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A 25 year old Naruto was sitting by a camp fire looking at the flames thinking about the past. Ino walked up beside him and took his hand as she sat down and said "So its finally over."

Naruto sighed and said "Yes, but was it worth it."

Ino said "You better than anyone knows that answer. Konaha and Suna are destroyed. All of our friends or dead. And the cause of it all has finally been stopped."

Naruto looked at her and said "At least I still have you."

Ino leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. After they broke apart Naruto sighed and said "At least we stopped Akatsuki from getting all of the tail demons."

Ino said sadly "Yeah, they got all of them but Kyuubi."

Kyuubi who was listening to them said "Actually they did not get all of them but me."

Naruto looked confused and Ino asked "Whats wrong."

Naruto said "Kyuubi just said that they did not get all of them beside him."

Ino said "But I thought that you were the last on free."

Kyuubi said "The two tail cat they trapped was actually not Nibi but her sister Sibi."

Naruto said "So what do you mean fox."

Kyuubi said "Simple kit, I am telling you that the two tail that they caught was not Nibi and because of this I think I can make a deal with you."

Naruto said "What does that have to do with anything and what do you have that I would want anyways."

Ino tapped Naruto on the shoulder to get his attention and said "Whats Kyuubi saying."

Naruto said "Kyuubi is not making any sense, he said the two tail cat they caught was actually Nibi sister Sibi and he has some kind of deal."

Ino getting tired of being a loose wheel in the conversation used her Shintenshin no Jutsu on Naruto and entered his mind. She walked up to were the Kyuubi was held and saw Naruto standing there.

Ino said "What kind of deal."

Kyuubi getting tired of being ignored said "THE KIND OF DAMN DEAL THAT LET YOU SAVE YOU STUPID FRIENDS AND THAT DAMN VILLAGE." before he started panting. After he calmed down he said "The reason I know Nibi is still alive because I put her in a special dimension after she nearly died from an attack by Hachibi the eight headed snake. I was her mate and he attacked her to get to me."

Ino said "So what is this deal that you are talking about."

Kyuubi sat still for a moment looking at Ino and said "What would you be willing to do to save your friends and village."

Before Ino could say anything Kyuubi said "Would you still be with the kit here even if all of your friends and possibly your parents left you and the villagers hated you."

Ino said "Yeah but I dont see what that has to do with anything."

Naruto said "Kyuubi I dont know what is going on here but I dont like where this is going."

Kyuubi said "Same for you kit, would you really be willing to become what all those idiots in that village called you."

Naruto said "You mean a demon. I dont understand."

Kyuubi said "To make it simple. I will die when you die. Period. We already know this. What you dont know is that my mate will be forever trapped in the dimension I put her in forever asleep. I dont want that for her so I am willing to make a deal with you both. I am willing to send you back to the day you became Gennin. However you will have all of your memmories and knowledge but you strenght is a different story. Your bodies will change and you will change and become stronger. To do this you both will have to become demons and merge with the one you are replacing. For you kit you will be the new Kyuubi. I will cease to exist. For Ino she will Become the new Nibi as she will cease to exist. Me and her will die and be together in the afterlife. You two will live on forever or until you are killed or do what I am proposing."

Naruto said "If we become demon, the people of our village will run us out before we even have a chance to explain."

Kyuubi said "No they wont. You see when we merge you will get all of our memories and all demons know how to change thier looks so you both will know how to shapeshift to keep people from seeing. And the best part is until you actually release it people will see what you wanted to see."

Ino said "Is thier any drawbacks beside becoming an actual demon that we should know about."

Kyuubi said "Besides you both becoming the summon bosses of foxes and cats, not really. The kit will be the boss of all demons so he will have to deal with a few problems with them. You both will have a mating season though."

Ino blushed and said "Whats that suppose to mean, exactly."

Kyuubi laughed and said "Its simple actually. Once a year you will enter a time where you are in heat and is the only time you can actually become with a litter of kits. Durring this time Naruto will be able to tell by the pheromones you release and become aroused. However you have final say at that time but it will be hard to resist for either of you."

Naruto said "Will the kids be human or demon."

Kyuubi said "It would be a demon but its appearance will be human. It wont start getting its demons looks until it reached puberty in which time you have to teach it the shapeshifting skills."

Naruto sighed and said "Can you give us a little time to talk before we make a decision in private."

Kyuubi said "Sure kid I will give you an hour while I get everything ready."

Ino released her jutsu and they both came out of thier dazes. Naruto said "So what do you think."

Ino said "Well, I think we should look at pros vs. cons. We can go back in time and change stuff to save our village and friends."

Naruto said "I know I will be hated but if you are around me or they find out the truth you might be."

Ino said "We can stop sound and Akatsuki."

Naruto said "Ino...Are you sure about this, I mean, I know we have been together for almost a year now, but, you remember what life was like back then. You were a fan girl and I was a loud idiot."

Ino said "Naruto, I amdit I was a fangirl and treated everyone bad back then, hell I lost my best friend over it but now that I got to know the real you and not the idiot who hid behind a mask I say I could live all my life happily by your side."

Naruto gave her a hug a passionate kiss. After they broke apart Naruto said "Ino, I know this is stupid but I want to do this before the changes. Ino would you when we get old enough agian marry me."

Ino squeeled and tackled Naruto and said "I would love to Naruto." as she kissed him and they rolled around on the ground for a few minutes.

After they broke apart from kissing Naruto said "I think we should go see the fox and say our goodbye."

Ino performed her jutsu agian and came in front of the cage of Kyuubi and said "Ok fox, we got a deal what do we do."

Kyuubi said "I just need for you and the kit here to cut both or your hands and let the blood between you mix as you hold hands. I will channel the chakra into both of you and have Nibis spirit merge with yours kitten. It will be painful but you must keep holding hands until you pass out. When you wake up you both will be in your new demon bodies on the day you became gennins. Remember this. You wont be able to go back again so make sure you like what changes you make and have a happy life."

Ino released the jutsu and then she pulled out a kunia and cut both of her hands. Naruto did the same but this time Kyuubi did not start healing it. They put thier hands together with the fingers intertwined and red and yellow chakra mixed with blue started forming around the hands. Ino was the first to start screaming but continued to hold on. A moment later Naruto also started screaming as the pain hit him also. They screamed until they could not breath any longer and passed out still holding hands.