That night as the girls laid in bed with Naruto they were all awaken around 5 am by the sound of crying and a restless Naruto. They all tried to confort him and awake him from the dream that he was having with no luck. Suddenly a scar appeared on his body right above his chest. Each of the girls watched as the scar appeared mysteriously and then as it dissapeared before thier eyes. Naruto finally stop moving as seem to rest.

Ino got out of bed and signaled the other girls to follow her. They each left the room and Ino went to Shizunes room and knocked.

Shizune woke up and put on a bathrobe before answering her bedroom door. She saw all the girls standing thier and said "Whats wrong."

Ino said "I am not sure but I think we need to talk about Naruto for a minute. Something just happened and were all worried. Can you get Tsunade and Jaraiya and meet us down stairs. Well make some coffee."

Shizune nodded and went to get the others and the girls started making coffee.

When everyone made it to the kitchen Shizune said "So whats this about."

Yukie said "I dont really know how to explain it. We were all in bed and were awakened by the sound of crying and Naruto appearing to have a nightmare. We tried to awaken him but it would not work, but then this scar appeared above his heart on his chest and then slowly dissapeared."

Ino said "Whats bad is I have seen that scar before."

Everyone looked at her and she continued. "He recieved that wound from Sasuke a little over two months from now. Its where he was hit with the Chidori."

Tsunade said "I see. I will have to ask him what he was dreaming about but I believe I know whats happened."

Tenten said "What."

Tsunade said "If my guess is correct he was reliving a painfull memory and the pain must have been so bad both fisically and emotionally that when he remembered it, his body here actually thought it was happening and started to protect and repair itself. Tell me Ino, what do you remember about Naruto condition when he recieved that wound."

Ino thought for a moment and said "Well you performed surgery on him to the point of exhaustion and he was in a comma for a few days. He finally awaken and was released from the hospital the next day after that. The same day he was released though he left the village for 3 years on a training mission. When he came back he was different. He had his emotional mask on and appeared happy but now that I think back about it he actually seemed depressed."

Tsunade said "What was Narutos relationship with Sasuke."

Ino thought and said "Him and Sakura both sometimes when talking about Naruto relationship with Sasuke was that of a brother. Why."

Tsunade shook her head and said "That pretty much confirms my guess then. The attempted murder and betrayel he must have felt from Sasuke was enough to emmotionaly damage him when he recalls that."

Yukie said "Is thier anything we can do to help him through it."

A voice from behind them said "You already have." Naruto stepped though the door to the kitchen and sat down at the table.

He looked at them and said "Sorry for worrying you all. Thanks for carring for me. Your right about what my dream was. I was having flashbacks of the valley of the end battle in my head. I guess my talk with Kakashi yesterday brought it fresh to my mind."

Tenten walked over to him and hugged him and said "We tried to wake you but you would not awaken. We got worried and just wanted to make sure you were ok."

Naruto nodded and said "Thanks. So who wants breakfast." and he created 5 clones that started making breakfast. Everyone sat down and enjoyed the breakfast that was served to them. After they got done Naruto who was already changed for the day got up and headed toward the back door.

Shizune said "Where you heading to so early son."

Everyone looked at him and he smiled a small smile and said "Im going to talk to dad. I have not done it in years." and then flamed shushin away.

Everyone looked at each other and Ino said "Naruto always goes to the Hokage mountian when he needs to work some stuff out on his own. He always sits on his dads head. Even though he did not know it was him at the time. I remember hearing a villager once say that he went up thier to curse his defeat to the man."

Everyone looked sad and Shizune said "Was his life really that bad."

Ino said "To tell the truth, I really dont know how bad it was. I was like most people toward him till I really got to know him and even when I have been inside his head and saw some of his memmories I could not see the worst ones. He has the best mental defense I have ever seen. Some of his memmories are so bad that the doors are sollid black. White doors are good, Solid black are worst. The memmories are anywhere in between those two colors."

Everyone looked a little sad about that.

Ino said "I have not checked since we came back but I am sure that with all of us here now and the changes that have happened he is finally starting to be happpy. As long as we work toward that goal everything will be ok."

