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Author's Note: This is my first story..well my first story that is not a one-shot so I'm basically I noobie at this. Grammer might be little...eh but bear with it. Did a crossover bc I couldn't decide whether to write a Naruto or a HP fanfic but definitely to lazy to write both so I just kinda decided to mix it in together. Warning so no reviews going why is Harry so angsty and why is Naruto blah blah blah. The charcters are going to be a little OOC and I am thinking of pairing Naruto with Harry bc I usually see the ones with Sasu/Naru and D/H and wanted to do something a little different. Besides...there isn't going to be any Naruto characters beside Naruto. They will only appear in flashbacks or thoughts but not really anything else, can't really tell you why now but some of you can probably guess. So yes, there is a chance of shounen-ai or yaoi so no flames or reviews complaining! Oh and if you reviewers could suggest some title ideas that would be awesome. Okay enough with the rambling and on with the story!

The street stood quiet and alone with only the streetlights as witness. The atmosphere was eerie due to the lack of sound or wind. The bare trees casting twisted shadows on the pavement suiting the eeriness. While the atmosphere was peaceful yet not tranquil, a certain house on Pivet Drive was far from it.
"Boy! How dare you threaten Dudely you ungrateful brat"

"I DIDN'T threaten that stupid fat pig you call a son!"

"As If I would believe you….you freak!"

A boy with messy black hair Harry, red in the face from anger, was glaring at the fat figure with a moustache.

"You should be thankful that we took you in from the goodness of our hearts instead of out in the streets where you really belong!"

"Thankful my ass! Anywhere is better then here!"

With that Harry stomps upstairs ignoring his uncles raging commands not to turn his back on him. Harry deeply sighs as he slumps onto his bed. I am so sick of this! I don't understand why Dumbledore insists that I stay here for my "safety". The Dursleys are just as likely to kill me as Voldemort if I so much look at them wrong. Why does this have to happen to me? Why me? WHY ME!??? Harry sighs in frustration fighting back tears that threaten to fall and closes his eyes in hopes to drift off to sleep where all his troubles disappear.


Never again… I don't want this life anymore… I just want to be free, I want peace… I want to embrace death… In the end…it wasn't worth it. A tall blonde figure could be seen walking down a dirt path leaving behind a burned down demolished village never to return again.

A Few Days Later

After the night's blowout the house on Pivet Drive has been…quite tense. The air was so thick it was hard to believe that the Dursleys hasn't suffocated yet. Aunt Petunia just continued her wifely duties pretending everything was normal, while Dudley went out a lot with his own gang. Uncle Vernon pretended Harry didn't exist aside from the occasional glares he would throw at Harry while Harry just did his own thing ignoring everyone in the house. Considering the tension, an explosive fight was bound to occur all it needed was a spark.

Harry avoided the Dursleys when he could to dodge confrontations and decrease the chance of losing his temper which nowadays was becoming very short. One day the Dursleys decided to eat out in a fancy restaurant leaving Harry to his own devise without a word. Harry decided it was a good chance to do his summer Hogwarts homework undisturbed however after a while his stomache began to growl in hunger. He went downstairs into the kitchen to check if there were any leftovers ready for him to eat only to find none. Harry decided to make lunch while the Dursleys were supposedly out however they came back earlier then planned.
"Augh! With the money we're paying for lunch you would think the breadsticks and salad had free refills! When did they start to charge for refills? Outrageous, I refuse to partake in those miserly servi-,"Vernon stopped in his mid-rant when he witnessed the sight of Harry cooking the kitchen.

"Boy! What in the seven hells do you think you are doing in our home! Unsupervised!?"

"Umm…cooking my lunch?" Harry replied with confusion and uncertainty not seeing what the big deal was.

"Just because we are not home you think you can just rummage through our refrigerator and take food and cook whatever you fancy to eat? With the food that MY hard work pays for? How Dare you!?" Uncle Vernon eyes nearly bulging out with rage

"What did you want me to do? You guys left me with no lunch! I got hungry and made something to eat so what? And in order to make something to eat I had to cook up some food Genius!"
"Don't take that tone with me you insolent FREAK! You need to learn how to get your own food without resorting to stealing ours!"

"Oh yes so sorry, it is so obvious that I should provide my own food with money I do not have!" Harry sarcastically sneered, "How am I suppose to get my own food if you forbid me to get a job in fear that people would suspect or discovery "abnormality" in the family!?...just cast a spell and MAGIC MY OWN FOOD UP!?" Harry's voice was rising with every word as he yelled.

"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT USING THE M-WORD!!!!" By this time Uncle Vernon's face was completely purple and his volume of voice was bellowing throughout the house.
"THIS WHOLE ARGUMENT IS SOO STUPID AND ILLOGICAL!! YOU'RE CRAZY AND I'M LEAVING!!!" Harry raged back as he ran up the stairs to hastily pack up all his few belongings.

"GOOD RIDDANCE!!!" Uncle Vernon bellowed after Harry's back.

"Dear, we're supposed to keep Harry here because of the protection our family blood provides. If we were to kick him out that Old man from….that school….would surely know and punish or even harm us!!" Aunt Petunia concerned not of Harry's wellbeing but for the Dursley's. As she finished voicing her concerns Harry stomps back downstairs with his trunk with Hedwig's cage on top ka-thunking behind as he drags it out the door. All though Petunia was concerned, she did nothing to stop Harry from walking out the door with a ruffled up squawking Hedwig. Harry walks down the sidewalk aimlessly. …I'm finally out of that horrible hell hole of a house!………Now what? Harry stopped walking and stood still looking around lost.

"Are you a runaway?" An unfamiliar voice reaches Harry's ear and he looks up and sees a tall blonde stranger.

DUN DUN DUN!!! Who could that be?? sarcasm Okay its a little short but I thought it was an okay stopping point. Right now it may seem little Harrycentric but later on it will be center on Naruto more which is why this is under the Naruto category instead of the Harry Potter category. And I know the argument about the whole cooking lunch thing did not make sense but thats because it was suppose to be an illogical over-reactive argument to show how tense the environment was and how it made Uncle Vernon just snap randomly. Besides he got charged for breadstick and salad refills he thought were free so he was already in a bad mood.