Poor Momo. I feel like I was incredibly mean to her in this. I didn't do this to bash her- I just wanted some Hinamori angst and unrequited love. And since I couldn't find any, I decided to write one, instead. And yes, I enjoyed it. Because- other than bashing fics- I haven't read any where Hinamori gets HER heart broken. It's always Shiro getting hurt. So I decided to turn the tables and see what would happen.

And boy, have I gotten a mixed bag of reactions! Some say Hitsugaya's not being mean enough, others say he's being too mean, and still other say Hinamori's being the mean one! But it's all good- it's interesting. So let me know your take on it.


Out of the corner of his eyes, Hitsugaya glanced briefly down at her with pity. She thought she was moving on, was past Aizen. He didn't have the heart to tell her how wrong she was. Yes, she'd accepted the fact he was a traitor. But she'd regressed, trying to go back to the way things were before Aizen. It was a mental safety net for her, because it was the only way she could cope.

Hinamori lacked the strength to pick herself back up. He doubted she'd ever heal. Matsumoto was strong- she'd been deeply hurt by Ichimaru's betrayal. She'd sunk into a deep depression. She'd grieved. But she pulled herself back together, got on with life. She glued the pieces of her heart back together, as best she could, and carried on. She didn't sob among the shards, too scared and weak to pick them up.

Hitsugaya, too, had been deeply hurt. By Hinamori's betrayal. He'd sunk into a deep depression, his heart broken by his best friend's belief, love, and loyalty to an obvious, admitted traitor. Her devotion went beyond sheer stupidity. It made him seriously question her sanity.

Hitsugaya had grieved. His comfort had come not from a sake bottle, but from Matsumoto's arms. She'd helped him glue the remains of his heart back together. He picked up the pieces of his life and forged on. Both he and Matsumoto had moved past their pain, wounds turned into scars. But neither one let go of the other's hand.

But Hinamori wasn't strong enough for any of that. Even the skittish Kira was doing better than her. Matsumoto had taught Hitsugaya how to stand on his own again, after she'd figured out how to herself.

Now, Hitsugaya would teach Hinamori. She needed to learn how to pick herself up. He would protect her, but he wouldn't carry her. She needed to move on, to heal. Even if just a little bit. In the end, nobody could save Hinamori except Hinamori.

Hitsugaya walked away without a backwards glance. He heard her sobbing softly behind him. Matsumoto welcomed him with warm, long arms and a gentle kiss. She held him throughout the night. For once, she was silent while he talked while they lay in bed together.



Yes, 'tis the end. I had fun writing this-maybe I'll do more Hitsu/Hina in the future. But it will be angst- that's the way I like this couple. I adore Shiro-chan to death, and Hinamori….she's cute. And excessively naïve- a little TOO naïve. Which is why I just can't resist making her angst. The temptation is too great.

'Tis like suffering a chocolate craving and having a Hershey's bar in front of you. Ya just can't help yourself.

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