A/N - The concept of this story is originally from thetreacletart's fic, Every Snupin Ever Written. Borrowed with permission. Many thanks to mollycoddles for the beta work!

Remus and Tonks: A Love Story

"They really are good for each other, aren't they?" asked Hermione Granger, looking over at the abandoned dance floor, abandoned save for the bride and groom. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin were happily dancing together, if one could call simply swaying slowly not quite in time to the music, dancing.

"Who?" Ron Weasley asked. The other three at the table all turned to stare at him, making him quite uncomfortable and wondering if another trip to the desert table would be in order.

"Who?" mocked Ginny Weasley. "Stupid git. Whose wedding did we just attend?"

"Right," said Ron, thinking that a third piece of cake would hit the spot right about now.

"I still can't quite believe it," said Harry Potter. "It, dunno, seems weird somehow."

"Weird?" asked Ginny and Hermione in unison.

"Yeah, weird," said Harry defensively. "I mean what could they possibly have in common?"

A silence settled over the quartet as they pondered the question.

"I bet the sex is really good," Ron said finally, then quickly swatting the napkin Ginny threw at him and rubbing his shoulder where Hermione punched him. Hard. "What'd I say?"

"Their relationship has to be more than sex, doesn't it?" asked Hermione worriedly. "Doesn't it?"

"Well, a werewolf probably doesn't get much action," said Harry tentatively, taking another sip of his wine.

"What if…what if…" Ginny trailed off, looking at the couple.

"What if what?" asked Hermione.

"What if Harry is right?" asked Ginny. "Maybe Remus wanted girl help and Tonks was willing to help him out?"

"Remus is a virgin?" asked Ron, his eyes widening. The remark landed him another punch in the shoulder. He went back to finishing off his fourth or was it his fifth glass of wine.

"Maybe he was," said Ginny, clearly warming up to the topic. "Can't you see it? Remus pushing his hair out of his face and asking Tonks if she'd be willing to help him out."

"Remus is almost forty," said Harry, shaking his head. "Forty. That's ancient."

"Maybe Tonks was the virgin," injected Hermione. "Maybe she chose never to have sex because she could never be sure if someone loved her for her, so she waited. But then couldn't handle it anymore and asked Remus to sleep with her."

Ron quietly took the glass of wine that Hermione was holding out of her hand and placed it away from her. Hermione promptly picked it up again and took a large swallow.

"But if one or the other was a virgin, that's not going to make it good sex," said Ron, matter of factly.

"It will if you practice a lot," whispered Hermione.

Ron almost seemed to blush. "Good point."

"I wonder if werewolves howl in bed?" mused Ginny.

"What?" demanded Harry, Ron and Hermione at once.

"Given this some thought?" asked Harry, putting his arm around her.

"Of course not, but I guess I can picture Professor Lupin letting go a bit, embracing his more animalistic side," said Ginny defensively. "A low growl when he releases all his inhibitions, perhaps? Might be a bit of a turn on."

"I'll make a note of that," Harry whispered in her ear, causing Ginny's cheeks to redden.

"I always thought Lupin was gay," said Ron frankly.

"Really?" asked Hermione. "When I saw Remus and Sirius hug in the Shrieking Shack, I wondered, but then I thought I was imaging it."

"You never thought that Remus and Sirius were getting it on at Grimmauld Place?" asked Ginny. "I thought so."

"Me, too," said Harry slowly, as if a light just turned on. "Maybe that's what happened."

"Remus and Tonks?"

"Sure," said Harry, warming up to the theme. "Maybe Remus and Sirius were in a happy relationship when Sirius died. Then Tonks tried to console Remus and eventually Remus started loving her instead."

"A bit twisted, if you asked me," said Ron, shaking his head.

"I wonder if she can morph into a man…" Harry trailed off.

"You wonder that," said Ginny, rolling her eyes. "I think it was her family. Wasn't her mum Sirius' favorite cousin? She must have known Remus. Maybe Tonks asked her mum to set her up with someone and Mrs. Tonks, not knowing Tonks was in the Order, set her up with Remus!"

