Z is for Zipper

Ah, um, Hakkai?


These jeans…

I mended them. The zipper was broken, wasn't it?

Yeah, but…you didn't have to.

Oh, no, it's the least I can do.

And you cooked. Again.

Mm-hm. I thought you'd like dinner when you ca…Gojyo, are you all right?

Yes. I'm…fine, yeah.

You don't look well.

No, it's just – I dunno. Nobody's ever done this for me, ya know?

If I shouldn't–

No! No, that's not what…I like it. I like it a lot, okay? But you don't have to. You know that, right?

Of course. But…I do want to.



Nah, it's nothing.

Oh. All right.

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