being cousins, and as much as I wanted to stress that I was talking about Spira's Dustin and Tori, I held back, enjoying watching him confuse himself.

Hunter's jaw dropped when I mentioned and demonstrated the black magic. I think all it really took was a ball of water over Dustin's head, but decided to show them the other spells as well.

That was all a few months ago. Together, we beat Lothor, freeing the other Ninjas, and I signed a one year contract with Factory Blue. As much as I wanted to stay, being in Blue Bay only served to remind me of the still missing Tori, and the pain I still feel to this day, when I think about the fact that she wasn't here.

Now, I'm travelling around the world, racing my bike, but my mind never strays too far from Spira or Tori. I knew, that the day was approaching, when I'd see her again.

(Two Years Later, London)

I'd just gotten back from a particularly grueling race, when my phone began to ring. Yawning, I looked at the clock that read 3 am, and wondered who the hell would be calling me at a time like this. Shrugging a bit, I answered the phone, thinking it was probably Roger wanting to make plans or something. I'd signed on for another year, though I really didn't need to.



I almost dropped the phone when I heard Cam's voice on the other end. I mean, sure I kept in touch with them, but it had been so long since i heard any of their voices, and from the sounds of it, Cam had something really important to tell me.

"Yeah. What's up?" I asked, far more awake now.

There was a sigh on the other end. "There's a strange energy reading coming from Zanarkand Ruins."

Frowning, I thanked God it was a secure cell phone. Then, what he said, hit me, and I felt my eyes widen. "Wait...you think it could be...?"

He cut me off. "No. It's strange, but whatever it is, it's matching your morpher signature."

I looked down to my useless morpher. When we had to fight Lothor the last time, he managed to absorb our powers into Cam's amulet and somehow, they all got drained. Now, no powers laid in his morpher, or anyone else's for that matter, except for Tori's probably, seeing as how she was in another world.

Remembering how the Fayth kept Tori in Spira, after everything we'd done to help them, I felt more than a little jaded, and let out an irritated sigh. "And exactly what do you want me to do about it?"

"Go check it out. My readings say it's a one-way portal. Whatever's happening, the portal leads out of this world."

And he's telling me because he knows about my feelings for Tori. With a curt nod, I realized this might've been the chance I was waiting for. "Alright. I'll check it out."

Without even waiting for an answer, I closed my phone and tossed it on my bed after deleting the memory and frying it with my thunder powers. If it was an outgoing portal, I was going to check it out, but if I went missing, I didn't want anyone to trace the call or the caller through my phone.

Sneaking out of the hotel, I Ninja Streaked to the half sunken city of Zanarkand and began looking around.

It didn't take long before I heard some strange music and rounded a corner to see the portal. It was a light blue, and swirled, but I could faintly make out what looked like Luca stadium on the other side.

Without thinking, I found myself jumping through the portal...

Coming out in a crowded stadium as a lift in the center rose, showing Tori, just as I remembered her, in her Summone attire.

Frowning, I wondered, had any time at all passed here? She looked the same.

That's when the music started and her eyes opened. She began walking briskly forward, and twirled around, a light violet light surrounding her and her skirt shortening into a mini skirt, and her shirt changing. Her whole body remained clad with the light violet light, and she danced forward, spinning around to walk back and reach her hand up, catching a microphone as it fell.

Her hair had changed too. No longer was it shoulder length, but it was cropped to just under her ears, flipped out on the ends, and she had a long braided tail of it, wrapped in red ribbon, that hung to her ankles.

I felt my jaw drop as I took in her appearance.

Then she began to sing.


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