"They could have just been betrothed from when she was born," Harry said. "Wizarding families do that, right?"

"Maybe centuries ago," Hermione said with a huff. "If her family was involved, wouldn't it make more sense for them to know each since she was little?"

"I guess. Maybe Sirius babysat for her a lot when she was young and brought Remus along," said Ginny. "Wouldn't it be romantic if Tonks knew then that she was going to marry Remus?"

"At age five?" asked Hermione skeptically.

"Okay, maybe not," said Ginny quickly.

"Did Tonks ever mention having rows with her dad?" asked Harry.

"I don't think so," Hermione replied.

"Well, maybe Tonks and her dad don't get along and she's trying to find a father figure in Remus," said Harry.

Ron practically spit his drink. "I row with Mum all the time but that doesn't mean I'm looking for a mother figure in Hermione."

"Ignore Harry, Ron," said Ginny, shaking her head.

"It has to have something with him being a werewolf," Hermione said quickly. "I mean, it sort of makes him wild, a bit naughty. That can be very attractive."

"I can be naughty," Ron muttered under his breath.

Hermione patted him on the knee. "I know, Ron. I know."

"And wild."

"I know, Ron."

"I heard once that werewolves mate for life," Harry said.

"No way! Only one person for life?" Ron asked, perking up. But then immediately regretted the question when Hermione punched his shoulder. Again. Right where he was fairly sure a bruise would be forming.

"Can't you picture it? Remus and Tonks were up really late, maybe drinking. They kissed, and the next thing they knew, they were both starkers. Remus couldn't stop himself and then had to tell Tonks that they were mates. For life," said Harry.

"That certainly would explain the wedding," considered Ron.

"Well, I heard that werewolves had incredible sexual powers close to a full moon," said Ginny, tossing her hair over her shoulders. "Maybe Tonks couldn't say no after one go."

"Don't blue moons make werewolves…" Hermione trailed off.

"Make werewolves what?" asked Harry.

"Never mind," Hermione said far too quickly.

"Make werewolves what?" repeated Harry.

"Fine, blue moons make werewolves….lustful," said Hermione, her cheeks turning red. "I read it somewhere."

"How do you both know so much about werewolves and their mating habits?" asked Ron suspiciously.

"Research," answered Hermione briskly.

"And why were you researching?" asked Ron.

"Because practically every girl had a crush on Lupin when he taught at Hogwarts," said Ginny quickly. "Once he was outed, it was almost impossible to find a decent book on werewolves in the library."

"You had a crush on Lupin?" asked Ron to Hermione, his mouth open slightly.

"Hermione also had a crush on Lockhart, mate," said Harry, trying not to laugh.

"Did you have a crush on every male Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we had?" Ron demanded. "Did you have a crush on Moody?"

"Alastor Moody was one of the finest Aurors this century," said Hermione with dignity as Harry and Ginny started laughing.

A smattering of applause rippled through the small crowd that remained as Remus and Tonks left the dance floor. Most of the wedding guests had gone home some time ago. Arthur and Molly were sitting at a table, arms around each other while Neville and Luna walked up to the table, holding hands and Neville holding a bottle of wine.

"Just what we need," said Ron eagerly, holding out his goblet for more wine. Neville quickly refilled everyone's glasses and he and Luna sat down, looking exhausted.

"How do you think Remus and Tonks became a couple?" asked Harry, his voice slightly slurred.

Neville mumbled something while Luna said, "It's obvious, isn't it?" She looked over towards the couple, where Tonks was sitting in Remus' lap at a table across the room. "I think Tonks is a werewolf."

Ron almost spit out his drink at Luna's words. "A werewolf?" he asked. "I think we would know if Tonks was a werewolf."

"Maybe Remus accidentally bit her one full moon or maybe she demanded that he bite her," Luna said dreamily. "So they always will be able to keep each other company during the full moon."