Tenten said "I think your right Ino, so are we ready for another woman in this house."

Yukie said "Personally I think it would be nice having another person not from here. Makes it were I finnaly can ask questions about travel instead of answering."

Everyone laughed and Jaraiya said "So are you going to do any more movies because I was approached the other day to have one of my books made into a movie and i think you would be good for it."

Yukie said "Tempting but no. The only man who will see me naked is our husband."

Jaraiya sighed and then Tsunade hit him over the head and said "Quit being such a pervert."

Naruto was sitting ontop of the Hokage mountain thinking when he felt a presence behind him. He stood up and looked to where he felt it and said "Come on out. I know your thier."

Sanray said "I see your detection skills are quite good Kazama. It shall be fun to see if you can track me when we battle. Oh dont worry, I am not going to fight you yet. I want your death to be viewed by your entire village."

Naruto said "Your quite sure of yourself."

Sanray said "Yes I am. See, I know all about what happened to your blond lady friend durring her fight."

Naruto said "Oh, enlighten me then."

Sanray said "See, the seals I have on me are quite unique for a Jinchuuriki. Instead of having to request power or information from him, and sucking just a little bit into my body, I can actually control or torture my demon. That means I can use as much of his power as I want or need. I know that little blonde of yours is now a full demon. Yonbi was quite helpful in informing me about it. I just wonder if your village knows the truth about her."

Naruto said "Thats an interesting theory you have there."

Sanray said "Dont temped me Kazama. Once I destroy you I shall take care of your little family also so that my country does not have to deal with the likes of you again."

Naruto looked right at him and his eyes changed to blood red and said "You have to get threw our match first."

Sanray said "Dont worry. It will be easy for me. Yonbi told me that you are still a Jinchuuriki who is just being granted a little power to so the Kyuubi that is inside of you is not thought of week."

Naruto thought "so Yonbi lied to him to make him underestimate me, huh. I will have to thank him. Unfortanately I wont be able to do free him agian in this world." and said "That may be true but you will have to find out for yourself when we fight."

Naruto then looked at the sky to see what time it was and said "Prepare hard boy, I will see you in a month." and disappeared into flames.

Sanray said "Dont worry Kazama, when we meet I will make your death slow and painful." and he turned invisible and left.

Naruto appeared inside the Hokages office and the third said "I will never get use to you doing that."

Naruto said "Well, it is kind of unique. Anyways, I wanted to let you know tomorrow I will be leaving until the day of the finals."

The third said "And where do you plan to go. You know I have to approve leaving the village."

Naruto said "True but I plan on doing some intense training. I am going to Makia for it. That away even with the lose of Kabuto, Orochimaru still has a spy network and find out more then he should."

The third sighed and said "I understand. Please..."

A knock on the door interupted him and he said "Enter."

Yugito walked in with her sensie, followed by Ino, Yukie, and Tenten.

Naruto turned to them and smiled and said "So, has everyone decided."

Yugito said "Actually, there is something we need to talk about before we go any further."

The third said "And what would that be."

Yugito said "When we were going through my former teammates belongings after he lost his life durring the tournament we descovered something shocking."

Naruto said "And that would be."

Mayla said "We discovered orders he was to kill Yugito on the way back because as soon as we were out of the country the council under the leadership of former kage son was to impeach and execute her father. So as it currently stands the non agression treaty that I have is now void since it cant be varified. And because of this Yugito and you have no legal obligation to marry. I must return my cloud but I request for Yugito political assylum and as her legal gaurdian I will still give the scroll of justu for her to be aloud to stay. If she returns she will be killed."

The third sighed and said "ABNU, get me Hiashe now."

About 10 minutes later Hiashe appeared and said "Am I to be a witness for the wedding hokage-sama"

The third said "Not exactly. We have a new problem."

Hiashe said "Really. Enlighten me."

The third said "The ninja that neji killed durring the tournament had a second set of orders from the council of cloud. They were orders to kill Yugito. The council under the leadership of the previous kage who I know your hated set it up to remove and kill the raikage. Yugito sensei has no choice but to return to cloud but she has asked for politica assylum for Yugito and is willing to give us the jutsu. She says that she does not force the marriage issue. Since you have a vested interest in this I thought you should be advised and your opinion."

