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'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means speaking

Zane and Atticus are OOC, but with Atticus who can really tell?

"You did it again, Zane," Jaden said.

"No, you have to give credit to Sy as well," Zane replied.

"What did I do?" Syrus asked glumly.

"It was your Power Bond card that allowed the win," Zane pointed out. "So, we both won the duel, Sy."

"I won against Ja and Atticus," Syrus said softly.

"Don't get too excited, Syrus," Alexis cautioned. "It's almost curfew."

"Already?!" Jaden and Syrus chorused.

"Yes. You two better get going." Alexis ushered the two Slifers out the door.

"Bye, Atticus! Bye, Zane!" Jaden called.

"Bye, Atticus! Bye, Big Bro!"

Alexis closed the door. "Let's get ready."

Alexis changed her clothes in the bathroom while the two boys put on the shirts they were wearing the previous night. Alexis exited the bathroom. The three Obelisk Blues laid down on the bed and fell asleep.


Zane was the first one to wake up followed closely by Alexis. Alexis proceeded to wake her brother up using the same procedure she used the previous morning.

"Time for breakfast," Alexis announced. The three of them went downstairs and ate breakfast in peace.

Mid-morning found them back in Atticus's room doing homework. It took all morning for them to finish. Lunch came soon enough for all three. As Alexis left, Atticus and Zane cleared the table and bed off. When Alexis didn't return fifteen minutes later, the boys started to get worried. Another ten minutes went by before Alexis slipped back into the room. As she set the trays down, Zane noticed her harassed expression. "What's wrong, Lexi?"

"That stupid tennis jock, Harrison, intercepted me on my way back up and wouldn't leave me alone. I told him I was visiting my brother who was being watched over by my boyfriend."

"I'm going to have to talk to him when this is over with," Zane promised.

Lunch flew by as the morning did. In the afternoon, Alexis was doing the rest of her homework at the table, Zane was lying on the bed pouring through his Alchemy book, and Atticus was bored. All the sudden, Atticus stood up on the bed and started jumping on the bed. For about a half an hour, this was the scene.

Just then, after a rather enthusiastic bounce, Zane was bounced off the bed and landed on the floor with a yelp.

"Zane! Are you all right?" the Rhodes siblings chorused.

"Yeah, but I've got great news. I've found the cure!"

"Really?" they chorused again.

"Let's get to the Alchemy classroom."

The trio of Obelisk Blues made their way to the classroom. Zane was carrying his Alchemy book while Alexis was carrying the boys' uniforms.

Zane set everything up and began working. Atticus and Alexis watched as he poured the mixture into two vials. He handed one to Atticus and kept the other for himself.

"Bottoms up," Atticus said before the two six-year-olds drank the mixture.

They managed to place the vials into a holder before their transformation took place. Both of them sank to their knees, their veins feeling like they were on fire. Tremors tore through their bodies as though they were caught in an earthquake, and they felt like their insides were melting. If this won't cure them, it'll kill them. After what seemed like an eternity, material ripping greeted their ears as the two boys' bodies grew in size. Alexis quickly averted her eyes and held out the uniforms. She felt the uniforms being taken from her outstretched hands. After a few minutes, Alexis heard, "Okay, Lexi. You can look now."

Her eyes traveled back to where seventeen-year-olds Zane and Atticus stood. She smiled. "It worked."

Zane walked over to the blonde and wrapped his arms around her. "I've missed this."

Alexis smiled again and melted in his arms. "I did too, Zane."

"Okay, you two lovebirds. It's about time we headed for the mess hall," Atticus interrupted. Alexis stepped out of the hug. Zane grasped her hand, and the three of them went to the mess hall.

On their way there, Harrison saw Alexis. Not noticing she was holding hands with Zane, the jock approached them. "Hey, Alexis. Would you like to spend some time with me? We could find a secluded spot and-"

"Excuse me," Zane cut in.

"Hello, Zane."

"I would appreciate it if you stopped hitting on my girlfriend."

Harrison paled and turned to Alexis. "You weren't joking."

"Why would I joke about something like that?"

Harrison lowered his gaze mumbled an apology, and left. Zane escorted Alexis into the mess hall, and Crowler spotted them. "Ah, Zane. Glad to see you're back to normal."

"Thank you, Doctor Crowler." The two Obelisk Blues sidestepped the make-up wearing professor. They ate dinner in relative peace and quiet.

After dinner, Zane and Alexis went for a stroll. For awhile, they were just enjoying each other's company. Then, Alexis broke the silence. "I'm glad things are back to normal."

"Me too, Lexi." Zane cupped the blonde's chin and gave her a gentle kiss.