"Right," said Hermione said. "Moving on-"

"Or it could have something to do with the fact that because of the Grifteg Conspiracy, both werewolves and metamorphs are sterile," Luna continued with a small yawn, resting her head on Neville's shoulder. "That would form a deep bond."

"Did the Ministry pass any kind of law, forcing werewolves to marry?" asked Ron.

"That would explain the wedding, but not the almost four years, counting that one not happy year, that they've been together," said Hermione, putting her arm around Ron's shoulders and taking a sip of wine.

A silence fell over the group and they all seemed lost in their thoughts, or at the very least, their drinks. Ron found himself wondering if everyone could use another piece of cake, ignoring the grumblings of his stomach.

"Didn't you think once that Tonks was in love with Sirius?" asked Ginny suddenly.

Harry squirmed a little in his seat. "A bit silly now that I think about it," Harry said.

"Maybe she was!" said Hermione, clapping her hands together and almost losing her drink in the process. "Have you heard of Cyrano de Bergerac? Maybe Sirius was in love with Tonks! And he wasn't sure how to win her heart so he had Remus help him and write poetry and sonnets and letters…"

Luna looked at Hermione quizzically. "How would poetry and sonnets make a difference?"

Hermione ignored her. "And Tonks read the letters and thought they were from Sirius and she fell in love with the man that wrote the letters, which was actually Remus," she sighed. "Beautiful."

"I bet it was just from being in the Order," Neville said quietly. "They might have had a mission together, their lives in danger-"

"They weren't sure if they'd survive so they decided to have sex because it might be their last night on earth," finished Ron proudly, whose head promptly flew forward when Hermione cuffed him.

"Maybe he fell in love with her during an Order mission. I mean, she could morph into anything," Ginny said, ignoring the way the men's eyes glazed over slightly. "Maybe she was deep undercover and he fell in love with her not realizing that it was her!"

"I think we're making this far too complicated," said Hermione after some thought. "I bet Sirius set them up, played match maker or something."

"I could see that. Sirius would want both of them to be happy," said Ginny. "He must have thought they'd make each other happy."

"Which they obviously do, hence the wedding," said Harry, taking Ginny's wrist and helping her settle onto his lap. His arms wrapped around her tightly.

"Or Tonks decided Remus needed some more fun in his life, so she took him out to a dance club or something," said Ron, looking proud of his idea. "It was just natural from there."

"Tonks can barely stay up on her own two feet, can you imagine her trying to dance?" snickered Harry.

"Maybe that's it!" said Luna, hers eyes bulging slightly. "Maybe Tonks had to go to a ball of some sort and needed to learn how to dance. And Remus taught her!"

"Dancing is so romantic," Hermione sighed.

"I love dancing," said Ginny, her head resting against Harry's.

"Tonks tripped and fell right into Remus' arms and it was love at first sight," mused Hermione with a smile.

Just then, Molly and Arthur Weasley walked by the table, holding hands, looking very content.

"Mum!" Ginny cried. "Do you know how Remus and Tonks got together?"

"We don't know the specifics," Molly started. "But it's pretty obvious to me what happened."

"What?" asked everyone at the table eagerly.

"Well, they are both shape shifters, so they had that to bond over," Molly said. She stopped at looked at her husband.

"Being in the Order was stressful," Arthur continued. "Remus and Tonks were paired for a number of missions and became good friends. Very good friends. From there, I just assumed that a love blossomed between them, much like all of you."

Molly and Arthur walked away, leaving the table in silence except for some very meaningful gazes.

Remus and Tonks then walked across the dance floor, laughing happily together as she tripped slightly over her pale pink wedding dress. Remus steadied her, twirled her around once and then kissed her hard on the lips.

"We could always ask them, you know," Ginny said tentatively.

But no one said a word as the newlywed couple walked out of the banquet hall.

Ron cleared his throat. "So is it possible, then, that werewolves mate for life?"