Hiashe said "Well, as far as I can see its no different from the original plan. We lose a non agression treaty but that was not much of an issue anyways. As for the marriage. Though they are not obligated, The kazama heir still needs one more child barring wife to please the council. I say as long as neither party objects just keep the arrangement like it was."

The third nodded and said "I was under the same impression. How does both party stand."

Naruto said "I choose to go with the decision of my family on this matter. From what I know of Yugito as a person I agree but it is not only my decision and I heard a saying once. Keep the wifes happy."

Everyone laughed and Yugito said "You dont have to do it. I have a little money to live on for about a month and I can do missions to support myself."

Ino looked at the others and said "We already decided we rather have someone like you for Naruto and us. So lets have us a wedding."

The third said "Well, if thats the end of it, lets begin."

Naruto sighed and started patting his pockets and Yukie threw something at him and he caught it. He smiled and said "Thanks."

Mayla gave Yugito a hug and said "I must be going. I hope you are happy here." and left.

Yukie said "It would not do good for you to forget the wedding ring."

The third said "Short or long."

Naruto looked at Yugito and she said "I hate traditional, short."

The third smiled and said "Do you Naruto."

Naruto said "Yes."

third "Do you Yugito"

yugito "Yes"

third "You may give the ring"

Naruto placed the ring on her finger and channel chakra into it and it did the same as the other rings and suddenly the tattoo appeared on Yugito finger and everyone in the office dissapeared agian.

When everyone could see agian Naruto looked around and moaned before he said "Man I was not planning on comming here till tomorrow."

Hiashe looked around and said "Where are we."

"Makia, Hyuuga"

Naruto turned and said "I thought that was a one time thing"

The man that walked up said "Kit, as the lord of the lands here you should realise anything official such as a marriage or births of your heirs will be displayed for your people to see, and we will automatically know when they happen because your mark on your ring finger is like a messanger. If certian events happen we are notifide and remember to show the people your royal form. I suppose this young lady is your new mate. I since Sibi in her."

Naruto sighed and released his demon form before looking at Hiashe and said "I will explain when we return."

He nodded and notice Ino changed also. He filled that away to talk about later.

Naruto said "So Kyuubi, anything I should be made aware of."

Kyuubi said "Shukaku arrived safely and Nibi will be out of recovery soon. Her wounds healed from the process but she has been so exhausted they wont release her until she gets the rest of her strength back."

Naruto said "I plan to come here tomorrow to start some intense training. If you can I need a Kenjutsu master and anyone who can help with jutsu that work great against Iwa or speed opponents. Because of a new developement the mortal world wont have a Yonbi for long. His vessel is cruel and I refuse to help him like I will the others."

Kyuubi nodded and said "Well, I can see you have alot to explain so just finish the ceremony and I will announce the marriage and you can be on your way."

The third said "Kiss the bride."

Naruto softly kissed Yugito and Kyuubi said "Announcing the marriage of Lord Naruto Kazama and Yugito Kazama."

And with another flash and everyone was in the Hokage office. Naruto sighed and sat down and said "Ok, who first."

Hiashe said "Exactly what was that about and was that really the kyuubi."

Naruto said "That was the spiritual world called Mayla, When you die you will go somewhere there. Yes that was the old Kyuubi, to answer your next question I am the new Kyuubi, I am no longer the container."

Hiashe said "Exactly how did that happen."

Naruto said "Well as farfetched as it sound and since I know you saw Ino true form I will tell you we both are the last two survivors of the hidden leaf village that was destroyed. Kyuubi offered us a deal to come back in time. Normally it would not work but he sacraficed his life in this world and made me the new Kyuubi. Durring the process his mate Nibi who was trapped in a pocket dimension on the brink of death gave Ino her powers and made her the new Nibi. We informed the hokage and have already been changing things to make the leaf stronger to the enemy to come, however a few suprises have happened."

