A/N: this is similar to another story series of mine called 26 connections – 100 words for two characters with each letter of the alphabet. It will be far less timeline-oriented, however, because I've seen all of YYH and less than half of Saiyuki. Sigh. The 10K is present at times. And the title may change, because I don't like it much. Suggestions are welcome.

A is for Afterlife

They haven't met in so long, it's no surprise they don't quite know what they're missing. Lives come and go, over the centuries, flashes of birth, age, childhood, death, marriage, loneliness, searching, searching, something's lost, they know, but they can't see it, can't find it, not even in the deepest reaches of their mind; trapped in a desert of not-quite-found, of almosts, nearlys and maybes that never quite satisfy – parched for something they do not know they thirst for, adrift in a dry sea of possibilities unexplored and chance meetings that never occur.

And then, one day, there is rain.