Date Started: May 17, 2007
Date Finished: May 17, 2007

Summary: Takeru faces off against the darkness…

Water Haunting

There was a strong pull – a need to enter the darkness…

Takeru's eyes fluttered open from a clenched position. Yet regardless of his now open eyes, darkness continued to engulf his vision. He cowered, moving his knees to his chest and circling them with his arms, pulling them ever closer against his ribcage. Shivers ran up and down his spine as his need increased, but to stand and move out alone into unknown territory frightened him deeply to a point of embarrassment. He made no further movements, simply allowing his labored breathing to steadily increase.

He turned on his back; a soft breeze passed over him, caused by his shifting body, and the need returned with a much greater intensity, pulling him towards the deepening darkness. Takeru tried desperately to contain it, but eventually he gave in.

Rising steadily to his feet, Takeru tried to gauge his surroundings. He was in unfamiliar terrain, his hands flailing slowly about in front of him as he stepped forward, moving onwards towards the destination of his pull. He fully embraced it now. There was no turning back.

He could only guess that he had exited the room he was in, but the corridor outside seemed to stretch out forever. Takeru half-expected Devimon to materialize against him from within the darkness, but he knew that this was a much more serious horror he now faced. And there was no way for even Patamon to help him out of it.

The hallway abruptly ended, and Takeru felt around with his hands for a new entrance. He finally found a doorway and stepped inside the newfound room. Once inside, the darkness faded for him, leaving behind a brightening golden light. It took a second for his eyes to adjust.

Takeru breathed a heavy sigh of relief then, now that it was seemingly over. Suddenly, the flow of water echoed around the room and down the hallway. The boy gulped, swallowing deep in the nervousness that overwhelmed him. It was a stream – the sound from a torrent of water splashing down hard into a deepening ocean.

Takeru's knees began to quiver, joining his already clenched and rapidly trembling teeth as he willed the echo to finally end. And within moments, it was finally over. He sighed again, relief washing over him at about the same time he finished washing his own hands.

Takeru flushed the toilet and turned off the lights. It was a close call; he just couldn't let Daisuke know that he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom during his first sleepover at his friends place.

With the lights off once more, Takeru tried again to feel his way back to his sleeping bag in Daisuke's room. He knew, of course, that if Daisuke found out about this, Takeru would never be able to hear the end of it.

End Notes:
- A short drabble with satire that takes itself seriously… hum, take it as you wish.