Ino said "An example of this would be Naruto real name was never released and so Iwa and Cloud never came to this chunnin exams. The two former mist nins that we now have originally died. Also the cagebird seal was another big change we had to make. Orochimaru wiped out 90 percent of the Hyuuga clan by learning how to activate that seal. The seal you now have was the answer you and Jaraiya came up with durring the aftermath. We told you we knew about the sound and sand village attack that comming, thats how we knowed and are preparing for it. We could not stop Sasuke from getting the curseseal but hopefully we can stop his defection."

Hiashe nodded and said "I see your point to keep it as quite and the need to change certian things. I am currious about what else came with your new tittles."

Naruto said "Immortality, more chakra, super healing, better control and hightened senses. We can still be killed but we cant die from old age. All of the vessels that I help to save from a group after thier powers will also become like us including Yugito, but after a standard mortal lifetime we will all leave this world to live in Makia. I know that may seem like I am using you but its the only way to save the lives of all the vessels and most of the world."

Ino said "At least Hinata did not almost die at Neji hands this time."

Hiashe nodded and said "So the events of the past cant be repeated, correct."

Naruto nodded and said "Yeah. I may sound like I am playing god but I cant control everything and I am only helping correct the mistakes so they wont happen agian. I trust I can have you secrecy and discretion in this Hiashe."

Hiashe nodded and said "Yes you have it. You seem to be an honorable person and you have helped me get my family the way I wanted it."

Naruto nodded and Ino said "So whats this about you going to Makia tomorrow and were you planning on telling and bringing us."

Naruto said "I was going to tell you when I got home. I was not going to do it until I had a meeting with Sanray. He made it clear that our match will be a deathmatch and if he beat me he was coming after all of you. From what he said he can use his full power so I will have my hands full."

Yukie started crying and said "your not going to leave us."

Naruto sighed and said "No. I am not leaving you I just wanted to get stronger so I can protect you all so I was just going to do some extreme training away from prying eyes."

Yugito said "Well if no one minds I would like to see my new home. I have had a long day after discovering about my home and dad and would like some rest."

When Naruto and his little harem got home Yugito said "Wait. Here are the jutsu scrolls I promised." and she handed them to Naruto. Naruto opened them and red the jutsu and said "These are some pretty good ones but I am weak agianst lightning so I will put them in the library with the rest of the clan scrolls and yes you can look at any of them."

Naruto then went to the library and put the new scrolls with the other jutsu but put a kanji for lightning on them. He then went to his room and took a shower.

Yugito said as Naruto walked off "Where is my room going to be."

Tenten said "You want to sleep near Naruto right."

Yugito said "Yes if possible."

Yukie said "Follow us, we will show you which rooms are still available. We usually share a bed with Naruto but keep are personal stuff and cloths in seperate rooms."

They showed Yugito where she could stay and she chose the room on the left of Yukie.

Yugito sat down on her bed and said "How come none of you got married today."

Tenten said "We already are."

Yugito was shocked and said with a blush "So that means you have already done it."

Ino said "Oh yeah, we already done it together and it was great."

Yugito smiled and said "So what is the family like. I know we talked a little at the ramen stand but I dont really know anything about you."

Yukie said "Well my name is Yukie, I am the actress in the princess fuun movies and I am the princess to snow country. Currently I am a diplomat for my country with Konaha so I can be near my hero Naruto and someone who made me believe in myself."

Tenten said "My name is Tenten. I am a weapon mistress. I am the only child of my parents and they own the wolfclaw weapon shop. If you ever need weapons go to our shop. I married Naruto because he is sweet and kind and is an all around great gut.

Ino said "My name is Ino, and like you heard I am the new Nibi. I am also what people call a mind walker because I have the ability to enter other peoples bodies and either review thier memories or possess thier bodies. Naruto and I have a unique connection because of the life we had to lead once. Naruto is a great guy who always tries to put the needs of others before himself. He has saved my life on several occasions and is a terrific lover."

Yugito said "Well my name is Yugito. I am the only child of the Raikage unless he is dead. I am also a tiajustu specialist but it looks like I am equal to Ino. I am also the vessel for Sibi and I have about 10 jutsu in my arsonal. I agreed to marry Naruto because he seems to care about what happens to me and is willing to give me a chance even when he does not half to."

