Important notes!

Following a massive writers block, I began questioning my ability to write. I went back and started reading my fics. I'm disappointed with many of my chapters here in Cell Shift. It's like looking back at the finger paintings you did in Kindergarten, sloppy, crude, and poorly done. Still, I feel quite an emotional attachment to this story, and I'd hate to just delete it. So, I've decided I'm going to begin to revise it. I'm going to go back through and systematically replace all the chapters with new, updated, and more detailed chapters.

I've decided, after a preliminary reading, that the plot will not significantly change. Much will stay the same, but there will be some minor changes here and there. Some more subtle, some not. Most prominently, I'm going to try and fix a few of the plot holes I haveā€¦ the ones that came close to destroying the universe of my fic by tearing the space-time continuum a new one. In any case, please feel free to look at the new chapters! By the time this is posted, I've already updated chapter 2, so go look at it!

Once I'm done updating the entire story, I'm going to delete these notes and post another set of notes for those of you that want to wait until I'm done renovating before reading the whole fic in its entirety. For those of you that don't want anything to do with this fic, I completely understand. Right now, it's crap. But hopefully, I can make it at least somewhat better. And who knows? Maybe by the time I'm done updating, I'll have broken the 100,000 word mark. That's my eventual goal for this story.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys soon. If you find an updated chapter, please feel free to leave a new review for it. I would appreciate it. Your reviews encourage me greatly, and who knows, maybe this project will help dislodge the writer's block I still have.

Thank you for being there for me so far, and I hope to see you in the future.

The Emerald Ingot.