Is there anybody out there who

Is lost and hurt and lonely too

Are they bleeding all your colors into one?

Square One

By Coldplay

He hated weakness. The inability to protect yourself and what is dear to you. Yes, that is what he hated. Kyuubi no Kitsune loathed the weak; he loathed those who could not defend themselves. So he decided he would never be one of them.

He achieved his goal. The first Nine Tailed Fox, the strongest of the Tailed Demons. He was power incarnate. So powerful was he that he was no longer considered an entity. No, he was considered a natural disaster. In other words, something that could not be stopped. Strange as it seemed, he was stopped. By a human. How could it be that he, the strongest being in existence, other than the gods themselves, was defeated by a mere mortal human? How could it be that this human had summoned a god? The god of Death to be precise. To top it all off, he wasn't even killed. No, they couldn't just end his existence. That human had to seal him into a human, a child. The weakest of the weak! Never before had things looked so grim for the fox. All his work, wasted because he found one person stronger than he was, and now all he could do is spend the rest of this mortal's life sealed in it's stomach, to live out its days stuck behind an unbreakable cage until the Death God finally claimed him as its own.

For seven long years, Kyuubi wallowed in self pity. Seven years of self torment and abasement. Seven years of reflecting on what he could have done differently. Seven years of planning. And now, those plans were coming to fruition. It was time that he bestowed his own personal bloodline to a new family. His vessel would not be weak. Kyuubi would not be seen as weak. And, as the strongest non-divine being in existence, his container would have to be the strongest human to have ever existed, just so that it won't reflect badly on his own image.

Kyuubi no Kitsune was obsessed with being the strongest. And he would do anything he could to get there. Even if it meant helping a human of all things, and now that the time was right, he could finally start his quest over again, his quest to become the best.

Red chakra seeped out of the cage. Its luminescent red light reflected up to the fox's visage. He was grinning.

"Shit! He's going into cardiac arrest! Start the defibrillating jutsu!"

Medic nin rushed around the ER room. A bloody bundle, barely recognizable as human, lay on the hospital bed in the middle of the frenzied operation preparation.

"Get me 10cc of adrenaline and another 10 of morphine. Oh, shit! He's awake! Put a sleep jutsu on him, quickly!"

The cloudy blue eyes that were trying to look around the room slowly drooped closed. The door to the ER burst open.

"Hokage-sama! What are y-"

"What happened!"

"Sir!" An ANBU stepped up to the Hokage. "I found him in sector 9 during my patrol. All assailants were detained. The rest of my squad are taking care of loose ends, and I rushed him here."

The Hokage's eyes narrowed in anger, but not directed towards the ANBU. "Get back to your squad and help them with the attackers. Send them straight to Ibiki. Tell him he has unrestricted access to any method he feels appropriate."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." A puff of smoke signaled his departure. The old man moved to the side, clearing up space for the doctors and nurses to work. A nurse brought him a chair and he sat with a weary sigh.

A massive chakra spike set him on edge. He stood up quickly, but before he could even take a step, a veritable flood of red chakra burst from the unconscious boy's body. It pulsed and the medic nin surrounding the operation table were thrust away, only to have tendrils of red chakra grab them out of mid air and set them gently on the ground. The Hokage paused for a minute, surprised. It was just long enough for a red dome to form around the boy, almost five feet across, blocking any attempt to reach the boy. And attempt, he did.

Hokage uselessly pounded on the chakra barrier. His frantic attempts stirred the medic nin in the room into helping him, but even their entire combined efforts couldn't break the barrier.


The inhuman cry rang through the room, making each one wince. The boy's body started twitching, then convulsing. The shrieking stopped, only to be replaced by a gurgling that unmistakably came from the boy.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to see the next development. The boy's skin literally melted off. The seemingly gelatinous mass slowly dripped off the table onto the ER floor, while the exposed muscles underneath slowly started breaking down. Snaps and cracks rebounded, evidence that the boy's bones were breaking because of the convulsions. Then, quite suddenly, the muscles started re-arranging themselves. They knotted, relaxed, bunched, and lengthened. A wiry muscular structure replaced the boy's previous muscles, attaching themselves to an altered skeletal structure. Blood vessels re appeared, and the boy's internal organs moved. An amniotic sac-like structure formed over the boy, twitching here and there. After a few seconds, it ripped open and melted, joining the boy's old skin on the floor. New, soft, pink skin covered rippling muscles.