Ino said "Well, If Naruto is leaving tomorrow, I think we should give him a reason to come back quicker."

Yugito said "What are you talking about."

Tenten smiled evily and Yukie said "Follow us.


When Naruto came back out of taking a shower he saw all 4 of his lovely wifes sitting on his bed in nothing and he notice the door to his room was closed and locked.

Naruto smiled and said "Why do I suddenly feel like a slab of meat."

Ino said "Well, since we have already had you all once we decided that you should welcome Yugito the same way to did us."

Naruto said "Really now and I suppose you just want to watch."

Tenten said "I am sure you can think of something to keep us busy."

Naruto said "I might have something to keep you busy but I want to do something first." and he walked over to his dresser and opened a drawer and pulled out 4 blindfolds.

He then walked over and said "I want you all to put one of these on."

Yukie said as she put hers on "This is getting exciting."

As the last of them put one on Naruto created 7 Kagebunshins and said "Now we are going to play a little game. I have created 7 Kagebunshins and if you include me that makes 8 of us. Thier will be two of us pleasing each of you but none of you will know who is the real one until you earn your reward. Are all of you ready and willing."

Each of the girls nodded and Naruto said "Yugito, are you ready for this since this is probably your first."

Yugito said "It is my first time and I am as ready as possible. P-Please be careful." with a nervousness in her voice.

Naruto said "Ok ladies here we go and listen closely to your body needs and the ones talking to you."


The real Naruto bent down and slowly slid his lips to Yugitos and started to rub her stomach sending shivers down her spine as he kissed her more passionately every second. He softly slid his tongue into her mouth and hit her teeth. He did it again but she opened enough for him to enter her mouth and touch her tongue. She started to fight back with hers but slowly gave up and went submisive to him as he explored her mouth. He then brought his hand up and softly touched her right breast and she eeped as he did it.

He then broke the kiss and went down and started sucking on her left breast as his clone went up and started to kiss her and took over playing with her right breast as naruto sent his hands down slowly trailing her stomach and then into her pubic area. Yugito clamped her legs together as a reflex and Naruto brought his hand around her legs and up to her ass and pinched it softly.

He then left her breast and started kissing his way down toward her pussy and she still had her legs closed. He smiled as he got thier and reached for the back of her knees and found she was ticklish there. She jerked her legs apart to get away from his tickling. When she did he took his chance and slid his mouth to her clit and flicked it with his tongue.

Yugito flipped her legs on his shoulders to allow him access to do that agian and he started taking her with his tongue giving her the best feeling she ever had. She started to moan and the clone that was playing with her breast whispered in her ears "If you like this just wait till the main event." and nibbled on her ear.

Yugito could not take it any more and as she finally reached a climax and snapped her legs around Naruto head. Naruto smiled at this as she tried to take the life from him from pressure. He leaned forward as much as he culled and ran one of his fangs across her clit for a bit of pleasure and pain. Yugito immediatly let go and submitted to him. Naruto picked her up off the bed and kissed her as he carried her over to the desk and whispered in her ear "Last chance to stop Yug-hime."

Yugito said "You stop now and I will be a widow."

Naruto smiled and sat her down on his desk and turned her over so that she was on her stomach. He then Grabed her hips and slowly slid into her from behind. He pushed till he hit her barrier and draw back a little and thrust forward as he pulled her hips toward him. Yugito hissed and grabed both sides of the desk and Naruto waited until she released her nails from it before slowly pulling out and going back in. He then started a tempo and used her hips to give extra momentum.

It did not take long for her to climax but Naruto kept pumping and she quickly climaxed a second time. Naruto finally had enough and released into her.

When he finished he had the clone that started with him start agian to eat her out but at a slower pace. Yugito was in multiple heaven.

Naruto after leaving Yugito walked over to the others and watched as each of his clones ate each girl as another passionately kiss her. Naruto waited a moment till he was ready agian and looked to see who was close.


Tenten was enjoying herself when she felt a set of arms pick her up and carry her in his arms. She then heard "Enjoying yourself Ten-Hime"

She said "yes" softly.

