Master Stark:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. But I feel that I have no choice but to tender my resignation from your service, effective immediately.

Once, I had the singular honor of serving as the butler and majordomo of the Stark family estate, or as it later became known, Avengers Mansion. In my capacity as butler, I've come to call friend some of the finest individuals in the world friend. Not only yourself but Miss Van Dyne, Master Barton, Master Thor, Miss Walters, Miss Drew, Master Parker, and perhaps most importantly, Master Rogers.

Captain America was perhaps the greatest of what is often referred to as the Greatest Generation. He literally has saved this world from tyranny, from chaos, from destruction, more often than any other man in one lifetime. And his death was greeted with cheers in some quarters, simply because he believed to be wrong that which the majority supported. And it shames me that you would use his death to trap those who you once called allies, simply because they sided with the Captain instead of you. Because they chose their consciences over the letter of the law.

Master Stark, you have gained much in the last few months, there is no doubt of that. The directorship of SHIELD, command of perhaps the most powerful military force in human history, and the respect and cooperation of the United States government. But I beg of you, consider what you lost. One of your closest friends, Harold Hogan, has died while you prosecuted your war against Captain America and his allies. Miss Potts, your staunchest employee since you first became Iron Man, resigned rather dramatically(you did a poor job of hiding the black eye she gave you before she tended her resignation). And even those Avengers who support the SHRA, they no longer function as a true team, but as a disparate organization. Mistress Davners confided in me that she has sensed a sea-change. She no longer regards the Avengers as her family.

Being a hero was once a vocation. It has now become an obligation. Not something that people do because they feel it is right, but because their government has given them no choice. They are no longer people in the eyes of the government, but weapons.

What finally brought about my decision to quit your employee was the way you used May Parker, one of the finest women I have been privileged to know, as a trap to capture Spider-Man. The woman is on life-support, unable to awaken from her coma, and you used her to harm Master Parker even further. Even with registration in place, he was under no obligation to reveal himself to the world, only to the proper authorities. You goaded him into unmasking before the world media, putting his family in the line of fire. You are as responsible for May being in a coma as the sniper who shot her. And when Spider-Man begged you for help, you assaulted him without provocation. He may have come here to surrender, but you didn't give him the chance. I ask you sir, was your desire to attack Master Parker brought on because he has aided rebel heroes who defy registration, or because he turned his back on you? Is your hatred of Parker brought on by his illegal acts, or simply a bruised ego?

I have been offered a position as majordomo of the new Wakandan Embassy, which also serves as the headquarters for the Fantastic Four. I have accepted T'Challa's offer. Perhaps by aiding one who opposes registration, I can make up to May my folly in serving one who helped make it a reality.

Once, I served in the company of heroes. And once, you were such a person. I hope with all my heart that you can be that person again.

I leave you with this thought, from the Gospel of Mark: "What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"


Edwin Jarvis