The barrier collapsed in on itself, spiraling around and around, back into the boy's stomach. Sunny blonde hair, as wild an unkempt as ever, waved in the breeze made by the chakra's passage. The Hokage was about to rush to the boy's side, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. One of the doctors was stopping him.

"Hokage-sama, I understand your affection for the boy, but we have to check him first. We don't know what the f…" A glare from the Hokage made him hesitate. "his tenant did."

"Very well." He sighed.

Medic nin were using scanning jutsu to assess the changes the boy underwent. One by one, the jutsu shut down.


"Sir!" One of the medic nin spoke up. "The youkai altered his DNA and changed a lot of his physical body. His bone structure is mostly the same, as you can see he's still shaped like a human. The strange part is that the bones were hollowed out some, allowing nearly twice the amount of bone marrow to exist, drastically increasing the rate at which he produces blood. But, to compensate for a thinner crust, the bone has an internal structure that looks like it should redirect any blunt force to a joint, to be absorbed by the flesh. The actual bone matter is much denser as well. He'll most likely never suffer a severe broken bone from this point on."

Another nin continued. "His muscular structure is completely rebuilt. Fascinating, really. The ligaments are stronger, and the muscle is much more dense, but still extremely wiry and flexible. Most of his joints seem double jointed. He'll have incredible flexibility if he continually stretches. These muscles are far superior to anything that a normal human had, even with years of training and conditioning. Well, for his age at least. He'll need half the exercise a regular person would to gain the same benefits. On top of that, the capillary structure through the bones is much more complex. He'll have godly endurance. The vessels will be able to provide much more oxygen to the muscle as well as take away waste faster, keeping the muscle stronger for longer. Incredible…"

Yet again, a third nin stepped up. "Hokage-sama, the nervous system is basically the same, except that there are double the amount of information senders/receptors. Basically, messages are sent faster, and with more information in a single 'pulse' of chemicals. Absolutely incredible. It appears that there are about double the amount of neurons in the brain. By all accounts, this boy should be able to learn at nearly four times the rate of other children."

The Hokage sat down. "Is there anything else to cover?"

No one spoke.

"Thank you, doctors. Do you see any potential problems in the future?"

They unanimously shook their heads.

"Good. Thank you for your hard work."

Sky blue eyes slowly opened. They blink, once, twice, and the room comes into focus. Squinting against the glare of the sunlight bouncing off of the painfully white ceiling, they try to take in their surroundings. With a slight groan, the body to which the eyes belong slowly sits up. The pounding in his head became evident, prompting another groan. Cradling his head in his hands, Naruto tries to block out the pain. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it receded.

'The hospital again, huh.'

A flurry of images ran through his mind. Not a single one of them was happy. Between being kicked out of the orphanage last year, to the ridicule and torment the villagers thrust upon him, to the riot, to the crowd beating him. Yeah. Not many happy memories.

The door to the hospital slid open. An old man with crème colored robes lined in red with a similarly decorated hat walked in. Naruto's face brightened.


Naruto tried to jump out of bed at the Hokage, but instead of a small arc, the small boy's new muscles pushed him incredibly fast, barreling at the old man. Who caught him like it was nothing.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. Sit still a minute. I've got something I need to talk to you about."

Naruto finished the bear hug he was giving the old man and stood back a pace, rocking on his heels and grinning happily.

Sandaime Hokage chuckled.

"Naruto, do you remember what happened before you were brought to the hospital?"

Naruto's happy demeanor instantly vanished. The sad, pleading look on his face wrenched the heart out of anyone who had one. "Y-yes."

Sandaime sighed. "Naruto, by all accounts, you should have died that night."

"W-what? Not you too…"

"NO! I didn't mean it like that" he interjected. "I meant that the damage done to you was enough to kill you. But, it didn't."

Naruto peered at the Hokage, eyes narrowed. "Why?"

The old man closed his eyes and squatted down to the little boy's level. "Naruto, when you were born, the Kyuubi was attacking the village. Yondaime Hokage fought it, but even he was not strong enough to beat the beast. So, he did the only thing he could. He sealed it inside of you."

"W-what? T-then they're right. I am n-nothing but a d-demon!"

"Naruto, you are not the Kyuubi. He's stuck in your belly button. You are Uzumaki Naruto. You will never be a demon, do you understand?"

The boy's sobs stopped. He scrunched his eyes shut, thinking. "If he lives in my belly button, then that means…" Naruto looked down, pulled up his shirt, and poked his belly button several times. "You hear that, baka-kitsune? You're stuck in my belly button! HAH!"