She felt the arms carring her lean forward and fall a little like he was sitting down. The arms then swung her around and slowly pulled her to where her legs was on each side of him. They then picked up her butt and pulled forward as she felt his dick slide into her.

He then said "I notice durring our first time you like to be active so Im going to let you this time." and he lightly slapped her on the ass with his dick still in her. She jumped a little and felt a new sensation enter her body. She fell back down slowly and started up agian but not as fast and after she came back down agian her but was slapped agian and she jumped faster this time.

Naruto then said "That right, just like that." and slapped one last time. Tenten not wanting to be spanked agian speeded up and felt a growing pleasure in her body. She then felt him started to help her and thrust upwards as she was comming down for added pleasure. She then leaned forward and found his lips and put hers to his. She became distracted by the kiss and slowed down and recieved a light slap for that. She pulled back alittle and bit his bottom lip softly as she broke the kiss.

She then leaned back as a pair of hands grabed her sides and she felt even more of him enter her. She finally released screaming his name. After she calmed down she felt two pairs of arms help her off the one she was stradling and lay her on the carpeted floor. She felt one enter her and slowly fuck her as she wrapped her legs around him and the other one sucked on her nipples occasionally biting them.

Naruto smiled as he watched tenten being fucked like no tomorrow. He looked over at his last two wives and saw Ino was being fucked doggy style and had another clone pinching her nipples.


Ino felt a someone crawl between her arms and the one playing with her nipples stoped. She then felt a pair of lips meet hers and she kissed them passionately. The kiss broke apart and she heard him whisper "I love you Ino-hime."

Ino said "I love you also."

She then felt him crawl up in bed and felt his dick slap her chin. She pulled back a little and as the tip passed her lips she slid it in her mouth. Ino started moving up and down and the clone fucking her sat his pace with her. If she speeded up he did also, if she slowed so did he. She decided to sat a pace of pleasure and after a few minutes of this the clone pulled all the way out and Ino stopped and started to pull up to see why he stop.

Big mistake. Right as the tip was about to come out the clone entered her hard forcing her back down on the head and muffling her protest in one motion. Ino stopped and gag a moment as she had taken the whole dick in her mouth. The clone started pumping her like there was no tomorrow. Her arms started to get week and the force of being entered and the rythem was enough to send the one in her mouth over the edge and cum into her mouth. She had no choice to swallow. She really did not care because she had three orgasm back to back and each reaching a new high. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and the one pumping her from behind grabbed her arms and pulled her back up off the dick in her mouth and onto his dick more. Ino awoke from this and started screaming "YES, YES, FUCK ME HARD NARUTO."


Naruto smiled and looked at his last wife and saw she was being babbied by her clones as the one who was pumping her was going nice and easy just enough to make her in bliss.

Naruto rolled over to her and started to finger her while the clone pumped into her giving her more pleasure. Naruto then leaned forward and kissed her passionately and then whispered "Yukie-hime, I love you and I cant wait to raise our children together." and then nibbled on her ear as he continued his work on her clit. She soon climaxed and slowly fell asleep.

Naruto kissed her once more before getting up. He looked around the room and saw the carnage. Yugito was leaning agianst the desk unable to walk and being held by two clones. Tenten was laying on the floor panting with two clones rubbing her sides. Ino was sprawled on her stomach on the bed purring and Yukie was still passed out. Naruto then had his clones pick up the girls and carry them to his bed. He then dispelled them.


Naruto walked around the bed and kissed each girl as he removed the blindfolds and put them away.He then pulled the chair he used earlier with tenten over and sat on it and put his feet on the bed.

Each of the girls finally either awoke or quit panting and Yugito said "What the hell are you. Some kind of sex god stamina freak. How do you know how to do that."

Naruto said "Stamina freak, yes, sexgod you tell me. As for how I know how to do that. I may hate his books but my grandfather sure has some good ideas."

Yugito said "Who is your grandfather and what books."

Ino said "Jaraiya of the sannins and aurthor of Icha Icha Paradise."

Yugito said "Wait, is he also the aurthor of of Adventure of an heir."

Naruto slapped his head and tenten said "yes."

