Final Fantasy VII


Chapter 1

" Reno?" Tifa was surprised to see him. She was outside her bar, making it presentable.

" Tifa, hey how have you been?" he replied

" So, how's retirement treating you?"

" Bad, yesterday I actually heard some nut case say Sephiroth is back."

" He is." Tifa informed him. " But he's good again" She quickly added, noticing that he had become nervous.

" What, well I guess that's good news, huh?"

" Yeah, he just helped us defeat Tseng."

" Tseng? You mean…"

" Yeah, Rufus betrayed him, mutated him, drove him to insanity."

" Well, looks like I got out just in time."

" Yeah"

" So, how's Cloud been?"

" Good, he's upstairs sleeping right now."

" Really?" Reno replied with a smirk.

Tifa punched him in the arm. " It's not like that, he got drunk last night so I made him stay in a guest room."

" Oh, well, I'm kinda running late, gotta go Tifa."

" Oh, ok, hey you and Rude should stop in for a drink sometime."

" You can count on it."

Tifa resumed washing the window and Reno walked further down the street. When he got to the corner, he looked back, to make sure Tifa wasn't looking. Then he quickly ducked inside the hotel. When he went inside he didn't have a chance to look around. The man he was looking for grabbed his arm and pulled him to a room upstairs. Closing the door and locking it the man removed his hood.

" What took you so long?" Eight asked

" I bumped into an old friend." Reno replied coolly.

" Yeah, I saw you down there with her, you do realize she is one of the people looking for me?"

" Yes, it would have looked suspicious if I walked passed her without returning her greeting, even strangers greet each other."

" Well anyway how are you going to get me out of here?" Eight asked, turning around to check the room for anything he may have forgotten to pack.

" Yeah about that." Reno said, pulling out a silenced pistol and shooting Eight in the back of the head. " Rufus doesn't need you no more." He finished walking over to the mirror and checking himself for any sign of blood. He then put the weapon back inside his coat, and left the hotel. When he passed the bar, Tifa was no longer outside. He went around the corner and got into the parked car. " All right Rude, mission accomplished, let's go." The car pulled away heading to the city gates. Upstairs looking out a window, Tifa thought to herself. " Weird, Rude was with him, but Reno didn't even mention him. Something doesn't seem right."