Sandaime broke into an amused grin, chuckling quietly.

"I'm ashamed that the villagers can't see you as a hero. You, Naruto, are the only hero of Konoha that has given every single breath of your body to protect us. You hold back the Kyuubi. So you see, even if the villagers are mistreating you, remember that you are protecting them. You are a hero. Ok?"

"Hah! Of course I'm a hero. I'm gonna be Hokage, so it's only right that I'm so important, huh? Believe it!" (sorry, couldn't resist. )

"Ha ha ha, is that so? Well then, I'll have to train you myself. But there's something else I need to tell you. When you were unconscious, the Kyuubi changed your body. You don't look different, but he made everything work better, understand? So, basically, you have a bloodline. Isn't that cool?"

"A bloodline? What's that?"

"It's an ability passed down through family from parent to child. Because the fox made yours, you are the first. So all your children will have this cool ability."

"Hey, what kind of cool ability do I have? Can I shoot lasers from my eyes? Can I lift things without touching them? Can I shoot spider webs? What, what!"

"Ha ha ha, no. Your ability is that your body works a lot better than anyone else's. You have more strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and a better reaction time than any other normal person. If you train hard, no one will ever be better than you. Ok?"

"COOL! Hah, better watch out! Soon I'll be stronger than you, and then they'll have to make me Hokage!"

"I don't doubt it, Naruto."

Naruto's brows furrowed.

"Um, Hokage, what is a seal?"

Sarutobi smiled. "That, Naruto, will have to wait for tomorrow. Now it's getting late, and you need to go to sleep to recover your energy."

The door opened and a nurse walked in, pushing a food cart.

"Well, you can go to sleep after you eat your dinner. Ok?"


Naruto ate, despite the fact that his eyes were hurting. It was just a side effect of the medicine, right?

The sun peaked over the forest surrounding Konoha, its light shining on the peaceful village. For those who hated the morning, it was a curse they couldn't be rid of, but to those who loved waking up early, it was a bright beacon signaling a new day. For Uzumaki Naruto, it was a wake up call.

Said boy snorted in his sleep and rolled over right into the light shining in from the window.

"Damn sun…" he muttered. Sitting up and rubbing his eyes, he tries to shake off the fogginess of sleep.

"Good morning, Naruto-san."

Naruto turned to look at the nurse that walked in the door. Their eyes met, and before either could do anything, the nurse's eyes rolled up and she fell to the floor clutching her head, letting out a low moan of pain as she passed out.

Naruto's eyes widened and he jumped out of bed and rushed to her side.

"Wake up! What's wrong! What did I do?" He shook her shoulder, trying to wake her up. Looking around frantically, he caught his reflection on a small compact mirror that fell out of the nurse's pocket. Where his bright blue, incredibly expressive eyes once were, blank yellow orbs stared back at him. His eyes widened, and a massive headache throbbed through his head.

He tore his eyes away and frantically started looking around the room. He saw the emergency button next to his bed. He slammed his hand down on it.

Within a minute, several nurses and a doctor stormed into the room, only to find one of their co-workers unconscious on the ground. They rushed to her side and checked her vitals.

"What happened?" One called to Naruto, who was staring at the floor.

"I don't know! She walked into the room, and I looked at her and she fell down. Is she ok?"

"She'll be fine. But what do you mean that you looked at her and she fell down?"

Naruto looked up at the doctor in surprise. He instantly regretted it. The doctor's eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed as well. Naruto quickly reverted his gaze to the ground. The other nurses rushed to him and checked his vitals.

One of the nurses ran outside to the ANBU standing outside "Get the Hokage. Something's happening."

Sandaime entered the Hospital, his eyes never leaving the ground, to hear the sounds of sobbing.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong?"

"I-I hurt her. I d-d-didn't mean to, honest! It just h-happened."

"I know, I know. It was an accident. Don't worry about them, they're just unconscious. Naruto, I need to cover your eyes, ok? We don't want anyone else getting hurt, do we?"


"Ok. Keep looking at the ground, ok?"

Sandaime peeked up at the boy. Seeing that he was following instructions, Sandaime walked up to him and wrapped a thin gauze around the boy's eyes.

"Can you see, Naruto?"


"Ok, I want to see if this stops whatever your eyes do, ok?"


"Look at me."

Naruto carefully looked up into the old man's eyes. Nothing happened.