Yugito said "So thats how he described all of your bodies so well. Your all in volume three of the series."

Everyone stopped and looked at her. Suddenly a scream of ERO-SANNIN broke through the sound barrier Ino put up and echoed throughout the village. In the hotspring by the house Jaraiya said "OH SHIT"

Tsunade looked at him and said "What did you do know."

Just then a flash of flames appeared on the water and someone holding a Rasengan in his hand starts screaming "IM BLIND, IM BLIND. JUST YOU WAIT BASTARD, AS SOON AS YOU GET CLOSE ON I AM GOING TO KILL YOU. I TOLD YOU NOT TO PUT ME OR THEM IN YOUR BOOKS."

Suddenly Jaraiya felt ki pointed at him and Tsunade said "JARAIYA" and punched him sending him flying through the air screaming.

Sasuke looks up from the mountian he is climbing and said "There sure is a nice full moon out today."

Kakashi looks from his book and said "You say something Sasuke."

Sasuke said "I just was talking about the nice moon I just saw."

Somewhere in the sound village Orochimaru hears someone scream and said "I am going to kill that kyuubi brat for taking my playthings away.

Just then Jaraiya flies through the window and lands on Orochimaru desk with his naked ass in the air. Orochimaru said "I see you finally came around to seeing things my way Jaraiya-kun."

Jaraiya looks around and when he hears this punches Orochimaru in the head and jumps out the window and summons Gambunta and said "Before you say anything, if you get my virgin ass out of here and to safty I will by you all the sake you can drink for a week."

Gambunta not looking a gift horse in the mouth starts to jump but Manda appears with Orochimaru on his head and Orochimaru said "Jaraiya, I am the master of snakes."

Gambunta pales and said "Oh hell no" and halls ass as fast as possible. Whats bad is he really is halling ass. Jaraiyas. The only problem was he was heading in the wrong direction to head to Konaha. Instead he was heading toward Iwa with Manda right behind them.

A few hours later inside the borders of Iwa, two patrols of ninja see Gambunta and Manda running toward thier hidden village. They give chase trying to catch up.

The Tsuchikage was in his office looking outside at his village and starts to sip some tea and spits it out as he see Gambunta with a naked Jaraiya on his head jump through his village and then sees Manda following with Orochimaru on his head holding a banner that read "HAVE ASS, WILL FOLLOW"

He then goes back to his desk and grabs a scroll out of the trash and puts his seal on it and writes "I agree to war only if we destroy sound also. I fear for the men of my village from Orochimaru." and then summens a ninja and said return this to the messanger.

Jaraiya finally gets his bearings and said "Gambuto, were heading deeper into Iwa territory, head south and we will hit suna and the we can cut across to konaha.

3 hours later and both boses being resummoned they were passing through the dessert and Temari said "I think I have been getting to much sun."

Garra said "If you are then so am I."

Kankuro said "Hey isnt that the Kyuubi guys grandfather."

Garra said "I must need sleep. I am delusional."

Kankuro said "If were going to be delusional at least let it be that Haku chick. I would like to see her in a merage."

Garra said "Dont talk about her agian like that."

Temari said "Oh does my little brother have a crush."

Kankuro said "No its not a crush. You werent there at the time so you dont know."

Temari said "Know what."


Garra and Kankuro was eating ramen when Haku walked in.

Kankuro sat his crow puppet on the ground and used charkra strings to make it reach over and pinch her butt. Haku quickly became red and used her bloodline to freeze the boiling water from the ramen and covered Kankuro and crow in ice.

Garra who did not know why she did that said "Why did you attack my brother woman."

Haku said "You brother is a pervert and I was being nice to him. If you dont like it I can give you a nice set of blueballs by freezing them off." She then wink at him and left.

Flashback end.

Temari was laughing and said "That is funny."

Garra said "Temari I ask Kankuro this already and he said it was bad, but what is blue balls."

Temari shut up and glared at Kankuro and Kankuro said "Your a woman so you should answer him."

Temari grabbed her fan and screamed "Kamatachi." and chased after her brother.

Garra sighed and said "Perhaps I can ask that Anko woman, she seems to speak her mind."