"Naruto, are you ok?"

"I-I will be."

"Ok." After a moment, Sandaime sat in the chair next to Naruto's bed. "Do… you remember what your eyes looked like after this happened?"

"Y-yes. They were yellow. I got a headache when I looked at them."

"I see. Naruto, it looks like Kyuubi gave you something more than a better body. Your eyes will knock a person unconscious if you look directly into their eyes. When you're older, they may even be able to kill." Naruto let out a sharp gasp. "Now, don't worry, they won't just yet. It's a dangerous ability. I'll need to help you learn how to control it, but to do that I'll have to take you on as my apprentice. Is that ok with you?"

"H-hai, Jii-san."

Sandaime smiled. Leaning down, he hugged Naruto's small form. "Everything will be ok, Naruto. I promise."

Six years of being an apprentice to the Hokage turned Naruto into an incredible shinobi. Many believed him to be on par with Uchiha Itachi. However, Naruto was only classified as Jounin, not as ANBU Captain that the instigator of the Uchiha Massacre was at the age of 13.

Although Naruto had not finished the Academy, he had studied under the Hokage. While it would have been incredibly difficult for the aged man to have both an apprentice and maintain his duties, it was not too difficult with Kage Bunshin. When his presence was not needed in the office, he left a clone to do the paperwork and left the smaller missions to be handed out by his secretary. When his presence was needed, Sandaime left Naruto with a Kage Bunshin for theoretical training. The application was only practiced with the Hokage himself.

Most of the counsel, as well as many shinobi, protested Sandaime taking on an apprentice. However, the Hokage is not without power, and after removing several of the more ardent supporters, they let him be. Besides, Naruto proved to be a valuable asset.

Sandaime was worried, though. He didn't have a lot of experience dealing with people his own age. He was rather detached from the world. He could show emotion, but he had trouble trusting people. The few he trusted were the Hokage and the owner of Ichiraku's and his daughter.

The blonde ninja wore an outfit similar to that of an ANBU. He preferred their armor to a Jounin vest, but refused to carry a sword. His outfit was complete with a porcelain mask, but it was purely white, no patterns or paintings, and oddly enough, without eyeholes. The mask did have several seals on the inside that turned it into something like a one way mirror, allowing Naruto to see out but no one to see in.

Of all the training he had under the old man, what caught his attention the most was his sealing techniques. His greatest accomplishment, in his opinion, was that he is was registered as a Grand Seal Master. After a rigorous test by the Toad Sannin, Jiraiya, he just had to finish a little bit of paperwork, and it was all set.

Right now, he was standing in Sandaime's office. The old man shuffled some papers and set them aside. Leaning forward, he looked at Naruto's blank mask as if he was staring him in the eyes.

"Naruto, I'm pleased with your progress. I think that you should have some friends your own age, though. Because of an odd number of students from this year's graduation, there are two students left over. Kakashi volunteered to take on Uchiha Sasuke as an apprentice, which leaves one extra student. I would like you observe the class and choose one. I want you to train with him or her. I don't think it should be an apprenticeship, par say, but more like partner training. You may be a Jounin, but even Jounin could use backup every once in a while. Do you understand?"

"Hai, Jii-san."

"Make a friend, Naruto. That's all I'm asking."


Yo, everyone. Well, here I am. My first foray into Fan fiction. Tell me what you think!

Now, to address a few things.

In case you haven't already realized, Naruto's new eyes are basically that of a basilisk from the Harry Potter series. The difference is that indirect eye contact can, at most, give a headache. Unaffected eye contact leads to unconsciousness, while lessened gives a headache, and increased will kill. It takes a lot of concentration though.

Don't complain that Naruto is too powerful. Kyuubi's aim was to make him strong. He did just that. And an apprenticeship to the Hokage didn't hurt either. As for his eyes, I think they're ok. I mean, the Sharingan can copy ninjutsu, cast or dispel genjutsu with ease, and predict and copy taijutsu. Its only weakness is speed. If that isn't overpowered, than my eye isn't either. And it will be unnamed, unless I get a really good suggestion from one of you guys.

If you have any suggestions, such as grammar, writing style, or a way I can make things a little more understandable, I'd be happy to listen to you. But, I don't want you to flame me just because you don't like my story. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm writing this for my own personal pleasure, not for you. I could care less if you read it or not, but if you have to comment, at least make it constructive. Ok? Ok. Thanks!

Till next time!